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  1. So you’ve seen your mate play full back a few times and he makes lots of errors. We definitely don’t want to sign him then.
  2. No, but I've heard of Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption. P.S my last post was tongue in cheek but don't tell everybody.
  3. No thank you. I’ve never heard of him.
  4. Yea defintely, 100%, maybe, could be, might be, perhaps not, don't think so, can't be, shouldn't be - or he's just injured.
  5. Worse keeper, not defence. Roos will put this defence under more pressure which may look bad on the defence when in fact, Roos is just a terrible keeper.
  6. My prediction is that Roos will not be in goal for all of our season If I’m wrong, we will conceded at least 80 goals in 46 games.
  7. I think it’s a Trent Barton bus on its way through the City Centre heading to Moor Farm. I could be wrong though.
  8. I think he's doing a better job than Michael Mcintyre would or Mark Morrison and perhaps Madeleine McCann
  9. Derby to finish top 6 & Chelsea to finish outside the top 6. And of course Florest to finish the season with a different manager they have started with and below DCFC.
  10. So in that whole time you never looked at a calendar??
  11. Get him back in - scored some of the best goals we've seen in one season from any 1 player that I can remember. People saying he would be their 3rd choice from all the loans. I can understand why but this guy does things special out of nothing.
  12. This guy must look in the mirror and think it's upside down.
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