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  1. Never in doubt. I was puffing on a cigar during added time. Bit surprised though why my hair seems to have gone completely grey during the intervening 90 minutes. ......................... Commiserations to the relegated sides, it could have been us, it was very nearly us in a topsy-turvy afternoon. For goodness sake, I hope we learn from this so we don't repeat the experience in a hurry.
  2. Derby 2 -2 Sheff W Edmundson Browsing soccerstats, we've conceded 10 at home in the last 76-90 of a game, Wednesday an astounding 28 away in the same period so hardly a surprise, I expect late high drama of some sort in a game with so much riding on it. I thought the poster who mentioned Roos as RGS was not being far-fetched. We're unbeaten in 13 (12 league) against Wednesday so they are due a result, maybe 1-2, however, went for the draw as the game is being officiated by Mike Dean. We are yet to lose in 4 at home under him (always a first time) , the games (3 in 4) have tended
  3. She'd probably start up front alongside CKR.
  4. It looks a strong line-up to me from the BBC report. Perhaps it's because Brentford have a squad, something we can dream of. Six of the nine players (soccerbase) who have made 30 + appearances featured.
  5. Put it this way, would you be happy if one of our relegation rivals faced a weakened side? Having said that I wouldn't trust our lot to get a result even against a second string Swansea. I think @JfR answered the question like he usually does (his detailed statistics). Brentford played a strong line-up last night against Rotherham.
  6. I think Swansea may have to field a strong line-up, the EFL will not be happy if they field an understrength side (integrity of the competition etc). They also do have something still to play for as they probably would prefer not to face Brentford in the SF of the play-offs. Their final game is at Watford so they can afford to rest & rotate the team without any complaints. I hope we can stop our poor run, checking the last time we lost 5 in a row, we halted the run with a 2-1 win at Preston who were in free-fall though we nearly chucked it away in the final minutes. I'm hoping Sw
  7. Went for a 3-1 home defeat, it could be a draw which at this stage is still not good enough. Derby have 4L, joint worst sequence. It may be possible we put a brake on it. Birmingham 6L away, all against sides in the top 10. They are unbeaten against lower half on the road. The defensive reshuffle, injuries may cost us. Last season's game was a see-saw affair where we they missed at penalty at 2-2 after being 2-0 down. A terrible stat from the Preston game. Their interim manager went into our game, knowing the first goal was vital as we have lost 20/22 games when we have conceded
  8. @Jimbo Look, football's about units, isn't it? Defensive reshuffle, so a collapse late on, not a surprise. We offer so little up front & don't carry a real threat so that puts pressure on the rest of the side. The fact is, Preston were clinical when they had chances, we didn't create any as you say. We had some possession and pinned them for a period (2nd) but we didn't threaten/hurt them and that is what really counts. Belief has ebbed from this side, we have lost to two sides who were out of form. The rest of the division can see we are rotten.
  9. Derby 1 - 3 Birmingham City Waghorn, RGS
  10. @Jimbo The commentary pairing on BBC Lancashire, the pundit was Colin Greenall. They were generally quite scathing about us, but thought we knocked the ball about well for a few spells.
  11. I feel like I want to give Wayne a chance, but if we drop into L1, I would like to clear the decks. It's been a disappointment since we appointed Cocu and the signing of Rooney was a gimmick that could cost the club severely, undermining the previous manager for a start. I think it's harsh if anyone belittles Nigel Clough. He left this club better than he found it. For me, perhaps it's premature to bandy names, but can't resist. I was browsing the top 10 in L1 & Michael Appleton appeals. Grim faced Northerner he may, but he did well at Oxford, style & playing assets (Kemar Ro
  12. I think the players available at a manager's disposal also dictate tactics. You can't make players do things they can't do (their limitations), you try to play to their strengths. Here, some criticism may be levelled at Rooney at how he has deployed Knight. There's a lack of pace in the side, for instance. (I certainly agree with your comment about recruitment) The likes of Jozwiak may indeed look better in another side, but that's because he'd probably receive better service (if playing in a side with more creative midfielders) rather than feeding off scraps. I pointed out the BBC stats
  13. I think Rooney did make an immediate impact, we went on a run of 6W in 8 which got most of us thinking that our season had turned around, conceding 5 goals in 13 games after conceding 20 in the first 13 & getting 1 clean-sheet under Cocu. What has been alarming is how quickly it all began to unravel again, a run of 1W in 11 & 6 goals scored in 10 games (7L). We are soft touch on the road, losing 6 out of the last 7. Others have flagged up some interesting criticism that Rooney began to change things too much after naming a settled line-up. I mentioned Paul Cook in my first po
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