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  1. If we lose Saturday

    Yeah, we've got to get 3 points in the building.
  2. Loan watch

    Good for him, hope he gets a drop of luck career wise.
  3. George Thorne

    It's George Thorne we're talking about here, make that two months.
  4. Harry's gone.

    My wife said that after we'd had a bit of how's your father, I remember thinking how did she know about Redknapp, she doesn't like football.
  5. Harry's gone.

    Good grief, never saw that coming this early, wonder if wee Billy or Pearson will throw their hats in the (bull) ring ?
  6. Ramage talks sense

    Sadly it appears a lorry has crossed the central reservation and collided with oncoming traffic. The report I just read says four people have died. Rammage obviously would have been unaware of this but he would have been better off making no reference to the incident at all.
  7. Bristol City v Derby County

    1) I don't like to come across as rude to you as you are one of the posters who's stuff I make a point of reading, I always look at a posters name first, this helps me decide whether I will read the post or not, so to appear blunt/rude, call it what you will, actually matters to me even though it's only the Internet. 2) This cannot apply to me because being right on the internet is not that important to me. What is important to me mind, is that someone could mistakenly think I would even half hope for a Derby County defeat to boost my ego/justify anything I'd posted previously. 3) I'm sure @David would only authorise work to be done on the forum on a match day if it was absolutely essential, initially I thought it was my internet again. Love you. x.
  8. Bristol City v Derby County

    I'm sorry if I come across as being rude but I'm not in the mood for you tonight. That's how I feel right now, probably because of this damned internet, I don't know, if you don't like it you can lump it.
  9. Bristol City v Derby County

    P*ssed right off, tonked, my internet is playing up, so while I've got some I'm going to have a little rant at Rowett. Paste Hull 5 nil, "Shall I keep the pot boiling against Barnsley and let the lads build on that performance" ? "No, I'll change the whole effin' team and disrupt any continuity we might be building" Dress this up and blame the players as much as you like Rowett, this was your **** up now be man enough to admit it and Huddlestones games have to be picked for him by the way, he's as slow as **** and hinders the team against certain opposition.
  10. Bristol City v Derby County

    Yeah but some fringe players got some much needed game time, can't put a price on that.
  11. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    * Just to add she looks sensational but I just said yeah it's alright, got to keep their feet on the ground.
  12. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    My wife's just been and had a hair do, it was very long and she fancied a radical change, I've just got to go and pick her up now and if I don't say I love it, she'll have the hump all day. I know she'll say " What do you think"? But if I don't say what she wants to hear, there will be no pleasing me. So, people who ask your opinion but expect your answer to be what they want to hear is something that annoys me.
  13. Bristol City v Derby County

    I agree Andy, I still think that come the end of the season I'll think the Sunderland away game was 2 points dropped, they are a poor side who I think will change manager during the season due to their shitness. I'd love a win today, that goes without saying but I would consider a point to be reasonable, they are in decent form and are way better than Sunderland.
  14. German fans kicking off at arsenal.

    Oh, de Cologne fans kicking up a stink ? Should be scent home.
  15. Barnsley v Derby County

    Sorry for the delay in getting back, work, wife and other irritations. I think we'll be at friendly loggerheads on this issue because I will always believe Rowett made far too many changes for this game. You believe it was case of building match fitness, isn't that what under 21 games are for ? I mean, now we have no opportunity to play these fringe/reserve/squad (whatever you want to call them) until the FA Cup. Say we go from now until early December with no injuries to Davis and Keogh and their form is good, any match fitness Shackell and Pearce got against Barnsley will have long gone. Rowett could still have looked at a couple of youngsters while keeping Carson, Keogh, Davis and Vydra in the team thus, I believe giving us a better chance of winning the game. Bristol City were at Wolves on the same night, do we suppose they rested their big match players because they've got Derby County four days later ? I really believe two games a week is not asking too much of players these days and by changing too many for the Barnsley game Rowett made a tactical error. At the end of the day ( it'll be 23:59 ) only kidding, it's gone, to be forgotten and moved on from but I can't help think he blew the opportunity to progress in this tie, Tottenham won't be putting out a strong team in the next round but us playing our strongest against them would have been a more useful measure of our progress than giving back up players a one off opportunity as it turned out...in my opinion.

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