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  1. A comfortable afternoon for Leeds.
  2. It was as bad at this when Jim Smith took over...But back then we could buy players any time during the season to improve the team, and we did, not sure what can be done now to improve us much.
  3. Whatever all the comments before have been, sorry I have not read them, today was pathetic. Thanks.
  4. Their penalty was though a ridiculous award, and that certainly wasn’t Waghorn’s fault.
  5. Agree, there is a calm atmosphere around the team and club atm, and it feels good in my opinion .
  6. Found it... the goal mouth melee was when they thought they had equalised (i recall), and everyone bar Mark Wallington appeared to be in the back of the net fighting ! Pretty sure it was Phil Gee who scored on the break not long after for 2-0. Happy days !! I can’t remember Williams scoring which is odd as he didn’t score many !
  7. I was there too and pretty sure it was 2-0 ?
  8. Does anyone really still listen to Radio Derby ?
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