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  1. If Cocu has anything to do with it, he'll be back in his normal position in around 4 months.
  2. If we have Roos in goal all season, we'll finish bottom half without a doubt. He shouldnt even be in the U23s let alone our first team. He doesn't even look confiedent kicking a ball let alone catch an easy cross.
  3. If we dont see Bielik as CDM and Clarke in defence on Friday, it will be the first time I've really questioned Cocu and I dont want to have to do that.
  4. Football, it’s a fanny old game.
  5. I can't believe some people are still talking about Tuesday's game. Cocu knows what he's doing, you just have to trust him.
  6. Jesus Christ. We aren’t even a month in, give it a rest
  7. Depends what you class as poor. I think moaning about queuing for a ticket for 2 hours is poor when others would have taken your place. Id have enjoyed watching the academy boys because I prefer this way the club is heading. I don’t care if it was Forest or not, I don’t get that uptight about losing to them especially when it means nothing.
  8. Spot on and hopefully some Derby supporters can quickly change their mind on how they are feeling right now. Short term pain is long term gain.
  9. Only if people can’t see the long term plan and are short sighted.
  10. People saying we haven’t got strength in depth. Cocu doing what he did with the squad tonight will ensure we eventually have strength in depth from within the club and not having to buy players. It may be this time next year that this comes to fruition but he has to start somewhere. I love the fact we are seeing Buchanan, Knight, Lowe, Sibley, Bird, Whittaker all on a regular basis. It’s better than seeing Jerome, Anya and Butterfield.
  11. I’m more disappointed that I forgot the game was on tonight. #wasteoftimecup
  12. Did you hear what time Chinese people have to go to the dentist? Tooth Hurty
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