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  1. I spend about 5,000 a year at my local supermarket and I am very loyal to them however, that however does not give me the right to ask for their business plans, and as DCFC is a commercial enterprise, Mel as the owner and largest creditor should not give out his confidential plans either. Regarding the next few years, I remember when the Rams were saved on the steps of the high court from being wound up and consequently disappearing, administration did not exist then. We went down to the 3rd division, crowds were 8-9,000 but we survived and to be honest I enjoyed being a supporter more th
  2. When and if you invest 160million pounds of your own money, then I think you are entitled to demand confidential information about Mel's plans. If I was him I would walk away from such an ungrateful bunch of Bamfords.
  3. Our new song..... No one likes us.... we don't care
  4. As MM is owed north of £150 million by DCFC in loan notes and that these would need to be paid back to him, how exactly is he going to move on. Are you going to pay his loans back so he can move on?
  5. Mel has owned the ground since he took over and purchased the club, so I fail to see your point. Salary's were 2 days late, hardly a situation that does not look good.
  6. Great work by Mel, we now need to invest in players before the EFL sanction us and try and stop us, in my opinion they will not be happy about this move. We need players in before next week if possible.
  7. I believe a loan would not be a P&L item but only affect the balance sheet therefore any moneys raised would not affect FFP. If i am wrong no doubt someone will correct me.
  8. Fortunately we still have freedom of speech in the UK, although the woke brigade are trying to end that right. Rod Liddle actually lives in Middlesbrough although he is a Millwall supporter, his columns are informative and a great antidote to the usual cr@p in the MSM, I disagree with his assessment of the situation of DCFC with the EFL, but if any one party needs a legal letter it is the EFL and their constant leaking of misinformation, fueling all the supposition and conjecture.
  9. Southampton enter chase to sign Liverpool star Harry Wilson Southampton are rivalling Leeds and Newcastle to sign Liverpool youngster Harry Wilson. The Premier League champions want £20million for the 23-year old, Sportsmail understands, and would not accept another loan deal.
  10. Yes because Derby is such a great place to live. Great climate, great city Centre, great night life (if you like a pint and a fight), and wonderful crime ridden streets. I love the club, but Derby itself is one of the worst places in the UK to live, it was great to escape to a place many thousands of miles away, where I might add you can still support the Rams, but have a decent quality of life.
  11. https://sports.yahoo.com/efl-urged-resolve-legal-charges-141549172.html
  12. Mel, Swallow your pride and offer Keogh a deal, he is solid and dependable and will cost nothing.
  13. Oh dear Cocu doing his job and picking a team that he thinks will beat the opposition. How dare he use his 30 years of experience In professional football and do the job he is paid to do, why does he not let one of the “experts” on this website pick the team! Unbelievable reaction from the armchair managers on here to our managers team selection.
  14. As sports gambling is illegal in my state I am getting a friend in the UK to put bets on for me on both top 6 finish and also promotion, when we win tomorrow, the price will come tumbling down. Given our current form top 6 looks good and if we do get there the impetus will be such that we would take some stopping. Rams/Forest play off final would be incredible.
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