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  1. Haha
    NewquayRam reacted to Ramshankered in Bielik injured   
    Goddamit. It's mean't to be a good thing when someone slides into your DMs. 
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    NewquayRam got a reaction from DarkFruitsRam7 in Lift to PPs from South West   
    I'm desperate for this to work out. I went to Huddersfield on Monday, left Newquay at 10am and literally crawled all the way, rarely getting over 40mph. I had planned to go to the Travelodge before the match to get washed and changed but only managed to park up at 7pm. 9 hours driving for a football match and then a good 7 hours home the following morning, I started to question if my in laws are right and I'm an idiot for doing it.
    But we won, so it's all good. 
  3. Clap
    NewquayRam reacted to RamontheMoor in Two Directors step down   
    De RBy County
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    NewquayRam reacted to SuperDerbySuperRams in Two Directors step down   
    Hope Mel is retaining a controlling stake in the club 
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    NewquayRam reacted to Millenniumram in Bogle on the right wing   
    Nah. Bogle is able to do the damage he does going forward because he’s a defender, and he comes charging at you unexpected. Stick him on the wing and he then has to wait to receive the ball, and will have much less space. He’s positionally pretty decent as a fullback. Never once looked like anything other than a RB to me, so not worth fiddling with, as poor as flojo has been. Waghorn needs to return there imo. Wisdom could yet be an option at centre half now he’s fit, we’ll see whether he suits.
  6. Haha
    NewquayRam reacted to Bob The Badger in Derby's Ultras 🎶   
    White shirt?
    Back to the game?
    Annoying as hell?
    Was it Jozefzoon?
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    NewquayRam reacted to angieram in Cocu   
    I said at the beginning of the season that I hoped Cocu was a slow burner and that I would come to admire him over time.
    I like that he's not shoved himself into our faces and that he's only gradually building that bond with the fans. To be honest, I was sucked in by Frank and Jody's passionate embrace of all things Derby, which made me feel very let down when they buggered off with barely a backward glance! 
    I am not always understanding what Cocu is trying to acheive on the pitch. Maybe yesterday it was a little clearer but I feel he hasn't yet got the full personnel to play his way but I want to see what his football will look like when he brings in more of his own type of players.
    I think he has handled this week's events with great dignity and that has made me warm to him even more. I'm still not boiling but definitely on the simmer.
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    NewquayRam reacted to Mountain Ram in Cocu   
    I was chuffed we got him in the summer and I still see he as an upgrade on Lampard.
    My only quibble is his love of Tom ‘the glacier’ Huddlestone; I’d much rather see Bielik at CDM and build a partnership of Davies and Clark at CB.
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    NewquayRam reacted to Mostyn6 in Biggest Goose bumps...   
    Martin’s equaliser against Leeds last week was emotional for me and is recent in the memory. 
    Commons goal away at Forest in the cup. 
    Marriott away at Leeds. Now iconic. 
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    NewquayRam reacted to PrivateDerby in Could Cocu Walk?   
    He’s very hard not to like, fully behind him, especially with what’s happened over the last couple of days. 
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    NewquayRam reacted to Paul71 in League position come May 2020   
    You don't go much then
  12. Cheers
    NewquayRam reacted to GenBr in Middlesbrough to sue the EFL over Derby's Stadium Purchase   
    That statement doesn't really say a great deal. It says we have confirmation in writing from the EFL that we met regulations at the time, but I wouldn't say that's the same thing as saying nothing will come from the EFL investigation. The way its written to me sounds unnecessarily defensive and feels oddly worded.
    Personally I don't think anything will come of the investigation, but I think a few of you are reading a bit too much into a statement made by us and not the EFL - especially since the EFL has a history of balls up and making things up as they go along. If the EFL release a similar statement on conclusion of the investigation that will be the time to rub it in Steve Gibsons face - not now.
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    NewquayRam reacted to goldstar in Just a small tear in my eye for that Chris Martin sub   
    I've waited for that moment for years and was willing him to get on the pitch before Cocu changed his mind as I thought I would never happen. One of the most talented and intelligent players we've had in many years and he doesn't get the thanks he deserves.
    I'd love to see him and Marriott together like in pre season.
  14. Haha
    NewquayRam reacted to Srg in Football chants 2019/2020 season!   
    Good effort on the rhyming scheme there, close to nailing it
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    NewquayRam reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Middlesbrough to sue the EFL over Derby's Stadium Purchase   
    Perhaps a really enterprising lawyer is just going to Gibson "Hey Steve, you could sue Derby County, you could sue the EFL, you could sue.........."
    "Have you been involved in a failed promotion challenge that wasn't your fault, call Spurious Litigation Partners"
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    NewquayRam reacted to Mostyn6 in EFL order independent valuation of Pride Park   
    You can’t backdate a loophole closure! 
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    NewquayRam reacted to Millenniumram in Players on Twitter   
    I think on here it’s entirely different to tagging players on twitter, which is a point that’s been made on here by others numerous times. If you tag someone on twitter, they have no choice but to see it (I guess they could not click on it, but let’s be honest, most would want to see what’s been said). That’s the internet equivalent of going straight up to someone’s face and calling them poo. Comments on here are never intended to be read by the players, you can call it “slagging them off behind their back”, I just call it using the forum for what it’s meant for- giving out an opinion. And my opinion is certain players this season have not been good enough, with a couple not even trying hard enough.
    But I wouldn’t ever go up to a player and say that to them, not because I’m scared, but because it wouldn’t help matters. I’ve long suffered from mental health problems, and I know as much as anyone that when something’s not going right, the last thing you want is someone shouting down your ear hole what you already know. Wouldn’t ever be wanting to put a player in that situation. And, beyond that, telling someone their poo is hardly likely to make them play better, they’ll naturally start panicking and probably play worse. Which is exactly what happens when fans shout at players like Malone In games, and exactly why if I have a comment on a players performance, I wait until the match is over and put it on here and instead choose to try and support the lads through a game. 
    So no, I think there’s an absolutely massive difference between me coming on here and voicing criticisms that are my opinion of a game, and the idiots on twitter who tag players in abusive messages that have no real context other than to call a player “useless” or a “fraud” to their face. These are people who think they’re the big man in doing that, and probably do it for no other reason than they think they’re impressing their mates. 
    Put it this way, if I’m struggling at my job and my boss and coworkers have a meeting in the background about me saying what Id be struggling with and what I need to improve on quickly or action will be taken, which I’m never meant to hear about but perhaps overhear- then I’m gonna be a little upset of course, but I’ll understand the reasons and look to improve. On the other hand, if one of my coworkers comes up to me and calls me a “ducking fraud” in the corridor, then I’m going to take serious issue.
  18. Haha
    NewquayRam reacted to roboto in Rooney Performances @ D.C. United   
    Said no one, ever.
  19. Haha
    NewquayRam reacted to Seaside Ram in Rooney Performances @ D.C. United   
    The Sunday Sun have our man on the front page again today !
    Look forward to a February headline of him jumping into a cab outside the Neppy with the ole girl with red hair from near the dugouts !!!
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    NewquayRam reacted to rynny in Loan watch 2019/20   
    There are still members of the forum that are interested in how our players perform whilst out on loan, regardless if they have a future with us or not. 
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    NewquayRam reacted to Ramarena in Loan watch 2019/20   
    -I thought Berkoe looked very promising. Found wanting positionally a couple of times, not least for their first goal, but looks to be quick and have good distribution. Thorne, too, as others have mentioned, played the QB role very well, fizzing passes into forward players' feet well. I found players seemed to make more confident and adventurous runs when he had the ball too, recognising his passing ability, which is promising. If we can get him fit and playing consistently he could knit us together brilliantly.
    -Was nice when Thorne came on...he could actually pick out the players making runs. As soon as we had a threat behind with Woodburn the game changed. 
    -Thornes passing looked really good.
    -But he’s well off from being anywhere near match fit. I’d say he needs 6-8weeks.
    -Can we just take a second to picture Baptiste collecting from Dickie off the back of a broken down attack, turning out of defence, head up and playing it to Brannagan who then feeds Thorne, cutting inside to Woodburn on the edge of the opposition box and slipping it through to Taylor to make it 1-0...We currently have, what could be (in my opinion) the BEST midfield we have seen for many years. Considering the mix of potential, experience and pedigree that we have right now, its almost a problem and one I am happy to lose sleep over....
    -George Thorne - very promising, needs to be fitter.
    -Thorne looks some passer of the ball despite his pretty limited mobility.
    -On Thorne, it's evident that he's a very good passer of the ball but it's obvious he's still a good few weeks off of any sort of fitness. He looked knackered after 5 minutes on the pitch yesterday. When/if we can get him fit he could be a very useful player.
    -Thorne is obviously class.
    -When Baptiste is fit, a midfield three of him, Thorne & Brannigan would be immense.
    -Agree with the comments re Thorn looked big and strong and good vision. Pen was first class! Unstoppable
    -Thorne played two or three cracking passes from deep and that sort of long range accuracy will allow us to turn defence into attack very quickly. He looked a bit heavy to me and is probably a week or two of hard graft away from challenging for a start.
    -Agree on Thorne, it was only a cameo and he didn't get the ball for ten mins when he came on, but he struck a few quality balls and passes, and yes Mousinho should have given him the ball more. And he's bloody tall too, always a bonus.
    Oxford forums comments on George. They see his quality but it looks like he's some way from being fit, hopefully he works hard gets fit and get's a run in their side!
    This will be an interesting one to watch!
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    NewquayRam reacted to angieram in George Evans   
    He struggled to gain form early days - very similar to many players this season.
    Had a long injury; came back and absolutely rescued us in defence those two away games when needed. 
    Can't see anyone saying he's our saviour either - talk about over- reaction! 
    I thought it was a legitimate question to ask given our current run of form.
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    NewquayRam reacted to angieram in George Evans   
    I think he's been rather unfortunate not to get a run in the team, given Huddlestone and Dowell's current form.
    He sort of made way for Bielik/Knight. 
    He can't play in Dowell's role but I think Knight can. Evans would give Huddlestone more defensive cover if we keep playing him.
    I also think he's one of those players that does a lot of work that goes un-noticed.
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    NewquayRam reacted to hales300k in Lift to PPs from South West   
    NewquayRam you are the spirit of DCFC ! i.ve been  moaning about roadworks ,footbridge and the  Wyvern slip road ,and i only come in from Long Eaton , respect to BodminRam and all far flung Rams ,we,ll do it this season for you guys , then it,s Spurs ,Arsenal and....er Bramall Lane all the way 
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    NewquayRam reacted to Van Cone De Head in Mason Bennett   
    People need to get a grip,having an opinion on a player is fine  but just insulting people isn’t going to help any of us.
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