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  1. The EFL can't stand being wrong, talk about bad losers!
  2. What do you mean, 'start to panic'?
  3. System, system, we had a system?
  4. TomG

    EFL appeal

    In my opinion, for what it's worth, I find it hard to believe that the EFL will overturn their original decision as it will make them look even bigger 'Bamfords' than we know they are already!
  5. I can't see anything, I'm behind the sofa.....again!
  6. I would bare my bottom in Tesco's if that happened!
  7. TomG

    Lee Buchanan

    If we're going to sell him, which I don't think we should, but I also realise that every player has a price, then don't sell him for a Cheese sandwich and a bag of crisps!
  8. There's no doubt that we are under immense pressure, but so are Rotherham. They have two difficult away games, if they draw away at Luton, that's not bad for us, but I really can't see them getting anything at Cardiff, and for what it's worth, I think we can definitely get something against Wednesday! We can but live in hope!
  9. I'm nibbling my toe nails!
  10. I can't, I'm still behind the sofa!
  11. Sorry, but I fell asleep behind the sofa, is it safe to come out yet?
  12. All still very calm here behind the sofa!
  13. Just getting myself comfy behind the sofa!
  14. IF we survive, I would see it as a 'successful failure'!
  15. Question from behind the sofa....Did we win?
  16. Question from behind the sofa.....have we scored yet?
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