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  1. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to Millenniumram in V Blackburn (A) Matchday Thread   
    Too attacking for Cocu. If you pass the halfway line you’re straight out the team
  2. Clap
    Makedoh got a reaction from David Graham Brown in V Blackburn (A) Matchday Thread   
    Can’t understand why he doesn’t give Sibley a chance,doing well for under 18/23s surely it’s worth a change seems to be better than what we’ve got at the moment 🤷‍♂️
  3. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to td_evans in Investment Close   
    Could be totally unrelated, but I noticed there was a new charge (mortgage) created on the stadium and the surrounding land back in November, with the money fronted by Rams Investment Limited - a new company set-up in October and owned by Swiss hedge fund owner, Henry Gabay.
  4. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in Kelle Roos   
    Anyone fancy defending Roos still?
    I said it in the summer when Carson went that we needed a number one.
    Absolutely criminal that we've gone into a season with this guy as our number one keeper.
    Said it many times a good keeper can gain you 10-15 points a season and a bad one can lose you 10-15 points. 
    Only by sheer luck we didn't concede on half time on Saturday when he dropped a routine catch. 
    He has to come out this side. 
    Hamer can't be any worse.
  5. Like
    Makedoh got a reaction from Raich Van Carter in Fulham (A) vs Derby - Match Thread   
    Roos is getting worse, priority is getting a keeper in January now, shocking keeper 
  6. Like
    Makedoh reacted to DazaDunn in Should Chris Martin’s contract be extended?   
    In regards to the original question. 100% new contract, 1 year with the option of another year, triggered by the club. 
    He loves it at Derby and is very much a family man, if his contract isn’t sorted soon he may start to worry and it could affect his performances, get him tied down ASAP I say. 
    Now Keogh has gone, he’s actually the only player left who id like to finish his career at Derby! (Without the help of any substance or injury).
    very intelligent person, could see him going into coaching or management. I also think Rooney may be surprised at how intelligent he is! 
  7. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in A penny for Mels thoughts   
    You just have to feel incredibly sorry for Mel Morris, yes he has made mistakes, but with good intentions.
    After the Mac to Newcastle saga, George Thorne snapping his leg on day 1, the Clement debacle, Pearsongate, Sam Rush and Inces mum, Rowett jumping ship etc etc, we finally looked to have turned a corner with Lampard. Everything was looking up and investors were queuing up to get a piece.
    But, no one could have foreseen that Frank would be Chelsea manager after 12 months and we were back to square one.
    Mel then pulls a blinder and gets internationally renowned Cocu to come in Lampards place, probably a better manager than Frank and then they announce that Wayne Rooney was joining, again things were looking up and surely Investors would line up again to have a piece.
    And then this season happens......
    Just how much more can a man take? Is he still committed to getting us to the prem, has this made him more determined to sort the club out and turn it around, or has he genuinely had enough and would sell to the highest bidder?
    I would love to ask him.
  8. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Papahet in Cocu’s taking us up...   
    Doing himself no favours.
    I swear he’s benching Marriott for the banter now. Dowell hasn’t played in weeks and suddenly goes straight into the eleven huh? You have Wisdom who often gets overlooked for a really average loanee in Clarke - not impressed me since Huddersfield.
    Why won’t he try Marriott and Martin? Made for one another but just can’t see it! It’s like Deeney and Vydra from a few years ago, let Martin do the donkey work and Marriott to feed off him. 
    Whittaker coming on was random as hell, rate the lad but he’s nowhere near ready to be thrown in like that, is he trying to prove a point or what? Where’s Mason Bennett suddenly vanished to? Buchanan? Jozefzoon? The side isn’t settled one bit it’s rotating for the sake of rotating and then folk wonder why we can’t get a rhythm going.
    I feel for MM because it’s happening again, stupidly long contract handed out and no sigh of improvement. January won’t be that great, who’ll want to come to a bottom half mid table side ?
  9. Like
    Makedoh reacted to angieram in Lawrence and Bennett Convicted of drink driving   
    There was a really good interview with a solicitor on Radio Derby's Sally Pepper show this morning, explaining the options the court had available to them yesterday. Anyone who thinks the court was being lenient ought to listen to it.
    It was on about 9.20 a.m. so I imagine about 20 minutes into the broadcast. You can find it here:
    Given that the club also stated that they had imposed the maximum punishment allowable under the players' contracts, I am not sure where the accusations of leniency come from.
    The solicitor did state that if you want to change the law, lobby your politicians.
    I personally think the community service will be humiliating for the two guys who are used to public adulation and a much better punishment than fines. Money is cheap for these young men, but pride and their time is not. That and the awareness course they will be going on will all be more suitable punishments for me.
    I appear to be in a minority on here but I am satisfied with the way the incident has been dealt with, and want to support the two lads to get back out there and start paying back by doing their jobs and rebuilding trust with the fans.
  10. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Nuwtfly in #OllieMeets Cocu   
    Quality watch.
    I genuinely think Phillip Cocu is the "best" manager we have had in the last ten years. He's on another level and you get that impression so much from the way everyone speaks about him in this video.
  11. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to RamsFan10 in Lawrence and Bennett Convicted of drink driving   
    Cocu’s fault for telling them to try and get three points this week. 
  12. Haha
    Makedoh reacted to King Kevin in Lawrence and Bennett Convicted of drink driving   
    Typical hit the post again.
  13. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to superzak in Lawrence and Bennett Convicted of drink driving   
    The weather was terrible last night. They may have been following each other home and one of them misjudged a puddle taking the other one out. They may only have had a couple of pints (enough to  put you over the limit) which im sure the majority of us have done. The point being nobody on here knows the facts so we shouldnt be jumping to conclusions.
  14. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to ramsbottom in Lawrence and Bennett Convicted of drink driving   
    But, fortunately no lives have been lost.  If they'd caused serious injury or death then having their contracts cancelled would be the least of their problems and quite rightly.  I'm all for punishing drunk/reckless drivers but the punishment should fit the crime.
    I'm just wondering if they'd be as many calls for them being sacked if the players were, for example, Marriott & Bogle???
  15. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to NewtonRamDE55 in Lawrence and Bennett Convicted of drink driving   
    People saying we should cancel their contacts etc, completely disagree. Fine them, suspend them for a few weeks but to release two fairly good players is ridiculous. If they had injured somebody else I would have a different opinion on it but the only thing they hurt was themselves, their cars and their wallets. And no, before people start saying that I 'support drink driving', absolutely not, but releasing them won't do any good. The best way to punish them is to dock pay, suspend them for a bit and make them go on a drink driving course etc (as well as whatever the court decides). Disagree with me all you like but that's my opinion.
  16. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Nuwtfly in Lawrence and Bennett Convicted of drink driving   
    Would you expect to be sacked from your job if you were caught drink driving?
    What they've done is awful and they should be punished for it. But let's try not go over-the-top here, as bad as what they have done is.
  17. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Bob The Badger in Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part Three   
    I know a lot of people are down on the Rams and the job Cocu has done, but I’m not one of them.
    I think it’s really important to understand and accept the steep learning curve he and his staff were, and still are, going through. 
    He’d never played, nor managed in English football, and he was walking into a dressing room full of players I doubt he’d ever seen play live before the speculation started - I’m presuming he watched a lot of film when it looked like he was coming - but that’s not the same.
    I’ll not get into the Frank leaving debacle and who is, or isn’t, to blame, but that surely didn’t help matters. Neither did having players like Shinnie imposed on him.
    I got shot down for saying I thought we were lucky against Huddersfield and that I thought the defense were exposed down the flanks way too often. 
    If their strikers hadn’t been so profligate we could have lost that game after two world-class goals from Lawrence.
    I think that win was a blessing and a curse because of what it did to supporters expectations.
    but, it is what it is and I’d rather have the 3-points.
    Since then we have played some dreadful football, but other than at Brentford (and those games happen, think Villa last year and Sunderland at home 2 or 3 yard ago) - we have also played some nice free-flowing football.
    At times you can clearly see what Cocu is building even if at other times you want to scream, ‘get it forward’.
    It’s light years ahead of Rowettball irrespective of the results.
    Similarly, we got result under the poison dwarf, but jeez it was uglier than a warthog licking urine off a nettle at times.
    I asked a few times before he broke through, what the deal with Max Lowe was, but nobody seemed to know.
    It seemed like Derby wanted him away. For that reason and that reason only, we could see the Bogle injury as a bonus in months to come because it pushed Lowe into the fray.
    He’s young and raw and he’s playing on the wrong side, but the signs are promising.
    Wednesday was the first time I was happy with Cocu’s team selection. Sure Malone was in, but he is a threat going forward and I thought he had one of his better games.
    Dowell has bothered me a LOT. I’ve a good friend who’s an Everton diehard and he raves over him.
    I’ve seen nothing.
    I know Tomori and Wilson took time to settle in, but there were signs before they started to play with consistency. 
    As I say, I liked the team. Clarke isn’t the Mark Wright-lite that I thought may be the case and his inability to use his right leg concerns me at times, but when he bothers to, he can bring the ball out with pace and threat.
    You’d not describe either him or Keogh as quick, but they are bothy long striders and can ghost past players that may seem faster with surprising ease at time - the Leeds goal was a classic example of that.
    And Biliek, I mean come on?
    I posted in the game thread that I think we can put to bed any talk of where his best position is.
    Without playing brilliantly he showed touches and moments where you can clearly see the potential to be a stand out player - at least in this division.
    I’m going to repeat something that I posted after the game - I think this team is close to being good.
    We absolutely need Bogle back and Lowe on his natural - but those two alone will terrorize a lot of championship defenses.
    Bogle could be that Igor spark that somebody mentioned last night
    Unlike many, I also think Huddlestone is playing well. The problem is that he hits a lot of balls that many players on’t attempt and when they go awry it looks awful.
    I do think he’s a calming influence and that moment he brought the ball out when we were under intense pressure last night was pure class.
    Roos otoh, is anything but a calming influence and  worries me more than any other player. 
    He’s punching way too often and that is either because he lacks confidence in his handling, or he’s learned bad technique. There was one cross last night that I with me with my dodgy achilles and girl sized hands could have caught while simultaneously scratching my nut sack.
    I’ll not dwell on that though because I see us as becoming more  and more attack minded and the opposition can’t score from their own half. 
    Unless that is, you have Wayne Rooney in your team (see the goal he scored against Orlando City this season).
    I’m not a  wrist-slasher and I’m not a happy clapper - I try to be objective when I can. 
    But, I rarely have this level of confidence. I could look like a fool come next May and be gently retreating from the board hoping nobody will notice, but I think we could be on the cusp of something pretty exciting.
    If that is, Cocu can stick to the plan, find his best team  and get everybody fit. And the supporters let him breath.
    And on that note and a final note. I thought the fans were brilliant last night. You all deserve a pat on the back because nobody would have complained if PP had been like an undertakers office on their day off.
    Come on you Rams, to Leeds and beyond!
    PS. Don't be confused that there was no Part 1 and 2, it was just an Ian Dury hat tip for those of you old enough to remember.
  18. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to Nuwtfly in Hold Your Nerve   
    Been a bit disappointing to see so many fans (not too many on here, mostly on Twitter) hitting the panic button after two defeats. I appreciate that this week has been something of a disaster (two defeats in a row and conceding six goals is going to annoy anyone), but we really need to hold our nerve here.
    When Cocu was appointed, many on here (and on Twitter) said they fully expected a transitional season. With so many players leaving as their contracts ran out, and the departure of our three most talented players (Tomori, Mount and Wilson), we should all have expected something of a decline in playing performances going into this season. 
    And now, as we begin to show the signs of a team going through a transition (inconsistent performances, the blooding of young players, trying different formations) many of us are suddenly losing our heads. 
    What did you expect? You've seen other teams go through this and come out the other side. So why the pandemonium? 
    Transitions take time. TIME. Some of you are calling it quits on this manager when he's had less games than Nigel flipping Pearson!
    We know what the modus operandi for this season is. We know what the aims are. They were communicated to us very clearly at the start of the season by Mel, Cocu and most of the players. We are trying to build something at this club now. We are trying to stop the constant chopping and changing of managers that has caused us to fall into the mess to start with. We are trying to finally utilise the incredible academy Mel has worked so hard to build, whilst building a footballing identity and philosophy and simultaneously stay competitive.
    You expect this to happen after 6 games? Come on. Let's get a hold of ourselves here. We have to back this team.
    Now, before you call me a happy clapper, I do think Cocu has made some errors. The first being some of the choices in the Forest game. I think he underestimated just how much that game means to us as a fanbase, and threw some youngsters in at the deepest of deep ends. He will learn from that. You could tell he had in the interview after the game.
    The second is the current use of formation. The 4-3-3, and the 4-2-3-1 to a lesser extent, aren't working because we are lacking any real quality in the wide areas, and a creative outlet in the 10 position. He needs to figure this one out, and I think he will. Richard Keogh suggested that he thought we looked good in a 3-5-2, and I agree with him. We've got the attacking full-backs to play this formation. Plus it means we can play Bielik in his preferred position of centre-half, with Keogh to the right of him and Clarke to the left. We could also play Waghorn and Marriott up top with each-other (which many of you wanted to see this season), and Lawrence in that 10 role behind the two of them. TL flourished in that system at Ipswich, so this might suit him in the long run.
    Regardless of this though, any system, formation, style will all take time. We all knew this at the start of the season, and we owe it, not just to the management, but to Mel and his vision, to not only give this time, but to back it. Back him. Back the club. Loads of you already are, so this post isn't really for you.
    Sorry this turned into something of a blogpost, but I've been stewing on what I wanted to say about all this since yesterday, and I couldn't really make it any shorter.
    Up the Rams! 🐏
  19. Like
    Makedoh reacted to DanS1992 in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    Can't remember the last time we were this bad...
  20. Clap
    Makedoh reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Tonight's moan in   
    Never understood the issues with Radio Derby, they provide an excellent service, an alternative way of catching the game if you are not able to attend.
    They have had some great characters on there over the years, Ross Fletcher, Tedd McMinn (I loved it when he called out Craig Fagan for stealing a living), Graham Richards and Ian Hall, Owen Bradley (just in case he reads this).
    They have a difficult job trying to describe what is happening in front of them, especially when served up football by the likes of Pearson and Rowett.
    If you didn't catch the commentary of Ramage and Ed Dawes when Marriott scored at Leeds, please have a listen, I watched the game live but listen to that clip over and over, goose bumps as big as Nora Battys Knockers.
  21. Like
    Makedoh reacted to Steve How Hard? in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    Saunders was surprisingly good in the air for his height and Goddards guile made him a perfect foil for Saunders pace. One of our worst pieces of business was selling Goddard imho. 
  22. Like
    Makedoh got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    Dean Saunders and Paul Goddard  for me fantastic front two.
  23. Like
    Makedoh got a reaction from Andicis in Our Summer Business   
    Same here,some people are never happy who would have thought we would sign a player like Rooney because I never did in my lifetime. Unbelievable 
  24. Like
    Makedoh reacted to MK in Our Summer Business   
    Some of the negativity around this transfer window amazes me. We've broken our record transfer fee on a promising young player, sured up our defence with a decent centre back pairing for Keogh, and signed Wayne Rooney on a deal that could make us money!
  25. Cheers
    Makedoh got a reaction from GenBr in Four new signings before the window closes   
    Exactly my thoughts, really not bothered if we don’t sign anyone we’ve got Rooney in January and who would of ever of thought we would sign him. No one. We can always strengthen the team again in the January window. 
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