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  1. Oh! Well I’m still relieved I’m not having pant Wellington for tea tomorrow.
  2. Actually, one of us on this forum might be relieved he missed that. 😉
  3. Bah, can’t even edit it now 😆
  4. I’ll eat my pants and put the footage up on here if that happens
  5. Curtis, you can’t be doing that, you know what we’re like with corners. Ay up, Wisdom’s in bother.
  6. Fulham have got to be pleased with their goalie, made 2 or 3 good saves. Had a stinker last week apparently but he’s kept them in it this first half. If we could up the ante a touch I reckon we could get the win tonight. COYR
  7. I don’t disagree with anything you post usually but I do on this one, as I posted previously, the club itself has done nothing wrong but I feel it’s another negative episode connected with Derby County this season, sorry, and if you believe that reflects badly on me, it’s cool, I can deal with that. 👍
  8. Former Derby County player commentating after a Derby County match on radio Derby about young black Derby County players...still reflects on the club to me even though the club has done nothing wrong, just another stick for the Daily Mail to beat us with.
  9. You’ve got to sympathise with Keating, his first sending off means he misses a cup final. Lousy decision by the tribunal.
  10. No, they’re waiting to see how many points we end up with before they can work out how many to dock us to either put us in the bottom three at worst or below Boro at best.
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