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  1. Haha
    TomG reacted to TigerTedd in Winging it   
    Quality addition in January...? Rooney not quality enough for you?
  2. Like
    TomG reacted to i-Ram in Jamie Paterson - Signed on season long loan   
    Good to see your link-up with Dunder buddy, the online gambling casino:
    Bristol Sport’s group head of commercial, Caroline Herbert, said: “We are delighted that Dunder has joined our sporting group as City's principal partner. Our thanks to Lancer Scott, who agreed to step down and allow us to take this opportunity of attracting an international company’s investment, which we hope will help City continue to grow and build on the successes of last season.
    Your moral compass must be spinning like a roulette wheel knowing your club was prepared to push aside a local employer so a few extra chips could be thrown on to the table.
  3. Like
    TomG reacted to Paul71 in Jamie Paterson - Signed on season long loan   
    My views are if anyone suggests it will affect kids its a cop out for lazy parenting. Parents are responsible for what their kids do. We were sponsored by Pedigree a few years back and to the best of my knowledge there aren't loads of young adults blaming their alcoholism on that sponsorship deal.
    How do you feel about it? I presume you are including your own club when you mention the word immoral considering who your sponsors are ?
  4. Clap
    TomG reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Jamie Paterson - Signed on season long loan   
    Sky Bet Championship...the league in which both our teams compete in is sponsored by a betting company, should our teams withdraw immediately?
  5. Haha
    TomG reacted to bigbadbob in Lawrence up to 30 minutes in a game   
    Well, if you think it may help with his second half performance, why not. Perhaps we should get george Thorne to do it. My mrs thinks he's quite "hot" and at least he'll still be contributing to the team.
  6. Haha
    TomG reacted to Alpha in Lawrence up to 30 minutes in a game   
    You want to do what to him at half time? 
  7. Haha
    TomG reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Gary Rowett on Quest   
    We were first match on tonight.
    snakey was analysing in the studio and it was a bizarre performance.
    firstly, calling out stoke for “playing so poorly last season just after they’d come down”. Er - you mean under you Gaz?
    secondly for faintly praising Cocu “seems to be trying to build a philosophy at Derby. I was speaking to Mel Morris and some of the staff recently and they’ve been trying to play the same way throughout the club”. You mean he’s doing what Mel has been talking about for yonks and which you completely failed to do.
    honestly does he live in some parallel universe? 😂
  8. Like
    TomG reacted to RamsFan10 in v Scunthorpe (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread   
    Brilliant finish from Buchanan, isn't he naturally a centre back?! 
    Also, Knight appears to have gone on the right wing. To dominate even a cup game with this many academy lads playing (and playing very well) is brilliant to see. 
  9. Haha
    TomG reacted to Needlesh in v Scunthorpe (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread   
    Can't have been. I've seen no end on here saying he's abysmal.
  10. Haha
    TomG reacted to reverendo de duivel in George Thorne - joined Oxford on loan   
    Wayne fookin Rooney.
  11. Haha
    TomG reacted to Ted McMinn Football Genius in Jahmal Hector-Ingram   
    We’ve got a striker called Hector 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾 The stars are aligning people I tells ya 🤔😉😉😉
  12. Haha
    TomG reacted to bimmerman in George Thorne - joined Oxford on loan   
    He'll score, we'll win 2-1,itll be lovely
  13. Like
    TomG reacted to bimmerman in Ben Hamer - Signed on season long loan   
    Hopefully he'll start against scunny
    Best of luck to him
  14. Clap
    TomG reacted to caymanram in v Swansea City (H) Match Thread   
    One of those games where u would be ok to get away with 0-0 but if u can sneak a win it will feel like a real bonus...
    Just don’t lose.
    COYR 🐑
  15. Haha
    TomG reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in v Swansea City (H) Match Thread   
    Marriott has gone for a piss.
  16. Like
    TomG reacted to SaintRam in v Swansea City (H) Match Thread   
    So far, what I'm seeing is that we DESPERATELY need Bielik fit, to play how Cocu wants to.
    Paterson wins a FK 25 yards out. Harry Wilson territory, as some would say.
  17. Haha
    TomG reacted to Boycie in Scott Sinclair   
    There’s no way.
    Apparently he’s said he hates Bristol. 
  18. Like
    TomG reacted to Will the Ram in Ben Hamer - Signed on season long loan   
    I thought he looked a decent keeper when he was at Charlton. Not seen much of him in recent years as he’s hardly played.
    I say gve the bloke a chance.
  19. Haha
    TomG got a reaction from Tamworthram in Jack Marriott Fitness Update   
    Apparently he has a slight wrist strain, but should be ok for an early tee-off on Saturday!
  20. Haha
    TomG reacted to bimmerman in 19/20 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    Heard something about Wayne Rooney becoming available, anybody heard anything??? 😂😂😂😁😁
  21. Haha
    TomG reacted to deanoakaram4life in 19/20 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    Kin ell I'm glad some on here aren't in our scouting team. Scott Sinclair 🤢
  22. Like
    TomG got a reaction from GenBr in Harry Wilson - Joined Bournemouth   
    Bournemouth, the graveyard of talent!
  23. Like
    TomG reacted to Rample in Wayne Rooney - Signed on a 18 month deal   
    Just watched a youtube reel of Rooney's best goals and it reminded me he is a great finisher.
    I imagine his fitness is still good, but my god if we just utilise him in a way to get him in a bit of space on the edge of the box he will be lethal.
    Double figures between January and May.
    Can only be a good thing him working with our midfielders and forwards too.
    In the past few years particularly Mel has really found his footing, and taken a club that has had its fair share of shambolic episodes in the past few decades, to a team that is talked up and profiled in a much more positive and respected way. Whether on the pitch, off it, or behind the scenes he is creating a great foundation for this team to reach the top flight and stay there.
    There will not be one player with a choice of clubs in this division over the next few days who doesn't choose us.
    Longer term I also imagine Rooney will have pull with certain players - could be very useful in that eventual first Premier League season to have a few Ex England internationals/United players scattered throughout the side.
  24. Haha
    TomG reacted to AdamRam in Wayne Rooney - Signed on a 18 month deal   
    Now this one is over line let’s move onto Zlatan 
  25. Haha
    TomG reacted to BaaLocks in Jordon Ibe   
    Mel to Gobson on the phone: Hi Steve, I know we've not been best of friends recently but I need a bit of advice. Do loan salaries count towards FFP?
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