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    RLACML reacted to Dale The Ram in The 1884 Group   
    ​I never thought it could happen, this rapping stuff.
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    RLACML reacted to DerbyPride in The 1884 Group   
    I wonder what legalities are involved in getting the Paul Jewell "Ram Pant" picture on a massive poster...
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    RLACML got a reaction from Sweetness34 in NBA   
    ​Surely you can't pick the Cavs over the Warriors? Everybody loves the Warriors.
    I think they'll be too strong for a hurting Cleveland team. Their ability to play small ball with Draymond Green is just unbelievable, something that I don't think even LeBron can stop.
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    RLACML got a reaction from ronnieronalde in Help with Ronnie's Book   
    On behalf of ronnieronalde:
    Hi All, I'm looking for help deciding the final title of the book so that I can get the website up and running. I've had one title decided for a while but am now having second thoughts.
    Those of you who know what the book is about can help me. Thanks
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    RLACML reacted to EastKentRam in NBA   
    ​That is absolutely f*cking insane.
    I wont sleep tonight now after reading that. 
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    RLACML got a reaction from AmericanRam in NBA   
    ​77 in a row and 94 out of 100. He's too good at times.
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    RLACML reacted to Ewe Ram in 1st World Pleasures (those little joys)   
    I still laugh at something that happened many many years ago. 
    I was in the market hall in Derby and a lady skidded on a Brussel Sprout. She fell full length onto the wet concrete and slid along nicely on her ass aided by her leather trench coat. 
    Simple pleasure. 
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    RLACML reacted to TroyDyer in 1st World Pleasures (those little joys)   
    A sunny day, an ice cold beer, good company, and a fat bloke stacking it. 
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    RLACML reacted to Mostyn6 in The self-fulfilling prophecy of doubt   
    Whilst the season isn't over yet, and technically it's still in our hands for 2nd place, I feel kind of annoyed at certain people, I won't name names, but some on this forum, some in the boozers, some in the stands, have been guilty of bringing this doubt onto the club.
    I personally (have already said that I) don't really care if we get promoted, I'm favouring on the side of staying in the Championship and having a few seasons of enjoyable football. I think I'm in a minority on that one, but don't understand why. Promotion equals trouble for us, we would go from competitive to strugglers, but that's another debate for another day.
    For the most part of this season, when Derby have been doing well near the top of the league, a lot of Derby fans have been forgetting to enjoy the then present, instead worrying and predicting how and when it will all go wrong, some even worrying that Martin might get injured and we will struggle.... well guess what, it's become a self-fulfilling prophecy... damn you!
    It would be almost ironic if I was to predict some negative things happening at Derby in the next few months, such as management, coaching staff and players leaving, but should that happen, I just hope a lot of you don't regret missing out on the good times we've had over the last 18 months because you were too busy fretting over the future.
    I have no doubt that the anxiety, unwarranted in the real scheme of things, had drifted down to the players with every moan, groan and nail bitten. I think had everyone been living in the then present, and enjoying the good stuff, we'd be on the crest of the wave and confidence would be high. There was never this amount of anxiety, doubt and naysaying in the Billy Davies season ffs!
    I cannot tell people how to be a fan, you pays your monies, you takes your choice. 
    I would hope we (as fans) develop a "what will be will be" attitude for the rest of the season, and let the anxiety drift over to our rivals. I haven't heard or read any of the promotion rivals having similar doubts and negative predictions. They all seem to be enjoying the ride.
    So, hopefully, enjoy the ride, stop worrying about things. Negativity transmits within the stadium.
    and whilst I'm on one, oi, @Ninos I'm calling you out fool! Remind me how unimportant Chris Martin is to Derby and how rubbish he is! lol
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    RLACML got a reaction from AmericanRam in Boxing Thread   
    Golovkin is the man. He's awesome
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    RLACML got a reaction from Boycie in Suggestions for new song(s)/chant(s)   
    That's not the Derby way. Repeating it back to them is the Derby way.
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    RLACML got a reaction from ramit in What Are You Listening To?   
    Homer Simpson's walkout song

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    RLACML got a reaction from Alpha in Chants   
    Non exhaustive list : Basketball, Derby County, whisky, cigars, jazz, Mad Men, Sopranos, Simon Dawkins, Golden delicious apples, game theory, Edinburgh, playing 5/6-a-side, Simpsons, Wes Anderson films.
    There's a lot I do dislike though, I'll give you that
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    RLACML got a reaction from Tombo in Chants   
    I believe that you are gay
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    RLACML got a reaction from Dr. Gonzo in Chants   
    Awful awful chant. 
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    RLACML got a reaction from AmericanRam in NBA   
    I don't have BT Sport but they are on there occasionally. And on Sky on sundays I think.
    I had NBA tv for the last two years but I can't afford it this year so I just stream them. Probably won't watch much this year as I really need to concentrate on my degree and as EastKent said, it really does screw you over. 
    Hopefully get down to London in January to see my fourth Knicks game. 
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    RLACML reacted to Dimmu in Footgolf   
    It's boring and quite useless. Footvolleyball is great as a technique training, tho. And very fun when players are good enough
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    RLACML got a reaction from Alpha in Tony Pulis' Hat II   
    Have to disagree on this one. I would do the same celebration every time I scored, and I would consider the love heart as an option. Show the ladies my sensitive side
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    RLACML reacted to i-Ram in Tony Pulis' Hat II   
    Was the friend of a friend Andy Gray?
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