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  1. All very well and good from Nico to say but after the game he will say absolutely nothing to him. Zilch
  2. Seems we think that the long ball game is the way forward in this game. Problem is the boys delivering them should also be the ones it's directed to. Clueless
  3. When Buchanan came on he was hesitant going forward and the only time he went forward was when the ball was played through. His first thought seems to be don't give the ball away by trying anything attacking. Control the ball and pass back or sideways. Not the sub you want coming on when you are chasing the game
  4. Poor result after some really promising play from Derby. Bad goals to give away and yes Marshall made some good saves but overall we should have won that. Wisdom was wobbly all night with Armstrong buzzing around with purpose. Waiting for his mistake tbh. Clarke poor majority of game also. Bird very good tonight with shinnie early on. Did anyone notice how slow the game and passing was from the whole team when colin came on. Very poor. Subs as a whole were pointless apart from our young right back/ new centre forward who should have got a pen. Very disappointing and we
  5. It seems that racist abuse is in the up as the repercussions are at a minimal for the culprits. Sad times.
  6. Playing Shinnie and bird will work because they don't get in each other's way. What has happened before when knight has played is that they have 3 players doing the job of 2. No defined role for the 3 and so knight drops out to make the 2 left have more sense of their purpose for the team.
  7. Missed the game today because I sneaked across the border to play pitch and putt. Not surprised by the overall result but seems that we put it up to them. Just lack the goal scorers in this team which is the big issue and will be next season also. Results went the way we thought apart from birmingham but think stoke are poor and birmingham are improving.
  8. My main beef is the midfield because apart from Shinnie the other two yesterday were confusing in what they gave to the team. If the management feel that they need more cover because of a defender change then it shows that they have doubts about the players brought in. As been said before we set up differently each game depending on the opposition. This is not helping and is a reason why we have not moved forward. How many other teams do this? The whole idea of having an established academy is that they play the same way as the first team so that if required they can step up and slot in t
  9. Having watched the matches and interviews. Read the forum, reports and articles about the rams it is clear that we have a team of utility players. Apart from the keepers, Clarke and CKR every other player has played in another position. This is a problem for me as there is no other specialist in our team. It got me thinking because I am sick of the midfield 3 and their roles in this team. It seems to me that the problem is deeper than first it may appear. My question is what is each players best position and their role in the team?
  10. I'm in agreement here with us looking more of a threat with two up front. It is typical of the season to have a system that finally looks to be working and then have the two main parts of that system injured. The clarke injury is definitely another blow. This aside the selection of the midfield three simply does not work. Far too defensive minded without being able to defend. I think it is too many players of a similar Ilk who then must think that they don't have to graft as hard because there are so many other players to do that. This theory may be passed on to the defense also. Shinni
  11. After looking at league positions, form tables and upcoming fixtures for the remainder of the season there are some very big games to come. Rotherham have most of the sides in the bottom eight to play. If they can get results out of them with their games in hand you see them staying up. Maybe too many games in a short space of time will go against them. Sheff Wednesday are gone. Poor form with very little new manager bounce. Wycombe should be gone also but a good result yesterday to show some spirit. Coventry have a mixed bag of fixtures to come. Huddersfield and Rotherham
  12. Welcome, that's a Gouda first post
  13. When you are a Derby fan and you look forward to the international break because your team is crap at the min, then you support the Republic of Ireland, it doesn't get any worse. Sweet lord
  14. Simply not true. Your opinion may be swayed by the fact that he has played left back 80 % of the time. Things that go against lee are that he is constantly out of position where he then scurries back to not prevent the cross coming in. Hesitant going forward then a panicked cross fires into the box. Saying that he has come on in recent weeks but, is still not the man I would put in the team for our run in. The other young players who have broken through have simply been messed about in a positional sense. Where is Knight, bird, Sibley,watson and McDonald been playing? Not one have playe
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