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  1. Portuguese TV did say he's signed a deal to Porto yesterday but London evening standard reported that Silva is expected to replace Big Sam. Be very interesting to see where Silva off to(I still think Porto by the way David it's called prediction for this one) Coleman dismissed the palace job due want to remain at Wales.
  2. What if it's true?
  3. Yes allegedly.
  4. Last bit of your post would be my guesswork.
  5. Good thing for National radio and doesn't affect local radio.
  6. Dream on.
  7. Depends what position Forest can offer though. He can play both anyway.
  8. That'd make sense to take him on loan then sign permanent in January 2018.
  9. Thanks @reveldevil at least I'm trying to stick on subject though. by the way I did actually get the joke though but I prefer to stick on subject but hey ho.
  10. Thought I'd share this on here for you guys.
  11. Everything is way too much nowadays, I'd be happy if we manage to get Kalas on loan From Chelsea I think he can play RB as well good options if needed.
  12. 100% not for me because I fail to see how he 'improves' on what we've already got at the moment. But there is quite few wingers out there should be looked at?
  13. Like I said yesterday it's guesswork but I think we might see something from next week?
  14. He rejected the contract offers few times because he want more money which is he won't be getting that here?
  15. Or maybe he wants regular playing rather being as back up etc.