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  1. Perfect for us Option 5's, who have Sky !
  2. Pearson kneed him about three times from behind.
  3. BT and Netflix picture quality is absolutely brilliant on the Apple TV 4K APP, it makes SKY UHD look like an old scart connected box.
  4. As an option 5 volunteer, I will be watching on Sky.
  5. Yes i was there too. Let’s hope Sibley’s future is a better one than Garner’s turned out to be.
  6. I think anyone who selected option 5 should be excluded.
  7. If you selected option 5, letting the club keep all the money invested in this season and next seasons ticket, you get to pay for Rams TV.
  8. I have said Option 5: No refund required, please consider it my contribution to the club.
  9. ..as they probably did regarding the stadium sale 😁
  10. ..The Holte end spent most of the game chanting "what a waste of money" at him....
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