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  1. Evidently the plan is to use as a feeder club, also Eufa rules state that the same ownership cannot compete in European competitions. If this goes ahead the club they chose would be effectively eviscerated.
  2. They are looking at Forest, Villa and QPR, the Rams have not been mentioned.
  3. So let me get this straight, you are asking our owner who has put £150 million into the club to prove that he had a season ticket umpteen years ago because you don’t believe he did., and your justification is that you have had a season ticket since the age of 6, serious question was that the 2016/17 season?
  4. I never ignore anyone especially posters who have no idea what they are posting about.
  5. £150 million of his own money to curry favor, with little chance of getting it back, was your post a serious one? Some of the postings on here beggars belief. If I was Mel I would not take some of the comments on here lying down.
  6. Best anthem I know used by a few teams including Chelsea so would be welcomed by Frank
  7. If you believe this I have a bridge I could sell you
  8. In terms of support catchment, which was the very original thread they are.
  9. which is the catchment area for the Manchester clubs..........Scotty beam me up.
  10. Yes I live in Asheville, but I spent 62 years in derby, so I think my geography is as good as anyone, you however don't seem to understand large British cities and their population spread.
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