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  1. Somebody was saying they thought Bill Gates was interested in buying us. Personally, I think he'd just lead us up the garden path.
  2. The International break has come just at the right time for both Derby and Lawrence. He can go and build some fitness up now and hopefully come back ready to fight for 7th place πŸ˜€
  3. We aren't talking about next season, we are talking since the end of January 2019. How do you know what will happen next season??
  4. Marriott has missed Mount - end of
  5. No, we've just gained two points on 5th place and back into the play-off spot
  6. No it's not - we haven't lost a game and just played two of the best defences on current form.
  7. Villa missed Grealish whilst he was out, they are now creating many more chances. We've missed Mount exactly the same and we should now have him back fresh as a daisy. He presses so quick and thats what creates chances. Imagine Holmes and Mount in the same team running at defenders.
  8. This time last week we were saying there was only one play-off spot left. It's clearly two now with Boro slipping up at home twice - if that doesn't give us an incentive when we resume in two and a half weeks, nothing will. Also add Mount and a fully fit Lawrence, we have as good a chance as any other team.
  9. That took you 2 months to think of that answer πŸ˜‚
  10. If you read a bit further back, somebody beat you to it. Good try though, well done.
  11. Add Mount and Lawrence to that starting 11 and we will be OK for the rest of this season. Even Bryson will add some energy when we need him.
  12. You heard wrong, whoever told you said his head weighed 30kg
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