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  1. Perhaps he used a booster cushion. We he opens his mouth he sounds like a whoopie cushion!
  2. EFL......So, you want to join the EFL? Are you a dope? Candidate.....Yes! EFL.....Well, you're in then!
  3. Just seen their goal on SSN, I think the keeper should have done much better!
  4. If true, he shouldn't be commenting on any games then, poor bloke!
  5. I thought exactly the same, looked and sounded totally uninterested, like he didn't want to be there!
  6. A carton Kia ora and a curly wurly
  7. We, as fans can suggest what WR might do with Baldock and Stretton up front, but will he have the vision or confidence to go with 2 up top seeing as he is an inexperienced manager?
  8. I have no doubt that Roos is a good shot stopper, but it does concern me his reluctance to come off his line. I am however, no expert on goalkeeping!
  9. Wayne Rooney, Rams legend...........eh?
  10. So annoying when this type of thing happens. Player uses our clubs resources to get fit etc, then goes elsewhere!
  11. Steve Maclaren must be thinking WTF?
  12. The EFL can't stand being wrong, talk about bad losers!
  13. What do you mean, 'start to panic'?
  14. System, system, we had a system?
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