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  1. Come on you lot be fair. The only chance they’ve got to playing at the new Wembley is to support clubs that do!
  2. Am I right in thinking that pretty much the top 10 basically came from the books?
  3. Got mine in the home end. No problem.
  4. Leeds have done their own virtual reality playoff final tickets & indeed sold out quicker!
  5. He’d just watched Twins.
  6. This. It’s been going around my head since Wednesday!
  7. Blimey. I bet he had a headache after having that lot!
  8. I wonder if it was budget issues with it feeling rushed and only doing one last season with less episodes? Lena Headey was on a million an episode for basically looking out of a window drinking wine. The other main actors are probably on nearly as much.
  9. Just looking at Carson in the back ground trying his hardest to wreck the ceiling! 😄
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