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  1. Quick message to all USA Rams fans, match live on ESPN+ at 14.55 eastern
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jan/16/Derby-charged-breaching-financial-fair-play-rules-efl-football-league
  3. This message comes up if you try and log on with Apple safari if you log on with google chrome all is ok
  4. Its £144,000 per match in the 4th round, but I assume that is split between the teams
  5. ground holds 7,798 so should be easy to get a ticket
  6. Very very obvious Trolling
  7. Having done a number of deals with private equity over the past few years, it is very common for them to find a last minute issue so that they can "chip" the price or terms of the deal. That is the nature of the beast you are dealing with.
  8. Living overseas and not getting to that many rams games, it was a great last night to hear what you do not get from televised games, terrace humour. whoever came up with the chant for the Charlton no.11 is a comic genius, “ Your just a shxt Robbie Savage” was so funny I nearly pixxed myself.
  9. Cocu seems to have lost the dressing room and now appears to be rapidly losing the crowd, no manager survives that
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2019/dec/12/anti-sports-personality-year-awards-2019
  11. Rod Liddle is the reason I purchase the Sunday Times online every week, his column is usually hilarious and very much anti "woke", you should always take his writing with a pinch of salt and recognise the humour and wit behind it. The article in point on this thread was one that he writes very occasionally for the football section of the Sports edition. and apart from the DCFC comments probably has more than a grain of truth in it. I usually end up laughing out loud at most of his articles.
  12. I agree let's move on, this whole thread has turned into a "Who can be the most sanctimonious" competition and it is really boring.
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