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  1. I’d love to know what Mel thinks of how we’re being set up, that was as poor a performance as I can remember, sympathy to all those that paid good money to get into the ground.
  2. My, my, I do wonder what we practice in training.
  3. If only Mel had been in charge of the Brexit negotiations...😉
  4. Likewise, Leeds 3 Derby 1. Marriott.
  5. Brilliant effort from Marriott there.
  6. I reckon Roos might feel the sharp end of Cocu’s tongue in a minute.
  7. Bloody hell, I thought that was gonna be an OG
  8. Orange when the camera does a close up, salmon pink from distance. 👍
  9. What a block from Keogh, great stuff.
  10. Knocked out for Malone, get in there son. 👏👏
  11. Oh buggar...they’ve got Rowett on Sky again tonight. ☹️
  12. I would enjoy that Morrison geezer have a mare tonight, own goal, give away a penalty then get sent off so Keogh would have the last laugh.
  13. I liked The Flintstones before they decided to give them kids, Scooby Doo before Scrappy stuck his beak in, had a crush on Jenny Hanley from Magpie, and was lucky enough to work on a few episodes of Tiswas, did Multicoloured Swap Shop an’ all, nowhere near as much fun as Tiswas.
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