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    deano180 got a reaction from Tyler Durden in Jordon Ibe - Signed on a 2 year deal   
    Loan? Hes out of contract 
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    deano180 reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in Kamil Jóźwiak - Signed 4 year deal   
    He didn't get injured either 🕺
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    deano180 reacted to Xlor in Radio Derby in upswing   
    I'm playing in an 8 a side cricket charity tournament on sunday and a little bird has mentioned ed dawes is playing. Would anyone like me to whistle a few past his tabs?
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    deano180 reacted to NottsRammy in Louie Sibley   
    he couldn't pass forward either on a regular basis lol 
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    deano180 reacted to Tarantism in Louie Sibley   
    He's definitely put the Will Hughes comparisons to rest.
    Hughes couldn't score.
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    deano180 reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in The Damned United   
    Watching it now. Sheen is amazing.
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    deano180 reacted to Anag Ram in After this lockdown is all over....   
    Derby and Forest to merge as the A52s, running out to Love Shack.
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    deano180 got a reaction from therealhantsram in The Chase for a play-off places   
    Although it feels like we are close(ish) again we are just one defeat or even a draw away from being impossible again. It's just highly improbable but not impossible and allows the season to continue a little longer.
    We have to beat Millwall IMO or it's over.
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    deano180 reacted to europia in Sibley,   
    I think most fans are coming around to appreciate what a good acquisition Philip Cocu is for DCFC. 
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    deano180 reacted to IslandExile in To all the moaners....   
    Do you still not see it?
    Do you still not get what Cocu is building? And how he's doing it?
    Every match thread, it's a race to see who can whinge about the team selection first.
    Tonight was no different.... "How are we going to beat the fifth best team in the country without Davies in central defence and Malone amongst the substitutes?"
    The youngsters were brilliant tonight and will learn so much from their experience.
    Some people just like to complain. I get that. But Cocu is establishing a real foundation here, he's looking long term. He will build a successful Derby County team and sustain that, over years, by using the academy to its fullest.
    Do you not want to embrace that?
    Do you not want to ride the wave of the next golden period in this great club's glorious history?
    Don't miss out. Support Cocu. Support the kids. Support the team. Support the club.
    COYR 🐏 Come on Cocu🐏
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    deano180 reacted to Srg in Florian Jozefzoon   
    This is the greatest pass I think I've ever seen live.
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    deano180 reacted to admira in Jim Smith   
    Did anyone else sign the Book of Remembrance Saturday? It was in the fan park tent. I did it on behalf of my fellow Ipswich Rams. There's a lot of us these days.

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    deano180 reacted to Mucker1884 in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    O....M....G....  Mel only goes and rhymes with EFL!!!
    Tomorrows gonna be a hoot!!  🤣
    Off to duck the EFL we go.
    When we're in the courtroom, this is what we'll sing...
    We are Derby, We are Derby, Morris is our king!
    We love Uncle Mel,
    We love Uncle Mel,
    We love Uncle Mel, Duck the EFL, we love Uncle Mel.
    (To the Duck the EFL tune)
    He's Bald.  He's Mel.  He'll duck the EFL. Uncle Mel, Uncle Mel.
    (To the tune of He's fat, he's round, he can't get off the ground, Kenny Burns, Kenny Burns)
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    deano180 reacted to Srg in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Hoping for round after round of anti EFL chants tomorrow. 
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    deano180 reacted to Bubbles in Cocu In   
    I know this thread died a while ago, and I don’t want to make another one as we have tons of Cocu threads.
    Whether you have trust in him or not, This man deserves all the credit in the world.
    The POO he has had to put up with in his 6 months in charge, coming in late, going on a pre-season tour that was solely for Frank Lampards benefit, to Lampostgate, to his captain being sacked, to the delay of investment, lack of opportunity for a signing he has wanted in this window, to now, and he’s still here. This man truly deserves all the praise possible.
    A humble guy, who wants the best for this club, having to put up with so much crap.
    Having a squad full of half arsed poor players, settling for his 3rd choice for a winger, pato, in summer, and many more things he’s had to deal with, alongside the pressure of 25,000+ fans every week, with the disgruntled booing him, calling for his head.
    I seriously hope that our fans can stick by him through this, nothing in this whole situation is his fault, and the last thing we should do is turn on him and the lads.
    I hope saturday our fans are more vocal than ever, showing our praise and support for Cocu, Scheepers, VDW, and the rest.
  16. Haha
    deano180 got a reaction from IslandExile in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    He is already capable of pulling that off
  17. Haha
    deano180 got a reaction from Srg in Ferdi Kadioglu   
    He is already capable of pulling that off
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    deano180 reacted to Sparkle in Who have been the Rams best players so far?   
    Each to their own opinions but he has again come back from a serious injury and has been asked to play in a position that he hadn’t basically played in his whole career with the weakest midfield in front of him that we have seen recently, sure he has made some mistakes but he also played there in our best game of the season probably - Preston at home and away at premiership Crystal Palace where we kept clean sheets, games where we actually had midfielders in front of him. 
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    deano180 reacted to LeedsCityRam in v Middlesbrough (A) - Matchday Thread   
    5 games now unbeaten, 3 of them away from home. Goals coming from midfielders. More game time for Knight & Bird and 90 mins more to help Rooney accilimatise to this level. A result earnt away to the form team in the division, after being behind twice.
    Yeah it wasnt perfect but a good day overall. Onwards & upwards 👍
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    deano180 reacted to reverendo de duivel in Wage bill coming down   
    They can only be valued at a maximum of what we've paid their agents for extending their contracts.
    Say Bird signs a new 4 yr contract on 250k a year, his agents fee would be around £100k, which we have to pay.
    Therefore he's cost us £100k, and can't be valued higher. That's why selling academy products and free transfers is far better for P&S reasons than bought in players, because you don't have cover the initial transfer fee outlay.
  21. Clap
    deano180 reacted to ramit in Not a nice man   
    So, you and your son had a nice time after all, getting so many autographs from first team players.
    Still dissatisfied though.
    Can you in your wildest imaginings contemplate what it's like being Rooney?
    Hounded by media and fans since he was 16 and now finally in the autumn years of his playing career taking his first steps into coaching and yet still his time after a game doesn't belong to him, no but to the ever needy fans, who when they don't get the star attention they so crave slag the guy off as not a nice man.
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    deano180 got a reaction from Uptherams in Craig Forsyth   
    Absolutely, allows the bench to have more attacking threat available 
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    deano180 got a reaction from The Scarlet Pimpernel in Craig Forsyth   
    Absolutely, allows the bench to have more attacking threat available 
  24. Clap
    deano180 got a reaction from Sparkle in View from the outside 19/20   
    And Blackpool a few seasons ago
  25. Haha
    deano180 reacted to JfR in Lawrence and Bennett Convicted of drink driving   
    To be fair, choosing between playing someone who got arrested for getting bladdered, crashing their car and injuring the club's captain four days prior to the game or playing Jozefzoon is a tougher decision than it should be
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