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  1. Its not very relaxing this situation knowing everyone around us appears to be doing business while we sit around waiting for something to happen. Just going to stop looking now until something official appears on my news feed. Pass me another beer!
  2. The obvious thing here if its is in fact true he is going would be to negotiate a new contract with a £30m buyout clause seeing as Chelsea cant buy anyone and have all that money sitting there. Simples 😂
  3. At least the loan relationship with Chelsea will remain. Thinking of the positives....
  4. Been through for 20mins now, keep refreshing but “buy” is greyed out...
  5. Does anyone know how many tickets you can get when on general sale? I need two, but my father is away currently so i don't know his fan ID
  6. Agreed! Got my tickets - good day out this one!
  7. Sadly, i remember it well. Can only get better right? 😜
  8. Great thanks. I remember going season before last and i got 3 tickets (we lost 4-1 i think) - must have not been close to a sell out?!
  9. Is it normally two tickets per customer on general sale?
  10. One thing is for sure, i wouldn't bet a penny on this!
  11. I've just called - general sale is 18th. I live near Bristol so desperate to go. Do you have to have attended a certain amount of away matches to become an away member?
  12. And he will perform at half his capacity from there on in...
  13. That was awful. Second to everything and out bossed in every area. Good scouting mission though, Bradley Dack would do
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