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  1. For 75 minutes of the game we looked much better. Having Bird on allowed us to play higher up the field he and create more pockets of space to play into. Can you honestly say we deserved to lose? We need to ball in the box quicker! It’s that simple. We allow the opposition too much time to organise themselves and when the ball does come in (which were much better this game) it’s either too late or there’s no-one there
  2. I was just logging on to comment on Holmes, looks like I did t need to!
  3. Not many people selecting Rooney in the starting 11. Right decision at the moment...
  4. Always amazes me when you see another club signing a good player and you think "why weren't we looking at him" as another one slips by....
  5. This is quite dire. Always hard when a team put so many men behind the ball, but nobody is prepared to take on a man - would much rather pass it sideways or backwards. Feel for Jack Marriott. He's barely had anything to attack and he's the type of striker that needs fluid creative players to "create" for him!
  6. What is he like with the ball at his feet? Seeing as that's the way we are trying to play its a valid question, although shot stopping is clearly the priority 🙂
  7. I should have put a bet on. A colleague of mine is a Cardiff fan and my description before the game was "we will have a lot of possession and some really good spells but will ultimately lose due to our own mistakes!" We cant be too critical on Rooney and Bird, they both had a bad game but that isn't something we say too often. Strangely i thought the back 5 had one of their better games. Roos playing well and the two centre halves looked comfortable against a big centre forward. I just don't think we can progress without some genuine creativity and pace in the wide areas. Bre
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