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  1. If we go on the terrace do we have to sit down??
  2. CHCDerby


    After his performance tonight, there will definitely be more than two poor premier league teams looking at Bogle. He was immense tonight.
  3. Both. We talk about atmosphere not being very good, this should give everybody a lift.
  4. Brilliant Derby. The lads definitely need the 12th man on Saturday.
  5. Good luck Derby. Do us proud once more
  6. Your wrong, the defenders arm is keeping him on.
  7. CHCDerby

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Sorry, but ones falling down at Hull and the other is probably falling down the charts.
  8. CHCDerby

    Timi Elsnik - joined Mansfield season-long loan (Terminated)

    All credit to Mansfield for doing this when they have and not towards the end of the window allowing him to find another club.
  9. CHCDerby

    U18s vs Sheffield United (FA Youth Cup)

    He's been involved in 17 goals in the 17 games he's played so far this season. After watching last night, he has the potential to be a great player.
  10. CHCDerby

    U18s vs Sheffield United (FA Youth Cup)

    I think Wilson is only 15 or 16. Very good player.
  11. CHCDerby


    Bogle is being dropped off at Bournemouth on the way down.
  12. CHCDerby

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    It's in your DNA youth winds me up so much. It makes us sound amateurish. In fact, we need a new Mic guy, he's boring now.
  13. CHCDerby


    Your kidding, I thought we set the price and they either like it or lump it....
  14. CHCDerby


    Can we please stop talking about 8m for him. If Burnley or Bournemouth are reading this (bloody spies) they need to know that we value him at £22.5m and nothing less.

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