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  1. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up reading that. And I can say, I will be shouting very loudly on Monday from start to finish. I'll be wearing black and white, I've got balloons, scarves, flags and a young son who for the first time will witness what it truely feels like to not just be a Derby supporter but a football supporter in general. Come on Derby.
  2. They are getting Man City away tickets, first game of the season.
  3. Brilliant to see this morning on my drive into work. All the way from Little Eaton Island to Pride Park i counted at least 5 cars with their flags already showing. It's made me just go and buy two and stick them on. The players will love it if they see the city flying our colours in the build up.
  4. But I prefer “find a penny, pick it up, for the rest of the day you’ll have good luck”. With a £50 note you could say “Find a £50 note and pick it up, for the rest of the day you’ll be looking out for a brothel”
  5. Frank is Loyal, Frank is staying, Frank is Derby. Im sure he knows deep down that could be the worst possible move for him right now. His relationship with Morris seems solid and they have the chance to build something special. At Chelsea what are the chances he would stay longer than 2 years? Where would he move too then?? He loves us, we love him, let’s start a family.
  6. Our bin man went missing for two weeks. When he came back he said he'd been on holiday but I know he can't really afford it so I asked him where he'd wheelie bin.
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