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  1. Never been to forest away and was thinking for 20 squid might as well try it if I can get a ticket on thursday. Is it one per season ticket? And where would be best to park, only thing is I hate driving in Nottingham 😅 has anyone parked at meadow lane notts county ground?
  2. I've heard he's going to be on 100k but 32 red are paying most of his wages as part of this big sponsor deal. So I'd say top Derby would pay is 30 to 35k
  3. "It is thought Rooney will see out the MLS season, which ends in October, and join the Rams in January."
  4. Will they check me if I have a bottle of coke in my pants 🤣😉
  5. Agree if we want to be mid table then play the youngsters but if we want promotion send them on loan to play every week
  6. Who have we got for midfield then? Hudders past it, Thorne not good enough anymore, dowell is the only recognised cm we have so we need at least 2 more CM, oh forgot Holmes is ok, Evans rubbish
  7. Ok I'll leave at 7am should be fine hopefully. Hope there's not any road works like last time 😠. Still annoys me to this day 😂
  8. Yh I went on coach for QPR game and said never again horrific time. I'm driving down this time, what time do you reakon is best to leave?
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