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  1. Steve Gibson will be apoplectic!....lol!
  2. Bournemouth, the graveyard of talent!
  3. The one person I did not want to see doing the punditry tonight on Sky was the 'Snake'!
  4. Wow! What a day it's been so far! Welcome to the mighty Rams fellas!
  5. We are and I'm now looking forward to seeing the Steve Gibson 'meltdown'!....LOL!
  6. After watching Sky Sports News for most of the morning and listening to the second rate 'pundits', apart from mentioning the Matt Clarke signing, Derby seem to be moving under the radar at the moment, they were talking about the new managers in the EFL, but did not mention Phillip Cocu. I'd actually prefer that they don't talk about our great club because when they do it's usually completely disrespectful or utter b****cks! I'm looking forward to seeing one or two new faces come in this weekend...COYR!
  7. Apparently he has a slight wrist strain, but should be ok for an early tee-off on Saturday!
  8. Hopefully, Phillip Cocu will bring the stability that our great club so desperately needs.
  9. Dorsett is a total knob. Always has been, always will be.
  10. If that picture is Harry Wilson then you're not as confused as he is mate!
  11. I already have an accshent!...There, you shee!
  12. The media have made it sound like Frank Lampard was 'The' candidate!
  13. Breaking News....Chelsea make an approach to Philip Cocu over vacant mangers post at Stamford Bridge!...I wouldn't be surprised at all!
  14. Is there anyone who hasn't mentioned Chris Hughton?
  15. You have to refrigerate it this weather or it would melt, well it's bound ty!
  16. Yes, but what about.......THURSDAY?
  17. Will we ever get off this 'manager-go-round'?
  18. 'Well if Talk Sport were correct'...it would be a first!
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