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    Makedoh reacted to Steve How Hard? in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    I feel sorry for Mel in all this. When appointing FL he must of thought that, barring an unmitigated disaster, that FL would hang around for at a bare minimum of half of his contract length. Mel is also the only one in this sorry state of affairs to put his head above the parapet. He would probably be the first one to admit he's made mistakes during his tenure but the guy deserves a break in my eyes. Gonna be interesting to hear what he has to say tomorrow. 
  2. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to hintonsboots in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Take the compo and remain on good terms with Frank and Chelsea....they’ve got a shed load of potential loans we could access.
  3. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Duwayne in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Frig off Frank, been a good ride but still shows the lack of loyalty nowadays, planning for next season my bottom. 
    Get someone who appreciates the club, who feels honoured to manage us. 
  4. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Bob The Badger in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    If Frank moves I think a lot of people will feel a bit like the dude who gets chatted up by an attractive girl only to find out his dad is nailing her.
    I *suspect* Mel knows what is happening, but if he is in the dark and Frank is talking to Chelsea and proceeds to move - then quite honestly I hope he crashes and burns.
    There's 1% of me that thinks him and Mel will release a statement saying he has a job to do at Derby and they're looking forward to getting back to work next week.
    It's probably the Village Idiot 1%, but there you have it.
  5. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to StivePesley in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    It's OK - we'll have the last laugh, as this is really a lose-lose situation for Chelsea
    If Frank makes a mess of it there, then they have wrecked the reputation of their greatest player and will look pretty stupid gambling on him when he only has one season of management experience in a lower league
    The flipside being that if he does even a top 6 job there - the instant the England manager job comes up for grabs - he'll be off.
  6. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to CHCDerby in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Why don't people make their mind up on how they feel about certain individuals when we find out how this will pan out.
    For me, the only ones we can have bad feeling towards right now are the media and certain people who used to be famous like dogba and Rio Ferdidrugland
  7. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Papahet in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    The last we heard was Mel offered him a new deal, how long ago was that now? Since then he's been in London (with his ex Chelsea pals) and now buggered off on holiday,
    He's said absolutely nothing regarding the (pre) fixtures, the cup draw nor Bryson's departure. Yet He can happily spend time out with Drogba and Co or on his Instagram liking random Chelsea photo's left right and center though huh? 
    It's pretty amateur from all parties, if he wants to stay then sign a new deal or say so, if he want's the Chelsea job then get his agent on the blower to his buddy Cech and say he's interested in the role. Only loser in this situation is Morris;  we are running out of time to get potentially a new man in, with new players and idea's. It's two weeks until the squad report back FFS. Silence on the transfer front, absolutely nothing.
    And that statement didn't tell us a great deal too, said nowt we didn't already know. I'd rather hear from FL, seem's Morris is left in the dark as much as we all are.
    The club is being dragged through the mud whilst Chelsea decide what/who they want, 
  8. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to WilkoRam in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Can nobody see this from his perspective?  The whole instagram birthday thing just shows he’s probably a little torn between what to do.  He will know that he’s well liked here as manager, has a link with the fans and has created a good team spirit in the dressing room.  He’ll also know that he’s still early in his managerial career and knows he’s learning so is the move to a top 6 Prem club that will demand success a good move right now?  On the other hand, it’s moving back to London, more money, more resources and to his club.
    The fact he hasn’t instantly jumped ship and gone there, to me, shows some loyalty to us.  He appreciates the club, what we’ve done for him and what he’s got here.  Put yourself in his shoes though, would you not be torn?  Say any of you managed someone like Southend, did well in your season there and Derby came calling, what would you do?
    I don’t like how it’s dragged out as it eats into season planning and I don’t want him to go but I’m not going to start overreacting to an instagram video or suddenly act like a jilted ex who starts with the whole “well he wasn’t that good anyway” talk.  The guy is human and has a tough decision to make for his career, give him a break.
  9. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Just watched that Instagram video. It is absolutely harmless!! He’s been stitched up plain and simple and it wasn’t even bad.
    Anyone offended by that is letting their love for this club get in the way of reality and not viewing it on its merits. Nothing offensive, no disrespect to the club, put him in an awkward spot but that’s what mates do and he dealt with it as well as he could.
  10. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to papa_lazarou in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Get ready for SSN to use this as confirmation he's off.
  11. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to muttley72 in Fixtures announced today!!   
    Derby County have announced a trial for the new season. The “February curse” has been moved to August, the effect will be assessed at the end of the season when a decision will be made whether to adopt the new position permanently. 
  12. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to cosmic in Thank you Bryson   
    People stick their noses up at the label, but for me he is a club legend. His likeness will be up on the walls of Pride Park for decades. Bleeds Derby County. Probably my favourite player from the past 10 years. What an asset he was on his day. He’s written himself into the club’s history, some great moments, great servant to the club, just a shame we didn’t see promotion together. That would have topped a brilliant career at Derby. All the best, Craig Bryson!
  13. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to CHCDerby in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Where is Keogh's hand disappearing too - no wonder Morris is smiling 
  14. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to Sweetness34 in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    If you look really closely at the Instagram post, you will notice he’s not meeting Roman but is instead celebrating signing his new contract withMel and his mate Richard..
    probably easy to miss at first glance

  15. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to HantsRam in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    is that Roman's Garden Yacht? 😂
  16. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to StivePesley in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Saw someone claiming that this was Frank's house for sale...
    I think photo 13 was the flaw in the wind-up...
  17. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to Mick Brolly in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    He's off to chelsea.
  18. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to DcFc Dyycheee in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Can we not just send Chelsea the Indian Frank and hope they don't notice? 

  19. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to r_wilcockson in Lampard and the Chelsea job   

  20. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to papa_lazarou in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    I've lurked on this forum for years and enjoy reading the banter.
    I confess to be obsessed by trying to find out what on earth is going on, checking the forum, SSN and all the other sources I can lay my hand on. The radio silence is whats the killer here.
    I'd like to think that Frank is a man of his word in regards to his contract, but as others have said if they (Chelsea) come calling then I wont hold it against him. We move on!
    No one person is bigger than this fantastic club, its fans and all the history it has. I bought into (and to a degree cling on to) Frank coming here to do a job which is far from finished. The feel good factor can't be under estimated and that's the kicker for me. He (Frank) has a had a refreshing effect on our club and I thank him for that, has he fallen in love with it like we have is open for debate, he's been here a year, is his heart still with Chelsea?
    125 pages of this speculation is mind boggling..... so if anything it shows the passion for the club. I do believe we need some stability and the next manager, if it's not Frank needs to be around for a while. So the selection process needs to be a very considered one, and one of building.
    I think we are lucky to have a supporter as an owner, its not that common in modern football, and all praise to Mel for his patience and perseverance. I take him at his word that he's trying to do the best for the club.
    Bottom line is, we are DCFC and we will raise again! Maybe next year, maybe the next... but we will.
    Derby until I die!
  21. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Nuwtfly in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    He's the one journalist who is almost always spot on. 
  22. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Alpha in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    No, I'm going off that I don't think one of the biggest clubs in Europe would come and take the Derby manager who finished 6th in the Champ
    That this all started with Sarri expected departure and a journalist asking Frank. Nothing official started it. Just a quite fitting "would you go to Chelsea if the offered"
    Since then I've seen each fan, clickbait blog and ITK Twitter account say the exact same thing. "Chelsea could go for Lampard" dressed up in a variety of attention seeking ways. Chelsea could go for Sam Allardyce. Doesn't mean they will. Could is not a word used to report facts
    It's gossip being reported. All starting with a disruptive irrelevant question asked by a lazy big club sniffing journalist before we play a huge game. 
    I've seen nothing that's had any weight behind it. Bookies odds change on bets placed. Newspapers reporting other newspapers reporting other newspapers etc etc
    I've seen 1 thing. 1 single thing in all this time that made me wonder. And that was 1 media outlet saying Frank had met Chelsea. THAT would be news. That is more than idle gossip. It's been amended twice since then back to the original story before we played Villa. "Chelsea could go for Frank."
    ITK Twitter accounts, Rio Ferdinand, Prince Harry, SkyBet... none of them know what Roman is thinking. Me neither tbh. But based on his history I would say he's not in the game of patience. 
    There's literally nothing. Recycled gossip and the same boring attention seeking on Twitter. 
    On the flipside, I've seen Derby making some decisions on players future. I think Frank has been at the U20's tournament? Now it's possible he's watching Chelsea youngsters but it seems unlikely. And its possible that's Derby are dealing with players without his input. But that seems less likely. 
    Until there's something more than hysterical fans and the wise input of pundits who thought Wilfred Zaha was something like Man United level quality then I'll believe the words Frank used. 
    "There's no smoke without fire" is one of the most stupid phrases we have in our language. It only makes sense if you see smoke. All I see is people running around shouting "fire". No smoke yet. 
    But betting companies are banking all this nicely. 
  23. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Rosythram in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Why can’t we accept that Frank is our manager until it’s reported otherwise.
    All this speculation isn’t doing any one any good.
    What will be will be, unfortunately we as fans aren’t in control.
    I for one enjoyed last season and would love it to continue. if it can’t than we’ll move on.
  24. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to Boycie in Players on holiday   
    Holiday my arse, that’s down by the Derwent, look to the right top corner, Pride Park.
  25. Like
    Makedoh reacted to admira in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    If he has any sense and loyalty to Mel for giving him the chance, he would stay with us for another year and see his contract out.
    Whoever does get the Chelsea job will be sacked by this time next year anyway. It's a bit like dating your female friends. You don't do it as it all turns sour when it ends and Frank's hero status at Chelsea will be forever tarnished.
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