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  1. Best anthem I know used by a few teams including Chelsea so would be welcomed by Frank
  2. If you believe this I have a bridge I could sell you
  3. In terms of support catchment, which was the very original thread they are.
  4. which is the catchment area for the Manchester clubs..........Scotty beam me up.
  5. Yes I live in Asheville, but I spent 62 years in derby, so I think my geography is as good as anyone, you however don't seem to understand large British cities and their population spread.
  6. I think this is on par with our honours as a club , so your statement is insulting to Burnley. Anglo-Scottish CupWinner1 FA Charity ShieldWinner2 FA CupRunner-up2 FA CupWinner1 Football League TrophyRunner-up1 League ChampionshipChampion1 League ChampionshipRunner-up1 League Division 2Runner-up1 League Division FourChampion1 League Division OneChampion2 League Division OneRunner-up2 League Division ThreeChampion1 League Division TwoChampion2 League Division TwoRunner-up2
  7. The catchment area for DCFC is patently of a magnitude smaller than for the Manchester clubs, as I said the argument is over.
  8. Its all about the catchment area, which is greater manchester
  9. Burnley would be my model, who with a good manager and local owners and with astute purchases have remained in the premiership, had no debt and £20m cash in the bank in their last accounts. They also finished just outside the top 6 and were in Europe.
  10. Of course it is in Manchester, your argument is fatuous Manchester comprises the entire area of Greater Manchester, the same as London comprises 32 separate boroughs, if I take your argument to its logical conclusion Chelsea only has a population of 160,000 and Tottenham only 130,000 all smaller than Derby. If I were you I would give up on this argument you lost.
  11. In order to be a top 6 premiership club you would have to spend in excess of £500 million, that is never going to happen, with our crowd size and catchment area, no foreign investor is going to put in that amount of cash, and those that believe a hundred million or so will get DCFC back to the top of the Premiership are delusional. A club that sells itself for a sackful of dollars/euros/yem/reminbi/ is one that has sold its soul.
  12. You prove my point Manchester Utd is in Salford which is part of greater Manchester as is Eccles, Swinton etc, the population of Manchester is multi millions
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