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  1. Birmingham 1-3 Derby FRGS Wilson
  2. Derby 7-1 Bolton FRGS Wilson
  3. Blackburn 1-3 Derby FRGS waghorn
  4. Brentford 1-2 Derby FRGS Wilson
  5. Get out as soon as possible I am sick and tired of Europe this Europe that telling us what we can't do and what we can do we are a bloody island your great grandfather and grandfather's fought some arifick war's so we are not dictated to by a foreign body they have been trying to ruin the United Kingdom for ages Sorry rant over
  6. Derby 2-1 Rotherham FRGS Wilson
  7. Derby 3-1 Stoke FRGS Holmes
  8. Derby 3-1 Sheffield Wednesday FRGS Wilson
  9. Derby 3-1 Wigan FRGS Wilson
  10. I've tried most things horse meat very nice snails a bit like snot the worst one is chicken bloody horrible four in a bed me wife and two soding dogs ( nothing sexuell with the dog's) just won't bloody move Facebook not tryed snapshot or any others nott's county in in 1970 when Derby weren't playing would not let me out of the ground after 10 minutes bloody horrible
  11. Villa 1-3 Derby FRGS Marriott
  12. Forest 1-2 Derby FRGS Marriott
  13. I m going for 19 points
  14. Looks like I have been living under a rock don't understand any of it
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