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  1. Yes we do, for this fixture it was tiered by membership, number of away games attended and then down to ST holders and also away games attended. It did not make general sale, but plenty of people probably got tickets from friends who did not want to go, players tickets, sponsors etc...there were two people in front of me yesterday i have never seen ever at an away game, and one of them spent the entire first half looking ip at Forest fans and play ad almost no attention to the game. Did not return for the second half.
  2. Should have let everyone leave at the same time as they have done every other year I have been. It created an unnecessary division between the fans and actually by congregating all the fans together created a situation that did not need to exist. Utterly farcical.
  3. Not sure they did defend that well yesterday, profligate finishing from us played a part in their win.
  4. It was appalling, my daughter and I were at the front and as soon as the surge came we were pushed through the police line. As this happened the police, firstly a female then further on a male took it upon themselves to push my daughter back. The female office pushed her back into the crowd surge and then when I found her I witnessed a male office forcefully pushing her in the chest. I intervened as anyone one would do in that situation and the brave officer stood down. It was an utter shambles and created a melee of totally unnecessary proportions.
  5. To be fair to Lawrence he had already ridden two tackles and was stretching for the ball. A definite foul and yellow but it wasn’t a malicious intended foul like Yates was. Darren England bottled it, it should have been a straight red.
  6. Not read all the comments, but we weren’t second best. Should have taken our chances. An error gifting them their goal.
  7. If the level of performance from Brentford and Charlton away is repeated we are in for a torrid afternoon. However, they aren’t great at home, so coupled with our dismal away form a dreary 0-0 would suit.
  8. I don’t fink Rowett was a good talker ever. I fort he was terrible.
  9. In fainness they cancelled a game a couple of weeks back due to waterlogging ?
  10. Which is why the club arranged Taxis for everyone to get home. Some players decided not to take up the offer.
  11. “The packed away end” - not at the game I was at
  12. Different approach is basically the fact that Keogh is unable to perform the duties he is employed to do. The other two can and have been disciplined as would be the case in the “normal” employment world. If you are unable to perform the duties you are employed for, and the cause if that is as the case is with Keogh then an employer will be within their rights to offer an alternative role, if one exists, or terminate the contract of employment. This is assuming the club have a company handbook policy in place for all employees, including a clearly defined disciplinary procedure . The fact Derby have offered him an alternative role on £XXXX per week and he refused, means he has refused an alternative role, and I think the club are right to dismiss him.
  13. who cannot stand us.. for whatever reason.
  14. Almost a carbon copy of Brentford away. Only difference is they haven’t taken more of their chances,
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