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  1. It'll be as dull as it comes. Hull at PP
  2. No need! four wears per wash. Right way out front then backwards. Inside out front then backwards. Sorted...good for the environment too as saves water and detergent 😀😂😎
  3. What superstitions and /or items of clothing will people be making sure of doing/wearing on Monday. I'll be wearing the pants I had on at WBA in the last match of the regular season. Didn't wear them for Leeds home leg but had 'em on for Leeds away leg. It was obviously the pants that made the difference...so I won't be taking a risk 😂😎
  4. Exactly this...keep away from Stanmore (until after 10:30 at least)...although I only paid £13.60
  5. What's it going to be like when we get to the Champions League Final and only get 16000 tickets? 😎
  6. Block 506 😀 with the wife (whose paid for the tickets as my birthday present)😍
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