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  1. Chilwellram

    New Season Parking.

    Anyone with any ideas ? The parking at The Fireplace Workshop is now gone and possibly the Toyz r us as well or will Boots start to offer parking permits ?
  2. Chilwellram

    New Season Parking.

    Anybody know about the parking arrangements now that Toyz r Us are no longer open ?
  3. Chilwellram

    John Terry

    I installed the kitchen units in this house
  4. Chilwellram

    Online Tickets

    I will second that the website is *****
  5. Chilwellram

    v Villa (A) - Predictions

    I think we could win this 0-1 Weimann to score
  6. Chilwellram

    Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    Let’s bring McClaren back to help Gary till the end of the season to try and get us back in the playoffs.
  7. Chilwellram

    Burton Albion v Derby County

    WTF is going off Derby , sort it out Rowett !
  8. Chilwellram

    Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

    It’s quite warm in the day , about 25 degrees , but cools off at night. We had a thunderstorm in the early hours of this morning and it’s cloud / sunshine today.
  9. Chilwellram

    Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

    Thanks for the tip but we are All Inclusive at our hotel
  10. Chilwellram

    Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

    Trust me to be missing this one whilst having a pint of Keo in sunny Paphos
  11. Chilwellram


    I’m off to Cyprus on Wednesday and will miss the Bolton game.
  12. Chilwellram

    Renewed our two season tickets today

    Done the same today for me & my son and having seen that tripe tonight going to try and get my money back !
  13. Chilwellram

    v Forest (A) - Predictions

    It’s going to be a tough one this so 1-1
  14. Chilwellram

    Derby County vs Fulham

    Abysmal. Outplayed & outclassed.

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