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  1. It’s better to be lucky than any good. ftfy 🥳❤️
  2. So he’s not talented enough or scored enough goals to be your favourite. Tossxx
  3. Quite pathetic that you have to give a back handed compliment to the mom today typical pathetic Derby fan
  4. Agreed but surely subs are for changing how the game is going ,as opposed to changing how you are playing .otherwise they would have started.hence I think he started the wrong team
  5. Really haven’t seen anything from Cocu that he learns owt from what he sees in front of him. Today being a prime example. He never changed a thing till Leeds were knackered. He’s got a lot to do to win me over
  6. So could you please tell me/us what you think he has learned. Genuine question 😘
  7. Lost me what does that mean..supposedly better than what we have
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