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  1. Kid Rock

    On baby - best punk track ever!

    I saw Motorhead in Nottingham supported by the Anti Nowhere League and UK Subs. Mainly went to see the support acts but Motorhead were very entertaining, even my wife, complete with ear protectors, enjoyed it. As for best track, Hmmmm, will depend on what mood I'm in, but other bands not mentioned so far; Anti Nowhere League : So What rooster Sparrow : England Belongs To Me Angelic Upstarts : Shot Gun Solution
  2. Kid Rock

    New Kit Sponsor - 32Red

    I seem to remember, when sponsors on shirts first appeared, any matches to be shown on TV (Match of the Day) had to have shirts without the sponsor on them. There was one game going to be on Match of the Day but was not shown as Derby’s keeper came out for the first half in a shirt with the name on it. I’m sure it was that game, Swindlehurst scored a screamer but time may have played tricks on my mind. As for gambling company names not appearing on kids shirts, I’ve had to spend time explaining to my lad why his shirt won’t have the sponsor's name on it, meaning he now knows more about them than if he’d just got one with it on. Sort of counter productive.
  3. Kid Rock

    Lets be Frank

    Due to many of us being forced to conform in this right handed world. That or it would take most of the lesson to rearrange the kit. Mind I do many things right handed, maybe the strangest; in cricket, I bowl left handed but bat right.
  4. Kid Rock

    Don't you just hate it when....

    When someone on your row arrives five minutes after kick off, leave five minutes before half time and take their seat five minutes into the second half, finally leave 15 minutes before the end of the match.
  5. Kid Rock

    If it’s Frank

    Probably more importantly, over what time period?
  6. Kid Rock

    If you're reading this Frank....

    If he's only just realised this, he's not much of a business man.

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