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  1. It's difficult to get an accurate reflection from this forum on when people stop buying a season ticket. We are by definition on here a somewhat self selecting group who are bothered enough to spend our time on a DCFC forum. I would therefore expect a higher proportion of more emotionally invested fans...and consequently a higher level of loyalty to keep buying. Nearly all teams see a decline in tickets sold as they decline down the leagues. If for example Derby get relegated to League 1 how many seasons tickets would they sell. £15k? Clearly 5-10k less than the recent play off chasing seasons. Taking COVID out of the equation If that were the case then in normal circumstances around 20%-25% of season tickets holders would stop buying just because of lower level football.
  2. I would imagine that as technical director you'd be well served to see what's going on on "the shop floor". It's very easy to suggest that he's involved in coaching, but it's literally a snapshot. Is there evidence of him coaching in this session or just watching? If a few more directors got off their backsides and worked the front line now and again their business would probably benefit. Not everything is black and white...except the East Midlands obviously!
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