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  1. 1984 Centenary rose bowl.
  2. Small side plate believed to be from The Baseball Ground.
  3. King Kevin. Transfer printed plate.
  4. They produced them in blue and black. The first batch had the wrong FA Cup year on.
  5. Have you got any photos of them?
  6. I've got 8 different tickets but missing the red 21 shillings one, I'm sure one will turn up eventually.
  7. What is the price on the cup final ticket?
  8. The greatest management team. Brian Clough and Peter Taylor. Be Good, Be Lucky.
  9. On 21st March 1973 Derby beat Spartak Trnava 2-0, to go through 2-1 on aggregate to reach the semi final of the European Cup.
  10. 9On 21st March 1973 Derby played the second leg of the European cup tie against Spartak Trnava. 1-0 down from the first leg, Derby won 2-0 with 2 goals from Kevin Hector, to send the Rams tgrough to the semi final.
  11. Players European Cup itineraries
  12. Champions of England and into Europe.
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