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  1. Does anyone know how many tickets we have Man U fans? They had a quarter of the stadium! Anyway, we have it a good go and deserved a goal. much rather see that than the defensive display from Sheffield Weds last night. Bogle needs to learn how a back 4 play offside, played them on three times in the second half which sums up our defensive frailties.
  2. He's a prime George Thorne in making. Excellent talent and great to watch. I'd like him to play the odd splitting pass through midfield the lines when the chance arises as it has done in the last couple of games, but that will come with time.
  3. Interesting we have scored more goals (14) than any other team over the last 6 games. We're also joint second for most goals conceded (10)
  4. Just got home (live near Bristol) My Bristol City chums feel we were unlucky. But if we defend like we did We need to score too many goals to win. City had a 10/15 minute spell with some superb crosses we struggled to deal with. If our wingers and general build up play resulted in the type of speed, zip and accuracy theirs did it would make a world of difference. More positive crosses please lads...
  5. Biggest difference tonight is we did the basics right. Committed players forward when we needed to and defended in numbers when required too. It seemed like we had a little bit of confidence back in our play so the final ball worked for a change. Amazing what a little confidence does....
  6. Does anyone think we practice how to cross a ball in training?
  7. It a bit like playing championship manager at the moment. You throw players on a pitch you've inherited who have some reasonable stats on paper and hope it works. After a while you realise something isn't clicking and start getting bored. We aren't a bad team at the moment but we are miles off being a good one and until we work out a solid game plan week in week out surely its difficult to recruit the right players to fit?!
  8. I always had an image of him playing in a top half team in the premier league such was his intelligence, skill and ability to control the midfield. I remember half way through one season the EFL on channel 5 highlighting he had the highest tackle rate, completed passes and through balls in the division all at once. I will keep an eye on how "our George" is getting on and truly wish him all the best. As much of a "complete" midfielder you will ever see and I hope Oxford one day get to witness it.....
  9. The window it was even clearer we would be relegated
  10. Rooney and Huddlestone dictating play in the middle was a joy to watch
  11. Ah yes a team that fights for a result?
  12. I should just copy and paste my post every match day thread at the moment.... "No shots on target yet then?"
  13. I too will re-read the autobiography, a great read! A true gent and a proper football man. RIP
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