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  1. Midfield options Thorne - unbuyable unless fitness is proven Baird - last club most likely Johnson - nobody will pay high enough fee Hanson - not proven anything yet Bryson - probably not got a massive value Butterfield - doubt we would recoup the money Hughes is the only midfielder that is a saleable asset to the club. If his contract included provisions for accepting PL interest, plus high wage which is highly possible, plus a fairly average season, plus not overly impressing GR, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that he is going. A £4.5m cash payment, rising to £7m, plus potential sell-on fee for a player who has, it's fair to say, stalled a little over the last 2 seasons, is just about acceptable. The end of last season saw lots of people saying the squad needs shaking up, no one is unsellable, etc ,etc. Well that's what is happening. You can't force clubs to take players you don't want!
  2. Probably be a relief tbf
  3. I think the deal was done late last night, which would leave today for interviews/photoshoots/PR, etc. So I would guess it would be this evening in all likelihood at the earliest. Who knows! I trust my conversation last night though, I'm confident Wisdom is coming.
  4. There's still time! But just in case No refunds, I can offer exchanges for frustrated disappointment if that helps?
  5. Don't get me wrong, the jury is out for me on Ibe. Just could be a realistic scenario from little bits I've heard.
  6. How would you feel if we banked £10m - £12m for Ince, then got Ibe in on loan for the season?
  7. Wisdom deal done, announcement tomorrow #itk for once
  8. 10-12 million would be considered I think.
  9. The Dandy Gent on Irongate is the only choice.
  10. Both
  11. Josh and Tom have done a fine job of bringing loads fo different types of beer to Derby in a cracking little bar!
  12. Next dates! 23rd June from 5pm 24th June from 12pm
  13. Oh here we go... I'm no great fan of Cyrus, I don't think he's progressed at all, he makes awful decisions and I also think there's a difference between self belief and delusion. However, why so called fans have decided to go after him on twitter is beyond me. If he was staying, it's not going to help him improve on the pitch is it?
  14. I think there is the opportunity for fan involvement on kits, but not sure if that will be fans submitting designs or voting on a selection from umbro
  15. Cheers mate! Went really well for our first event and can't wait for the next one! PS Not everybody had beards or wore checked shirts!