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    Makedoh reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Tonight's moan in   
    Never understood the issues with Radio Derby, they provide an excellent service, an alternative way of catching the game if you are not able to attend.
    They have had some great characters on there over the years, Ross Fletcher, Tedd McMinn (I loved it when he called out Craig Fagan for stealing a living), Graham Richards and Ian Hall, Owen Bradley (just in case he reads this).
    They have a difficult job trying to describe what is happening in front of them, especially when served up football by the likes of Pearson and Rowett.
    If you didn't catch the commentary of Ramage and Ed Dawes when Marriott scored at Leeds, please have a listen, I watched the game live but listen to that clip over and over, goose bumps as big as Nora Battys Knockers.
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    Makedoh reacted to Steve How Hard? in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    Saunders was surprisingly good in the air for his height and Goddards guile made him a perfect foil for Saunders pace. One of our worst pieces of business was selling Goddard imho. 
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    Makedoh got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    Dean Saunders and Paul Goddard  for me fantastic front two.
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    Makedoh got a reaction from Andicis in Our Summer Business   
    Same here,some people are never happy who would have thought we would sign a player like Rooney because I never did in my lifetime. Unbelievable 
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    Makedoh reacted to MK in Our Summer Business   
    Some of the negativity around this transfer window amazes me. We've broken our record transfer fee on a promising young player, sured up our defence with a decent centre back pairing for Keogh, and signed Wayne Rooney on a deal that could make us money!
  6. Cheers
    Makedoh got a reaction from GenBr in Four new signings before the window closes   
    Exactly my thoughts, really not bothered if we don’t sign anyone we’ve got Rooney in January and who would of ever of thought we would sign him. No one. We can always strengthen the team again in the January window. 
  7. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Dancfc in Good luck for the season   
    Chelsea fan here.
    I watched many of your games last season due to Lamps and Mount (the latter of which is my favourite youth player in our set up) initially to scout those two (and Tomori after he arrived) but the season went on i was starting to root for you guys a bit more and when you beat Leeds i was very happy.
    Good luck with the season and i hope to see Derby back in the PL next season!
  8. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Wolfie20 in Jacob Butterfield - signed for Luton Town   
    Sounds like none of you have yet to have the pleasure of a visit to Stoke-on-Trent?
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    Makedoh reacted to G STAR RAM in Derby County - Panini Cheapskates Edition   
    I thought that was Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs
  10. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in Pre Season Friendly v Rangers (A)   
    We haven't created a thing. 
    No surprise really when you've got Lawrence, Bennett, Jozefzoon as your main creative players. Who collectively have done and offered absolutely nothing. 
    This has just highlighted what we all know. We are massively short. 
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    Makedoh reacted to Rample in Pre Season Friendly v Rangers (A)   
    Can't say it's not deserved, defensively suspect though. 
  12. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Updated Bag Policies   
  13. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to PodgeyRam in Updated Bag Policies   
    You're telling me that my 66 year old mum isn't allowed to bring a flask of coffee with her even when it's a night game or winter? They take their policy and shove it up their arses.
  14. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Tom Lawrence   
    Been a staunch supporter of Tom and have never really doubted his talent but you feel this is the season where he needs to really try and kick on. He ended last season in really good form, despite having a very difficult time of things off the pitch, so if he can pick up where he left off that'd be grand.
    Happily, it seems that PC has quickly worked out he's bext played though the middle, so I'm more than hopeful Tom can do a few teams some serious damage this season. 
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    Makedoh got a reaction from Will Hughes Hair in Tom Lawrence   
    Thought he’d done well today. 
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    Makedoh got a reaction from sunnyhill60 in Tom Lawrence   
    Thought he’d done well today. 
  17. Clap
    Makedoh got a reaction from The Orange Pimpernel in Tom Lawrence   
    Thought he’d done well today. 
  18. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to SaintRam in Pre Season Friendly v Burton Albion (A)   
    Oh no sorry, the trophy isn't that big - it was sit on a wooden plinth showing of all the previous winners that looked like it was the trophy itself. 
    Thank god, Keogh would have done his back in for the season if he'd had to lift the whole thing.
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    Makedoh reacted to MuespachRam in Pre Season Friendly v Bristol City   
    A great couple of days in Florida watching the Supers. 
    Great to speak with Mel, he was super down to earth, friendly and open about what is going to be the plan this season etc. 
    one thing that surprised me was that after both/all three games that the only player from Derby to acknowledge the fans at all was Keogh, not one other player even clapped any of the fans at the end of the game. Keogh on the other hand came over to the fans and took his time to speak to everyone there and thanked them for coming etc. the rest of the players and staff just walked off. 
    Compare that tor Bristol City who were all sat in the stands arching the game, kicking balls around with their fans afterward and generally interacting a lot.  
    Small things I know but some fans had travelled a long way to watch It I would have thought a few minutes out of their time wouldn’t have hurt them. 
  20. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to loweman2 in Pre Season Friendly v Bristol City   
    Thorne has been struck by lighting ! That guy is so unlucky ⚡️⚡️⛈
  21. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to jimbo jones in Pre Season Friendly v Bristol City   
    Well that buzzer just woke me up...
  22. Like
    Makedoh reacted to Nuwtfly in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Might just be me, but I like that Jody Morris has liked this.
    I'd love us to keep a good relationship with him and Lamps after they've gone to Chelsea, not just because of the benefits Chelsea could give us, but because they gave it their all while they were here.
    Just because they're moving on doesn't mean we have to suddenly stop liking them. If anything, this is probably the most amicable parting we've had with a management team since...Clough?
    Jody was well and truly a Ram! I'll miss his Instagram antics and the 'Cockney Rams'
  23. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Archied in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Your franks agent / pr man and I claim my £5 😂
    if your not and just an ordinary Chelsea fan then I can tell you that for me you are welcome to him , as the dust settles for me he is just another badge kisser , brand builder of the kind that populate the top of our game now , but let’s be clear , I’m ok with that it’s what it is ,he’s had his stepping stone ,we have used his name /pr facade to raise our clubs profile in these days of the tourist football fan and pocketed  a few mill compo ,
    Job done ,nothing to see here move on 
  24. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to WHAT DO I GET in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Off to grab Roman's cheque before it bounces.
  25. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to CHCDerby in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    We might have lost a manager but we have one hell of an owner. Calm, collective and learnt a lot in 5 years as chairman. 
    He's one of our own.
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