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  1. My mate has 1 spare ticket in block 501 if anyone needs one for tomorrow. It’s a £36 ticket.
  2. I think Villa have done it slightly fairer by giving priority to fans according to the number of games they’ve been to this season, but there will always be people who are left upset. I’ve been a bit annoyed about when I’ve read about people trying to get tickets for non-Derby fans.
  3. I was looking forward to moving on from Bryson and Johnson. Bryson has been a great servant for the club, but I feel central midfield is where we’ve been weakest this season.
  4. TZM


    Immense today, and covered well for Tomori a couple of times. No idea how he was fit to play, but we need him good to go next Saturday.
  5. I think it’s you who needs to learn the laws. 😂
  6. I’m good. I’m glad we got an unwarranted penalty and won. 😄
  7. Well if it isn’t a dangerous challenge, do tell me when touching the ball first would still result in a foul?
  8. What are you on about? He won the ball before touching the man. It wasn’t from behind. End of. Even Lampard said we got lucky. It was actually a very good tackle. Anyway, great end to a nervy game.
  9. Despite the fact he clearly touches the ball before hitting Bogle? No way.
  10. https://www.skysports.com/football/live-blog/11095/11696394/sky-bet-efl-live
  11. Just seen the highlights. Never a penalty 😄
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