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  1. I’ve learnt not to waste 2 days holiday from work and a load of money on petrol and hotel for a Carabao cup game.
  2. I'm glad somebody mentioned the pre match at Wembley. Both clubs had their alloted time and I feel Derby got ours all wrong. Villa started by getting their fans singing the allez song which had become their song of the season. We had Since I was young... Which was our song of the season with Mac 1. This time Lampard at the wheel had been the song of the moment. Villa's video package had 'Hi Ho Silver Lining' playing over it so they all sing along, our video package of the goals was nice but it had 'When 2 tribes go to war' playing.. So.. Silence from Derby fans. Pretty sure they had Sweet Caroline... Everybody singing, we have the Derby poem pretty much silence from Derby fans. During the poem you could hear the Villa fans singing away over it. I know everybody is different and wants different match day experience but it's Wembley, a massive match. Get the fans singing together. For me he should've started the bounce, the video package should've had Steve Bloomer over it or ideally something better, anything that the fans will sing too, Seven nation army, Chelsea dagger anything, but not Frankie goes to Hollywood. I hadnt realised how much I needed to get that off my chest.
  3. I'm desperate for this to work out. I went to Huddersfield on Monday, left Newquay at 10am and literally crawled all the way, rarely getting over 40mph. I had planned to go to the Travelodge before the match to get washed and changed but only managed to park up at 7pm. 9 hours driving for a football match and then a good 7 hours home the following morning, I started to question if my in laws are right and I'm an idiot for doing it. But we won, so it's all good.
  4. It's something about the Scots maybe. I lived in Corby (Northamptonshire) for a few years. It the Scotland of the South, many Scots moved down for the steel works and have stayed there. Its horrendous. People moan about Newquay on a Friday night but my god its not a patch on Corby. The off licenses have everything behind glass and you have to point to what you want and then put the money in a metal shunty type contraption like they have in banks and they then shunt over your goods. After living in Corby for a few weeks I had a permanent face like Butterfield.
  5. Bodmin is very easy for me. If we were to do a minibus I guess the parking at Derby has to be considered too. If it is just us 4 I'm happy to car share, take it in turns or whatever. Anything to bring the price down!
  6. Well, at the moment I pay pushing £100 for fuel for each match, so if me and my 7 year old son can be part of it for not much more than that then I'm definitely in. I'm happy to drive to Wadebridge and meet there.
  7. Any more thoughts on the idea of a mini bus? It would be great if we can get this to work.
  8. To be honest, when the A30 is closed and you are doing a diversion through obscure Devon villages at 1am being murdered would be considereda welcome relief
  9. It shows how much attention I pay to this site, despite visiting it everyday I'd never noticed this Rams around the world section. I'd be all over this mini bus idea, myself and my 8 year old have season tickets and try to go to as many away matches as we can. I'd be more than happy to help with the driving, anything to help this work. Please keep me in the loop of any plans for this and definitely put us 2 down as deffinites for any (every) match that you consider running it.
  10. I've not seen it but will look for it now. My plan had been to drive to Plymouth and train from there as price seems to come down considerably.
  11. I don't care about the fixtures anymore, pretty much everywhere is a hell of a journey for me. Bodmin Ram... Do you go to many matches? I'm always on the lookout for a car share.. Although I'm considering using the train as much as possible next season as the drive is just taking it out of me too much nowadays.
  12. A couple of stag do's having a bit of a scuffle on Towan Beach? That's a normal weekend. According to locals Joey Barton was actually very approachable and very polite to everybody.
  13. It's definitely not for everyone but St Austell Brewery do a Baobab. It took me almost the whole pint to decide that I really enjoyed it.
  14. NewquayRam

    Ex Rams

    Mark O'Brien has been sent off in the League 2 playoff final for Newport in a match that has Ben Pringle playing for Tranmere. They were supposedly going to be a big part of our future once upon a time.
  15. Just set my alarm for 4am, my phone said the alarm is set for 5 hours time. I'll miss the football but I won't miss these early starts.
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