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    Dale The Ram reacted to Jram in Jahmal Hector-Ingram   
    Whenever I think a player from the 23s is decent and might break through, they usually end up at Lidl FC on a free and an U18 gets promoted instead
    Sorry Jamal
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    Dale The Ram reacted to IslandExile in Yet another Chris Martin thread.... Yes really   
    He has to be given another contract, one year at least. Surely.
    He's pivotal.¬†ūüźŹ
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    Dale The Ram reacted to angieram in Rushian Hepburn-Murphy signed on loan for season (under 23s)   
    Why do we want him when we have our own double-barrelled striker in the under 23s?
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Nuwtfly in Rushian Hepburn-Murphy signed on loan for season (under 23s)   
    First thoughts are that you might as well play JML. 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Van Rammeister in ROOOOOOOOOOOONEH   
    I like the way he passes to our own players.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to TigerTedd in ROOOOOOOOOOOONEH   
    That’s an understatement. He’s Wayne frickin Rooney. He’s got more quality than most of the football playing world. 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Cam the Ram in UEFA Youth League play-off draw   
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Van De Squid in UEFA Youth League play-off draw   
    First out the hat! 
    We play Borussia Dortmund
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Jourdan in UEFA Youth League play-off draw   
    Biggest game of the club’s season, you could say.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to angieram in Cocu in or out?   
    I do agree that some players will be disappointed with what's happening to Keogh (it's not over yet.) I also can't imagine that Keogh isn't still a key part of the players' WhatsApp group and is possibly not holding back on his opinions.  He's such a strong character that he still has the ability to undermine what's happening in and around the team if he wants to - and his agent did seem to stress that he feels aggreived about what has happened. 
    If the speculation about legal action against Tom Lawrence's insurance is also true this will have yet more impact. Depending whose side you take, some players may even resent Tom's continued presence at the club. 
    I think we need a really strong leader more than anything, both on and off the pitch to replace the void that Keogh's departure has left.. Could Rooney be that person? I am not sure as I don't know enough about him. 
    It may be we will also see other players moving out before the atmosphere in and around the first team improves. 
    Yet none of this should influence the decision about Cocu's future because if he goes, the problems in culture will still be there.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Paese in Cocu in or out?   
    Just said something similar in another thread. I agree. He had very little pre-season, barely anytime to sign players that fit how he might like to play and was left with half the side Lampard had, which finished 6th, just.
    At some point we should try to be less short sighted. Yeah, it might not work out but to be so sure before we even reach Christmas is craziness. 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to RoyMac5 in Cocu in or out?   
    We picked up FloJo from Brentford! Maybe it's how these fabulous players are put together and played as a team that is the point. Has Cocu managed to get a team from his squad yet?
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    Dale The Ram reacted to IslandExile in Cocu in or out?   
    I was joking/being sarcastic. It was written in despair of all the calls to remove Cocu.
    I am 100% behind Cocu myself. After all the swapping and changing, I find it refreshing to have an intelligent manager with a long term plan for the club - from academy to first team.
    Unfortunately, he has inherited a very poor squad and hasn't yet had chance to turn that around. Nevertheless, there are a few on this forum and the twittersphere who think that Derby have a god given right to be in the playoffs, at least, playing great football regardless of the quality of the players available.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Anon in Ravanelli OR Rooney?   
    Rooney is easily the bigger signing in my opinion. I didn't really get what all the fuss was about Ravanelli. An ex Middlesbrough player, wow, roll out the red carpet.
    As long as Rooney isn't part of a disastrous campaign that sees us relegated, he'll have had a more positive impact than the white feather.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to cosmic in Keogh Sacked   
    ‚ÄúLike You Say‚ÄĚ by Richard Keogh.¬†
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    Dale The Ram reacted to RamNut in Keogh Sacked   
    He could write a cracking book about his time at Derby 
    play off final
    8 managers
    the pish up
    the Sean Morrison incident 
    fighting with the forest grounds man
    Spill the beans 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to reverendo de duivel in Keogh Sacked   
    Gonna throw up to the spirit in the Sky
    In the backseat, is where I'll lie
    Keep Mason Bennett, and Tom Lawrence too
    If you give me the sack, I'm gonna sue.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Paul71 in Matt Clarke Injury   
    Watched this back as couldnt believe nothing was made of it...not the greatest image but definitely handball and dont see how it could be considered accidental considering where his arm is, should have been a booking, but outside the box so a free kick only.

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    Dale The Ram reacted to chewbacca in Matt Clarke Injury   
    Yet everything will change once Rooney comes on board, and the media bias will swing back towards Derby, as it did under Lampard.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Squid in Luciano Acosta - signed for Atlas FC   
    Oh. My. Word.
    If we can pull this off, that would be incredible.
    Would like a move to Boca though
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    Dale The Ram reacted to reverendo de duivel in Grounds for Concern   
    Maybe true, but given Pride Park is directly opposite Commercial land in the form of DW Sports, Frankie and Benny's, Subway on one side, and car dealerships on the other, it's misleading to say it's in the middle of an industrial estate.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to G STAR RAM in Grounds for Concern   
    Bizarre? Its trash.
    An argument they put forward is a football ground would be worty more if it's on a retail park.
    I mean what is the logic behind that? Do people often go out shopping and then while there think 'I know I will go and watch a football match' or 'might just nip in and get a season ticket while I'm doing my grocery shop'.
    The article states by saying Wembley was valued at £600m but it should have been closer to £1bn, so I would love to hear their logic behind that when arguing that Pride Park is overvalued at £80m.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Mick Brolly in Grounds for Concern   
    Are you in Australia?
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    Dale The Ram reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in Grounds for Concern   
    The funny thing about this whole PP valuation thing is that the FL have already signed off on it. They can't be going back now and raking us over the coals for it because they might now feel like they had their pants pulled down after the likes of Gibson wet themselves over it.
    It may well be the case that we have had them over it, but they signed off on it so if they don't like it perhaps they should have A, set better rules and B, done a bit more due dilligance at the time instead of wating for the other chairman to do it for them.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Squid in Jahmal Hector-Ingram   
    All banter about his name aside I hope he makes the step up soon, PL2 Player of the month for a reason
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