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  1. Bumping this up. I hope today brings all you’ve been hoping for.
  2. Result! Amazing game! Just one more step....
  3. Nil desperandum, and all that. Only half time, yet.
  4. Game management, mate. Get used to it if you want to not have a thrombie watching your team in the Premier League. Everybody’s at it.
  5. Ball went dead as soon as the Ref decided to blow up for Martin’s ‘dive’, so Jeff’s ‘goal’ was moot. As it happens, I think Martin was caught by Trippier, but that his theatrics in going down worked against him with the Ref. Life’s like that, sometimes.
  6. That’s a bit of a stretch, to be fair. The Ref didn’t give a debatable penalty whilst we were one up and you went on to lose the match. You got a debatable one at Pride Park earlier on in the season and subsequently missed it. Swings and roundabouts, I suppose. That non-awarded pen at the Turf hardly defined your season. I suspect we’d still have finished runners up to Leicester in any event, but if making that your narrative eases your grief about that season, then fair play to you. I assume you’re still spitting feathers about our win at the Turf a couple of years later?
  7. There is some fellow who posts on here who is rabidly anti-Burnley. I sort of remember him, but can’t remember his name. A well; those looking for universal popularity may as well plough the sea.
  8. Martin should start every game with a mandatory yellow card; he’d have beem sent off before his theatrical ‘dive’, and we wouldn’t be having this debate.
  9. Good luck against Leeds Utd in the forthcoming Play-Off Semis. There’s nowt like seeing a disappointed Loiner to cheer up a Spring Day. I hope to see you in the Premier League next year.
  10. Dyche was under a little bit of pressure towards the end of his first season. He came in in the autumn, when we were scoring for fun ad conceding for fun too. His first job of making us more defensively sound took our attacking edge away. We looked very undynamic towards the end of that season, but he was certainly under no pressure from the Board. He got us promoted in his first full season, and even after we were immediately relegated, again there was no clamour for his head from the fans and evidently the Board were more than satisfied with his approach. As for your Team, they’ve made a habit of going to pot after Christmas for half a decade. This mentality will not be eliminated overnight. Give Lampard a chance.
  11. How many managers have Derby had in the same time that my club, Burnley FC have had Sean Dyche in charge(Autumn 2012)? Maybe the problem is that your Club never gives managers time? Lampard is learning on the job. He needs at least until the end of next season to judge him. He’s managing with mainly the same players that have come up short for the past 4-5 years.
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