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  1. I’m sure those fans who hope he fails at Chelsea will be the same ones that proudly say “We are proud to be the ones that gave Frank his chance to start in Management” if he actually succeeds. Im also sure that he will win a few back round again when he talks about his time with us in his first round of media interviews.
  2. ....Just thought I’d reminisce and go back to the very opening of this thread, it only started nearly 5 months ago
  3. Wembley is a good day out and it makes a nice change to watch a game there. I was there for the England Croatia match in November, and the atmosphere was even worse than yesterday. I couldn’t stand being there week in week out though, way to far away from the action. Give me the East stand at Pride Park any day, can’t wait to get back there in August.
  4. The last 5 on your list is exactly the same as me.☹️
  5. Surely one of the ways to help this is not to deal with the crosses, but to stop them coming in in the first place, the full backs job!
  6. Was it me or was there quite a few empty seats here and there today? No real big blocks empty but there certainly seemed a fair few dotted around.
  7. When do we think the retained list will be out? Start of next week or later this week? Be interesting to see if Johnson gets a new contract. He’s been good in his latest stint in the team, but can’t help but think that he will dip as soon as he’s got a contract. Roos can go for me. Whilst yes he has had a few good games in the run in, he’s not one for the future. Up the Rams!
  8. Seriously hope nothing like that happens to us tomorrow.
  9. Something in my bl00dy eyes again.
  10. Same here. Just hope I don’t have to spend 2 hrs queuing up at the ticket office, that will spoil the build up for us.
  11. Go on the JustPark website, book a space on someone’s drive. I’ve paid £20 and it’s 5 min walk from the stadium. I did this for the England Croatia game in November and the getaway wasn’t too bad either, after 30min of crawling we were soon on the motorway.
  12. I’m in an office full of Villa fans, I work down in Lichfield so there are a lot there. They are mainly confident but a few are nervous after the Leeds performance. COYR!!
  13. I’m working round the corner from Bodymoor Heath tomorrow... I’ll take my binoculars and report back to Frank by the end of the day. 🕵️‍♂️ 👀
  14. Ticketing has been a joke. some blocks released this morning that I would have loved to have had my tickets in. If we were told this is how it was going to go, we could have made an informed decision as to when we might want to purchase tickets. instead on Friday I felt rushed, tickets I’d selected kept being taken before I had chance to finish the process. Feeling rushed and panicking I’ve ended up with the wrong age bracket for 3 of the 4 tickets purchased as I was rushing and didn’t check before paying. And now it says I cant upgrade then on the receipt. Joke of a system.
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