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    NewquayRam reacted to Millenniumram in Phillip Cocu, Chris Van der Weerden & Twan Scheepers   
    Tbh from everything I’ve seen I’m expecting a more Rowett counter attacking team than a Mac team. Mind Lampard wasn’t as close to a Mac team on the scale as some of you make out, so it may not be that drastic a switch.
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    NewquayRam reacted to Bosshogg in Ethan Ampadu   
    I don’t feel we were used by Tomori or Mount? Tomori was player of the season! Spoke fondly about the club and sounds like if he goes out on loan at our level would come back. 
    Its not that easy to go out and buy those type of players especially as every time we do we seem to end up paying way over the odds. We have ended up signing loans permanently in the past as well. If Tomori was available in our price range I’m sure Mel would go out and buy him. As he isn’t a loan is our best chance of getting someone of that ilk. I’d rather have those type of players playing for us than against us! 
    A balance is needed yes, but to look at all loans like that is quite short sighted in my opinion. 
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    NewquayRam reacted to Taribo in Life Ruined   
    I dunno, I think it looks pretty good with fur texture and nostrils 

  4. Haha
    NewquayRam reacted to BodminRam in Pre Season Friendly v Bristol City   
    If you've ever been to bodmin you would have realised it wasn't a hard decision lol
  5. Haha
    NewquayRam reacted to CHCDerby in Keogh to Sheff Utd?   
    £20m 😂
    I nearly fell off my chair laughing after reading this - he's worth way more than that 🤣
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    NewquayRam reacted to reverendo de duivel in Pre Season Friendly v Sarasota Metropolis   
    Martin, Waghorn 
    Derby's number 9's.
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    NewquayRam reacted to nfb in Songs for Cocu   
    This. . Would sound great.
    "Phillip,Philip Cocu
    *CLAP clap clap CLAP* 
    Repeat. . . 
    Simples but very effective. I can hear it now 😍
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    NewquayRam reacted to Alpha in Anya - not sure what to make of this...   
    Nothing wrong with giving our own player a chance to prove he belongs here. 
    Good luck to him. 
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    NewquayRam reacted to whiteroseram in Songs for Cocu   
    In my head his song is "Philip Cocu, Philip cocu, Philip cocu..." ect to the tune od the Smiths "hang the DJ" 
  10. Clap
    NewquayRam reacted to sage in Songs for Cocu   
    We got Lampard in
    Then Lampards out
    In out in out
    Chelsea messed us about
    Now we've got Phillip Cocu
    He'll turn us around
    He's what it's all about
  11. Haha
    NewquayRam reacted to NottsRam77 in Jacob Butterfield   
    Right just got back from dropping Bradley off .... what??? another one wants to go there ... Jacob Butterfield??? 
    Quick get in Jacob before u change your mind, the Petrols on me 
  12. Haha
    NewquayRam reacted to JfR in Phillip Cocu, Chris Van der Weerden & Twan Scheepers   
    Our first Oranje manager, not to be confused with our first orange manager Phil Brown
  13. Haha
    NewquayRam reacted to Owd miner in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    They've just heard news darn here its turning nasty...

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    NewquayRam reacted to Steve Buckley’s Dog in Season Ticket benefits   
    Not having to be nagged to death at home for 4 hours is the biggest benefit I can see. 
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    NewquayRam reacted to ThePrisoner in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    If Lampard takes the bounce, we have to pay a sell on clause to Sheffield Wednesday
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    NewquayRam reacted to muttley72 in Mel Morris on TalkSport   
    It’s been great to hear Mel this morning, I have so much respect for him, he’s not tried to dodge too much, he talks a hell of a lot of sense. Not everyone will agree, but I don’t think we could have a much better custodian of our club. It feels like a safe pair of hands, and whoever comes next as manager, whether it works out or not, I’m confident they will have been appointed with Mel believing he’s doing the best he can for Derby County. 
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    NewquayRam reacted to Nuwtfly in Mel Morris on TalkSport   
    I'm happy to transcribe most of what Mel has to say if anyone wants me to
  18. Haha
    NewquayRam reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Mel Morris on TalkSport   
    Well I've just learnt I can buy tablets to help with me erectional problems.
    Worth tuning in just for that nugget of info.
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    NewquayRam reacted to eddie in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Last 10 minutes at Rotherham, when he assumed what everyone else did, that the match was won and introducing two out-of-form players into a nailed-on victory would be good for their confidence.
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    NewquayRam reacted to Andicis in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    If Frank had left without the distasteful media circus I'd have been happy to wish him all the best, now duck him and duck Chelsea, I hope he fails and gets sacked within 6 months. 
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    NewquayRam reacted to DCFC1388 in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    7m compo for Frank & his backroom staff is a really good deal for us, yes its Frank Lampard but its also a young manager who has had 1 season in managemen, 7m is great business by Mel!
  22. Clap
    NewquayRam reacted to McLovin in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Might be an unpopular opinion but at least Rowett didn’t get his mates, ex teammates and family members to come out in the media to justify him leaving like Lampard before it’s even confirmed or his Mrs to play songs on Instagram should I stay or should I go. It’s like a soap opera that our great club has gotten tangled in to. I also find it disrespectful of Jody liking posts on twitter telling them to “come home to chelsea, welcome home”. 
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    NewquayRam reacted to TexasRam in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Might get a manager who’ll play Marriott ahead of Bennett, every cloud and all that. 
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    NewquayRam reacted to harwich ram in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    He has just gone up in my eyes only sports  man I've heard  on radio 5 today 7 30 ish saying Derby and there fans should be shown  some respect over the lampard saga 
  25. Clap
    NewquayRam reacted to cannable in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Craig Bryson once got the PFA involved to force a move to Burnley until we blew their contract out of the water.
    It’s football, it’s not that deep.
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