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  1. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    Great move for Johnny, going to a team that finished a few points off top spot in the western conference, and has a great fan base in a great country where football is growing as a spectator sport very rapidly. Moving from a miserable climate and a large proportion of miserable fans who did not appreciate his worth to the club to, in my opinion a better future for him and his family.
  2. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    5 minutes research on google https://www.express.co.uk/pictures/sport/6603/Premier-League-manager-pay-contract-value-sportgalleries
  3. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    Well actually we do have an idea by looking at the comparative salaries of British managers, information which is available with 10 minutes research on google.
  4. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    OK I will take that bet,
  5. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    Sean Dyche is on £420,000 at Burnley, Derby County will not be paying GR anywhere near that figure. FYI Nigel Clough was only on £100,000 p.a.
  6. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    No one has mentioned the salary Rowett would get at Stoke, Hughes was on £900,000 p.a. (2016 figure) I doubt if The Rams are paying GR more than £150,000 p.a. Therefore who amongst you all would not move for a 500% salary increase?
  7. FA cup third round USA news

    Confirmed the Man U game live on fox sports2 at 2.50pm EST
  8. FA cup third round USA news

    If on fox sports you can TiVo it and watch when you get home
  9. FA cup third round USA news

    Great news USA Rams fans the match is going to be live on Fox sports, 3pm Eastern.
  10. RamsTV

    No problems at all
  11. RamsTV

    If it keeps freezing it is your internet speed, something that cannot be blamed on the club, I am having no problems
  12. RamsTV

    Am on Google the app does not work for me so always use the browser, am watching on an iPad, if it does drop out I always close the site and reload and log on again it always works for me
  13. RamsTV

    It’s working perfectly no issues at all.
  14. Billy Davies wants the Rangers job

  15. RamsTV

    Absolutely thrilled with Mel doing this, great to be able to see all the games here in North Carolina.

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