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  1. As the worst team in Premiership history, currently they have 2 points from 7 games if we extrapolate this to a full season I make 11 points, our unwelcome record could go this season.
  2. Asheville Ram

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    I got £50 on at 16/1 The Rams to win in 90 minutes.
  3. Game being shown live on ESPN+ cost $4.95/month you can only get this as an app on your phone/tablet so will not be on a big screen cracking value as we are normally on at lease once a month in fact we will have been on 3 times this month
  4. Asheville Ram

    v Wolves (H) Match Thread

    I am watching on North Carolina and Rams TV was faultless, it is obvious that people are blaming Rams TV rather than the lousy internet speeds in the UK
  5. Asheville Ram

    Rams or England ?

    Unlike the top 6 Premiership teams, the chances of the Rams ever playing in Europe again are pretty much zero, therefore apart from the patriotic reasons for supporting England, I regard England as my team and to watch them in the Euro's and the World cup as my chance to visit far away places and become part of an England family of fans. Before criticising your national team try going to an away fixture and mixing with fans from Plymouth all the way to Carlisle all of whom are supporting one team it is truly fantastic. For me I am English and England before club
  6. Asheville Ram

    RamsTV Feedback

    Absolutely thrilled with Mel doing this, great to be able to see all the games here in North Carolina.

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