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  1. Does anyone think we practice how to cross a ball in training?
  2. It a bit like playing championship manager at the moment. You throw players on a pitch you've inherited who have some reasonable stats on paper and hope it works. After a while you realise something isn't clicking and start getting bored. We aren't a bad team at the moment but we are miles off being a good one and until we work out a solid game plan week in week out surely its difficult to recruit the right players to fit?!
  3. I always had an image of him playing in a top half team in the premier league such was his intelligence, skill and ability to control the midfield. I remember half way through one season the EFL on channel 5 highlighting he had the highest tackle rate, completed passes and through balls in the division all at once. I will keep an eye on how "our George" is getting on and truly wish him all the best. As much of a "complete" midfielder you will ever see and I hope Oxford one day get to witness it.....
  4. The window it was even clearer we would be relegated
  5. Rooney and Huddlestone dictating play in the middle was a joy to watch
  6. Ah yes a team that fights for a result?
  7. I should just copy and paste my post every match day thread at the moment.... "No shots on target yet then?"
  8. I too will re-read the autobiography, a great read! A true gent and a proper football man. RIP
  9. It was like the whole team thought the ref had blown the whistle and stopped
  10. Sky red button. They have let a 5 year old loose on the camera work. This is dreadful
  11. A lot of people could learn from this... Speaking when celebrating his 100th birthday in 2017, he said: “There is no secret to old age, just luck and kindness. If you are kind and nice to people, most people will be nice back to you and that’s how I live my life.”
  12. Loose agent comments i can remember having just listened...(don't quote me) He will 1000% be back playing football. He has a huge determination He was offered to use the rehab facilities at St Georges He's upset he wont be able to say goodbye to the people at the club (staff, canteen staff etc) He's devastated and cant watch the games not being able to be involved
  13. It was a clear lack of confidence last night. There quite a few neat passed through that could have happened but the confidence to play them wasn't there. Or the quality, we can all debate which. I just don't think 2 defensive midfielders works as our forward 4 aren't dynamic enough. We ground out a result but it could have so easily been the other way around with better quality opposition.
  14. I just cant see where the goals are coming from at the moment. Put in a good finisher in Marriott and there is no supply. Put in someone who can hold up play much better in Martin and there's no-one running on to supply to. The issue is clearly midfield/wing at the moment and until that its sorted its a long old season. Only positive is anyone can beat anyone at the moment and we aren't far from the playoffs. Wouldn't be surprised if tonight was a 1-0 either way....
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