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  1. I know some of what went on at West Ham, Bilic was not a good manager, evidently training was optional, fitness levels poor and morale very poor, just check the results before and after he left.
  2. To rebuild the team with not a lot of cash, then the only sensible appointment would be Clough.
  3. LeyStand

    Overseas Rams fans - and others in the know

    For all USA Rams fans both legs are on ESPN+, via an APP cost $4.99 month with a 7 day free trial.
  4. LeyStand

    RamsTV Feedback

    Rams tv did email....i watched ESPN+ no problems.
  5. LeyStand

    RamsTV Feedback

    Unbelievable comments on here, I think Rams TV is awesome, the whiners on here criticising it ought to get a life. 30 plus games live for £110, less than £4 per match. I have no problems here in the USA, so stop blaming the club and look to your internet connections, Mel has provided a fantastic service and I do not want any whinging whining idiots jeopardising it just because they don’t understand modern technology.
  6. LeyStand

    RamsTV Feedback

    Thanks for the excellent information
  7. LeyStand

    RamsTV Feedback

    you can try downloading the APP but it may only be available from the USA Apple APP store and you would also need a credit card with a USA address on your Apple account.
  8. LeyStand

    RamsTV Feedback

    Here in the USA the Rams-Villa game is on ESPN+ a new internet only channel, it works from an app on your phone/Ipad and id $4.99/month with a 7 day free trial which I am trialling.
  9. LeyStand

    Sam Rush

    Thanks for the info and looking at the track record of Mel's counsel, if I was Rush I would be very very afraid.
  10. Great move for Johnny, going to a team that finished a few points off top spot in the western conference, and has a great fan base in a great country where football is growing as a spectator sport very rapidly. Moving from a miserable climate and a large proportion of miserable fans who did not appreciate his worth to the club to, in my opinion a better future for him and his family.
  11. 5 minutes research on google https://www.express.co.uk/pictures/sport/6603/Premier-League-manager-pay-contract-value-sportgalleries
  12. Well actually we do have an idea by looking at the comparative salaries of British managers, information which is available with 10 minutes research on google.
  13. OK I will take that bet,
  14. Sean Dyche is on £420,000 at Burnley, Derby County will not be paying GR anywhere near that figure. FYI Nigel Clough was only on £100,000 p.a.
  15. No one has mentioned the salary Rowett would get at Stoke, Hughes was on £900,000 p.a. (2016 figure) I doubt if The Rams are paying GR more than £150,000 p.a. Therefore who amongst you all would not move for a 500% salary increase?

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