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  1. @LeedsCityRam Completely agree with you, Academies are vital, they are supposed to save money on transfer fees as well as generating incoming fees (paying for itself, in theory), a win-win situation. @CornwallRam Running an Academy isn't cheap, but think about all the money wasted on Anya, the transfer fee & wages at £27k a week. It would have probably covered the running costs for 4-5 seasons. Mel Morris wasn't the first owner to harbour such ambitions, Lionel Pickering, too, had hopes to make the club more self-sufficient.
  2. Agree that Mel probably could be cited as 'best'/'worst' owner. He arrived with the best of intentions, but has put the club’s immediate future under severe threat. Adam Pearson was more a chief exec, brought in to preside over the sale like Trevor Birch (whilst at Swansea). There are some good football administrators out there whose first job is not to cause chaos but to oversee things & bring some stability back. The League of Gentlemen chased glory too quickly. We didn't complain, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. We picked an ambitious manager, waving money at him. It
  3. I was advocating that Rooney's playing contract got paid up when we brought in a new manager. His presence didn't do Cocu any favours, but he has inherited a poor situation, both on & off-field, and this is his first dire result since he assumed sole control with the coaching staff in support & McClaren in the background. He has improved the side, simplified things and all this without actually bringing in any of his own signings. The club is relying on Academy players for its subs bench. Experience is desperately needed & more cutting edge in attack. Curtis Davies out injured lon
  4. Derby 1 -1 Rotherham, RGS, Waghorn Rotherham have lost 7 in a row away, but drew at Forest. We've drawn both games at home against the two other promoted sides. Of course, hope we snatch a vital win.
  5. Rotherham 1 -1 Derby, Waghorn (pen) Rotherham have conceded at least two goals in six of the last seven, but they can score as well. They know this is a vital game. It could go either way, we could win though we've only 1W in 6 H2H league visits & we could easily be brought down to earth after Wednesday. It could be a physical encounter, the referee in charge has sent off a Derby player in the last two games he has overseen featuring us including Sibley's harsh red at WBA (rescinded).
  6. No, I think the football world is an artificially generated one. I stand corrected, but perhaps in the context of the PL. The extent of spiralling inflation in football’s transfer market (verdict.co.uk) @SpanishI think you're right about supply & demand (an entertainment industry), however, it also reflects the same disparity that exists between employees & executives who can earn 100x what their employee earns. There is a lack of a salary cap between elite clubs/elite leagues in Europe, and they are the drivers of an over-inflated market. There seems to be something wro
  7. Jourdan, A new manager can only get so much out of some players, like Teale. Every time I hear someone say a new manager could get a tune out of George Evans, I have a vision of Pete Townsend smashing a guitar against some amps. A new striker is vitally important, I think, we are not blessed with options here. We need the right additions in key areas, not a raft of additions. Confidence is key in football as well as a settled line-up. Partnerships are beginning to form, like Byrne & Jozwiak on the right. We are starting from a position of disadvantage, a poor start, confidence sh
  8. I think the style of play is important, we were the most possession-based side in the division, hence quite pedestrian & predictable. The side has become more direct, the midfielders interchangeable, so that they aren't being picked up so easily by opponents. Obviously confidence is paramount. New players don't always solve the problem, a good manager also improves those already at the club, but more options in attack would benefit the whole side & improve belief, which might spread throughout the whole side. At the moment, the team in under pressure, we've not gone behind in the last
  9. I disagree with you Tyler somewhat, we signed Sammon, £1m, & then someone like Anya for £7m in 2016 (four years later). The point I wish to make is slightly different that I find some of our fans penny-wise, pound foolish. I think Conor Sammon was a stick with which some of our fan-base beat Clough, conveniently forgetting that he also brought in Martin (oh no, him again). I remember reading a comment by Steve Nicholson about Clough's exit. Clough was forced to shop around within a certain market range which always carries an element of risk. Of course, you make a valid point about i
  10. Sammon was only bought a few years ago, 2012. I think you'll find the value of a £1m has changed slightly more from the time Forest signed Trevor Francis. Anyway, if you're resorting to cheap jibes, it suggests you've lost the argument. I asked you once, and I'll ask you again since you come across as a bit thick: what has Evans done at Derby to warrant such unswerving belief? Judging by Evans' past performances at Derby, the pass to Mrs Asanovic probably went over her head, or was misplaced to the side of her.
  11. What has Evans actually done? Come on, tell me. Covers multiple positions without actually nailing down a place in either of them. He cost £1m, reportedly, the same amount of money spent on Conor Sammon who you still have nightmares about, apparently. He doesn't kick up a fuss, brilliant - that's all we want, a yes-man. We've spent £150m under Mel to end up in the bottom three. I'd hate to see what your nightmares are like then about Anya & Butterfield.
  12. Te Wierik should be allowed to leave. In fairness, he's moved to a new country/team during a pandemic, so not entirely sure what his domestic arrangements are (family still back in Holland?) & that may have affected things. He was a mainstay at a club and now has become a peripheral figure. A loan to an Eredivisie team, maybe back to Groningen, could be the best outcome. I'd like to see Evans go, he was part of a Reading side that reached a play-off final & then collapsed spectacularly under Stam the next season. Is he a midfielder? is he a defender? He just doesn't seem to offer
  13. We're still in a precarious position, I'd rather we had gone with an experienced manager, but Rooney & the other coaching staff have - in the short term - made the side more challenging to beat, kept three clean-sheets in a row, something Cocu couldn't even manage in successive games, shown pragmatism (Brentford) & a better understanding of this division than the last manager, Clarke seems to be rediscovering his confidence & the experienced players have been brought back in, taking some heat off the youngsters. There also seems to be more of a structure to midfield (Bielik,Shinnie
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