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    Dale The Ram reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Robert Maxwell   
    We nearly got Johann Cruyff as technical director? Wow 
    I never knew that. 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Armand Gnanduillet   
    We love signing a player on the back of a purple patch, Nick Blackman all over again.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Ambitious in Jordon Ibe   
    I hope we stick with him. He really needs help and I know this club isn’t a charity but I hate to see people with issues disregarded. I’d like to see him see out his contract at the very least - really hope he can sort himself out and get back on the pitch. 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to DCFC1388 in Jordon Ibe   
    Investigation is ongoing so no reason to jump all over the guy without knowing any details.
    Rumours he overslept, if so he isnt the first and wont be the last. Of course its not great but not worth being lambasted and labelled a bad egg etc.
    Who knows why he may have overslept if that is the reason. Could be due to late night partying or it could be because his daughter was ill and had him up all night, none of us know so thats why the club is investigating. Could all be looked into and he has a legitimate reason for whatever he is meant to have done.
    Lets just ease off a guy who is trying to turn his career around and has had mental health issues previously.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to angieram in Proud of Rooney   
    Chelsea fans clapped it yesterday. Presumably they had heard what happened at Millwall.
    We should do the same. Active support for the message. 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to RoyMac5 in Proud of Rooney   
    'Rooney says booing of players taking a knee 'disappointing and upsetting'
    "To hear that is very disappointing and upsetting for a lot of people," said Rooney, whose side won the game 1-0.
    "I'm pleased with how my team dealt with that. They've had to put that to the back of their minds for the 90 minutes but I'm sure it's something they were thinking about."
    Fed up with excuses being made. Everyone knows what 'taking a knee' means in anti-racist terms. Anyone who 'boos' the players involved is being racist. 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Straw poll   
    I was In, now I'm out, but I feel dirty for feeling that way.
    This isnt Phil's fault, I'm sure had he been allowed we would have Sam Lammers up front, Kadioglu on the wing, Van Ginkel in the centre etc etc. And I dont doubt for a second that when he joined the club he was probably promised these types of players once our investment rocked up.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Jimbo Ram in New Manager   
    I am not convinced the current squad, those currently available at least, are good enough. Having to play 4 or 5 academy players each game, the majority of whom are not quite ready, highlights this. I don’t think a new Manager would get much more out of them. I just hope things will improve with Waggers, Bielik and Lawrence back along with a fully fit Holmes and a couple of final additions to the squad. I am happy to give Cocu time to see if things then improve, maybe until Christmas, then make a decision. We surely can’t keep having a new Manager in every season can we 🤔
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    Dale The Ram reacted to CocuBarmyArmy in Jason Knight (in his proper position)   
    The lads quality and I think he often gets over looked by our fans. Imo I think he’s actually our best young player, he runs through walls for the team and scores a fair bit as-well. One of our best performances last season was the 2-1 win over Charlton where he scored the brace. I understand the Max Bird love in, the lads quality, but isn’t it time that we gave Knight a go in his proper position? He’s a bit more direct and I think that’s what we need at the minute, I know it’s needs must right now but hopefully he’ll get a chance at centre mid when we get the new wingers in (touch wood).
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    Dale The Ram reacted to CornwallRam in Jordon Ibe - Signed on a 2 year deal   
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    Dale The Ram reacted to DCFC1388 in Jordon Ibe - Signed on a 2 year deal   
    Much prefer Ibe on a free over Maddison
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Ambitious in Jordon Ibe - Signed on a 2 year deal   
    I would LOVE this - I really would. He's exactly the type of player that we're desperate for, someone who can stretch the field and create space. I think he technically has some limitations, but anyone that watched the game on Saturday can see that it's not necessarily tidy footballers we're short on - it's strong runners and players to put the defence on their heels.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to SuperDerbySuperRams in Jordon Ibe - Signed on a 2 year deal   
    There’s a player in there. We’ve witnessed that first hand. If the wages are sensible, I don’t see any issue in us giving him a chance. 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to StarterForTen in 20/21 Third Kit   
    Could it be Derby's third kit colour palette ?? Found it on the web with a directory reference to Iconix, which I think is the European arm of Umbro. Or maybe their design house?
    And (sadly for B4) this does suggest a hint of 'PINK' to me!

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    Dale The Ram reacted to Sean in Samuel Grandsir   
    Grandsir and Jóźwiak firing us to the Prem you say?
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    Dale The Ram reacted to r_wilcockson in Samuel Grandsir   
    Finally, some decent competition for Lawrence. 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to SuperDerbySuperRams in Max Lowe & Malone comments   
    Is it a total shock that the levels of a top 10 Premier League team training session are higher than one of a top 10 Championship side? 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Srg in Max Lowe & Malone comments   
    Get over it. 
    Just trying to endear themselves to new fanbases.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Andrew3000 in Super- fan Chan-young Lee   
    Just wanted to celebrate this kid who has introduced himself in the  rams around the world section of this forum. Many will know of his super-quick goal clips provided on Twitter, this South Korean lad appeared recently on Rams Review Podcast (where he politely tolerated being called Lee the whole time, which is his surname/family name)
    Somewhat bizzarely, he became a passionate Ram since the play-off final against QPR (must be drawn towards injustice and tragedy) and gets up at 3 or 4am to watch matches.
    He also writes pieces promoting our club in South Korea.  I'm not on Twitter but I'm sure many have welcomed him already. Hopefully we can reach out and help him visit Pride Park one day. I think he will feature more on ramsreview pod so a relationship is developing there.  Hope the club are aware too and might assist.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Coconut in Summer 2020 Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    Good god no not Jordan Rhodes. Another one where some can't separate 'used to score loads of goals in poor teams' from 'used to be a great player'
    Might as well bring Darren Bent out of retirement for all the use his general play is.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Steve How Hard? in Who will be our first signing   
    Chris Martin hopefully. 🤞
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Big Trav in Unsung hero   
    Jason knight. 
    by far one of the most tenacious and skill full players I’ve seen has the heart of a lion and as Neil warnock would say ‘never shirks a fricking tackle’ one of Derby’s players of the years imo. Scored some important goals and very effective at driving at defences. Can’t wait to see him in his proper position 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Carnero in Team for next season?   
    We've had it for most of the 2nd half of the season, during which we've collected the 6th most points in the division.
    "Slow motion" or not.
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    Dale The Ram reacted to angieram in Team for next season?   
    I think I'd try to sell the rest of the team before I sold Sibley! 
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    Dale The Ram reacted to Barney1991 in Team for next season?   
    Exactly might aswell sign up for walking football. Knight and Lawrence offer us no width whatsoever we will again play like this season not stretching teams. I think bogle has been limited aswell going forward because he has no player in front of him to drag a player with him. Everytime he gets it out wide there isn't a player from our team 10 yards close to him infront of him yet has 2 people on him straight away. Even a prime cafu would struggle to take on 2 players every 2 minutes 
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