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  1. This is beyond disgusting. The players and coaching staff are absolutely embarrassing. Get rid of the lot of them. If Rooney keeps his job I’ll be absolutely done with the club. This is completely unacceptable.
  2. We’re actually going down aren’t we?
  3. BPV

    Matej Vydra

    Pretty sure he signed a new deal the other week, wants to keep him family settled. Can't see him moving from there at the minute.
  4. I think peoples grievence with Rooneys statement come down to the fact that he's player, captain and coach during this disaster of a season. He's absolutely correct that a change was needed. But he's been a major factor in our performances. I think holding his hands up and not appearing to be shifting blame onto the previous manager would've been received in a much better light. How much impact he had on tatics and selection is anyones guess, but his performances haven't been anywhere near good enough. I don't think he was really in the place to be saying changes were needed, withou
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