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  1. FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - Man Utd (A)

    This just highlights the main problem in football today. £45 on a Friday night is ludicrous. £45 on a Saturday afternoon is ludicrous. This has made me hate Manure even more
  2. Luke Thomas and Charles vernam

    The experience of them traveling with the squad and getting used to the environment is perhaps better than any U23s game.
  3. Fair weather fans

    You mean glory supporters
  4. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    Maybe the TV show should have done a bit of research too before letting them on.
  5. Tom Huddlestone

    Good job we aren't in the Premier League then
  6. Curtis Davies on SSN now

    How do you draw every game twice
  7. Do I dare to dream

    Whatever you do, don't show Derby this forum
  8. Tom Huddlestone

    You do mean Ince don't you
  9. Tom Huddlestone

    Nobody can moan about DCFC right now. If that rocket shot from Huddlestone went in against Norwich he would be named player of the year by his haters
  10. Tom Huddlestone

    I'm sick and tired of hearing people slate Tom Huddlestone. He's a Derby player FFS and contributing to a great run. Why oh why do people have to target certain players and try to bring disruption when it's not needed. Support the whole team, not just a few players who you think are contributing. Remember the Vidra haters and then all of a sudden you love him to bits. They are a team not a bunch of individuals.
  11. Norwich City V Derby County

    Or all 3
  12. Let's look at the positives.

    Rowett should be here, no matter what, until the end of the season.
  13. food for throught

    This post just made me hungry
  14. High cost of changing manager

    Remember that song "You took the words right out my mouth" it wasn't whilst you was kissing me though but that was exactly what I was thinking
  15. Pearce, Bennett, Guy & Bird New Contracts

    I've just set a reminder in my phone for tomorrow

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