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  1. I spoke to Ron Webster yesterday and I speak to him and his wife at least 3 time's a week
  2. Chelsea Chelsea give us your answer do I'm half crazy to know if Frank is joining you
  3. True Ram

    My Lads op.

    I hope everything goes well mate
  4. I was talking to someforest fans yesterday and they said they would love Keogh in the forest team
  5. Nowt wrong with the sandals IV had them 10 years Clarks finest
  6. I'm a bit old, what does that stand for?
  7. I'll be back for Monday, wheres my knee now?
  8. Ok I will sorry to you Subject dropped
  9. If you look I have already said sorry and I don't think that sort of language is suitable with children reading the forum
  10. Look on page 4 (Leeds 1 - 3 Derby FRGS Wilson) TRUE RAM
  11. Hi David I think I should have another point I predicted Derby to win Leeds Thanks
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