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  1. It's great that we are able to have these conversations about quite a few players in the academy. We haven't ever had so many players who could be close to being given a chance. Lampard and Morris certainly started to help with this but I think Cocu is about to start taking the acacemy (with Wassall) onto a completely different level. Exciting times ahead.
  2. Never been loaned to the right teams who probably play a similar way to how the team plays. It's no good putting a player under our philosophy and who's being trained that way to then go and loan them to just any team because that team needs a player. In today's game, the player and loan must fit the team. I firmly believe that all of Elsniks loans never helped his progression once and if anything, sent him backwards.
  3. Maybe so, but I’m forever the optimist so I’m going for 4-1. We are just about to click into gear, and it’s not reverse.
  4. Why don’t we give them a few weeks before chucking them in the bin. Defenders make mistakes for goals and strikers miss chances. Look at Man Utd, a few weeks ago they had issues at both ends and perseverance looks like it’s paying off for them. I feel like we might just tonk somebody soon with a similar line up to Saturday.
  5. With Rooney coming in and if we can sign 2 quality players in January, I think we will be that club who surge up the table and make the play offs. We’ve started to show good signs in the last few weeks and I’m feeling more confident. A good win against Preston and we go into the next batch of games on a high. Rooney starts training with the team the week after and imagine what lift that should bring to both players and supporters.
  6. I’m sure the mess he’s left behind in many places, he will appreciate what a football player/club can have to deal with. He knows he can come in and have a big impact at a club that is quite low at the moment. I don’t think he will be having any regrets whatsoever.
  7. CHCDerby


    Works for me, I can walk so much better after a good clear out
  8. CHCDerby


    You haven’t got a clue pal. Cocu will get this right and he won’t change his philosophy, he will change personnel until he gets it right. hoofball 😂😂😂😂
  9. Yes he did, he was the sub goalie 😂
  10. Hi Josh, do you work for Dyson or have you perfected 'Moodhoover' in your spare time?
  11. Is this the newspaper Percy works for?
  12. You can never come too often.
  13. Nope, it was 3 pints and then his Mercedes, he defintely didnt drive a Jaguar.
  14. Anybody know if he can play in an U23s game?
  15. Hands up, who was happy for Lawrence after he scored his two goals? I was. It's hard losing a parent but even harder at a young age. People react differently but I think a lot of people on this forum can relate to where his head might have been. He did something that he'll regret for the rest of his life but we saw the relief he showed when that second goal went in. As a football club we need to move on and I think this week (Keogh included) was the catalyst for that to happen. Well done Tom, you've reacted well and have my full support.
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