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  1. Stuartsays

    The bloated squad

    Can we reinstate the contact end dates thread and pin it again?
  2. Stuartsays

    The bloated squad

    Fuseine Rashid
  3. Stuartsays

    Our team

    Just going off what the Sky commentator said yesterday
  4. Stuartsays

    Our team

    Mount has more assists this season than any other Rams player.
  5. Stuartsays

    Centre Back and Midfielder required in January

    Impressing for Mansfield Town In League 2
  6. Stuartsays

    First Derby Player You Ever Saw Score a Goal Live

    Alan Durban 1971. Stoke City 1-1 Derby County
  7. Stuartsays

    Ed Williams

    Apparently we’ve shown interest in Kidderminster Harriers midfielder Ed Williams https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/leeds-united-aston-villa-derby-2039997
  8. I know we’ll not know for real, but I wonder what salary Frank Lampard is on? Probably the greatest midfield goal scorer England have ever seen but, nevertheless, a rookie manager. Wind back to a month before pre-season, what salary would you have offered him?
  9. Stuartsays

    Derby U23s games to be in Leicestershire !

    Same here, Newleaf.
  10. Stuartsays

    Help me out please Rammies

    Mel Morris said our transfer dealings this season were cash neutral I.e. the outgoings covered the incomings.
  11. Stuartsays

    U23s v Leicester City

    With the victory tonight Leicester U23s went top of Division One. Match report from Derby Telegraph here: https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/match-reports/derby-county-beaten-leicester-city-1966976
  12. Stuartsays

    U23s v Leicester City

    Max Bird is a second-year scholar so first-year scholar Louie Sibley must be younger surely.
  13. Stuartsays

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    Will be interesting to see the U23 team selected tomorrow night
  14. Stuartsays

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    Has Josh Shonibare actually signed for us or is he on trial? Same question re: Zaid Al Hussaini?

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