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  1. Given the players we have perhaps we should consider a 3-4-3 formation. I would go for:- GK: Roos, a back 3 of Keogh, Beilik and Clarke. Holmes, Evans, Shinnie and Lowe Lawrence as a No10 and Waghorn & Marriott up front. Holmes and Lowe have good ability going forward, a solid looking back 3 and playing 2 strikers should allow us to press high and get on the front foot. As other posters have said, we have been too passive. We are waiting for opportunities rather than pressing for opportunities. COYR
  2. Is it me or does he sound like he’s been to the same interview school as Keogh 🙂
  3. Boos after 5 minutes in the first home game 😂
  4. Having watched the match highlights, a few random comments:- Nice to see Roos have a good game CB position is a real cause for concern, not sure Evans is a CB, Davies isn’t fit, we have no backup. Keogh badly at fault for their goal, worrying defending from the corner. We need a dominant CB if we are to avoid conceding a lot of goals from set pieces. We seem short of battlers, someone to do the dirty work especially now BJ has gone, really hope Shinnie can step up as a CDM. Why are we giving game time to Anya? Surely better to give Sibley or Bird a go unless there is a real and scary possibility that he could be part of the squad this season. Could be a long and difficult season....
  5. Darren Wassell, why not - he has some experience of the job and didn’t do too baldly. May be the best choice for the continued development of the Academy route into the 1st team. Also makes sense to appoint from within from a financial point of view.
  6. Has Bryson got anything between his ears? This ‘gesture’ was no both unnecessary and pointless, and only going to alienate fans further. Far better to run over to the fans, pat some kid on the head and get them onside. This season has been a season too far for Bryson. First touch has never been great but gets worse as he tires. His passing ability is very average but he has always been able to run all day. Trouble is he now looks half a yard short or half a second late. Time to go was the end of last season, sadly, and he probably knows it.
  7. I would go with that team but would be concerned about the energy levels required from Jonno and Hudds in the middle. We also need Lawrence and Wilson to produce moments of magic which we know they are capable of.
  8. This is the most important game that we have left and for me it’s a must win game. If we win we put Middlesbrough and Bristol City under immense pressure, lose and it’s all over bar the fat lady... We must be positive, win the ball high up the pitch and really go for it. The worst thing we could do is stand off and settle for a point. C’mon you Rams!
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