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  1. what sell our two bright sparks with some go in them for nominal fees what logic is that a true defeatist one in my view bring in a few old heads and fill up with youth and if we go down we will say we did our best.
  2. what about us over 60s i can remember good and bad and tears at Italian cheating i.e. Juventus
  3. wheres the place to vote for worst post ever.
  4. my view for what its worth is we do all have different views . but if we do get taken over and manager is given money to spend and things turn around a lot of posters will crawl away under a rock and say nothing.
  5. I've had 53 years good bad cried laughed despaired but why panic it is what it is i always think why i supported the club and come up with answer its in my heart.
  6. i like this post for stating how much nonsense is written by ill informed people just not on this subject but across most of this forum some of the responses are stupid hateful hurtful and down right silly but if anyone stands their ground and replies they are shot down and ridiculed. i thought a forum was an open page or place where people could express their own views not have their views rightly or wrongly pushed down throats. because if I'm not wrong do we not all support one club even if we disagree with ways its being run.
  7. some people just need to get real.
  8. you wont get the job you will have to write a lot more crap then you will be ok.
  9. ah the ever reliable football league world sums it up.
  10. if Rooney was sacked or left who do you think we would get and we only turn on them when we have a bad run ?
  11. there will always been moronic keyboard trolls. when you call them out they hide. if they were highlighted and named by companies names put in local press banned from games made to clean local streets as punishment. i wonder how many would reoffend. what's the difference if your skin is black white yellow green blue your still human. and we sold him end of story.
  12. whatever next season brings be sure there will be debate but we hopefully all will still support Derby . i lived there when we were in div 2 and remember Europe and watching as a child Finn harps Velez Mostar. Hinton's boot etc but its in your blood lets. get over personal animosity. i apologise Tyler I'm sure your hearts in right place. and just remember how proud we all are to get our first signed shirt mine was signed by john robson .
  13. i didnt sat anything on ability i just said we had loads of left backs. and as blackpool are playing lincoln sunday thats anoother out
  14. well as hull got promoted that means both of those are non starters. and left back is one position we are loaded.
  15. thats a personal opinion. my point was none of the big moaners were sticking knife in when he bought club and was spending millions . and who else were we expecting to take on a championship club abrahamovic etc. what we all need to do is get a shot of reality were in a mess we can get out of it hopefully. lets not make it worse by listening to Nixon or stupid so called in the knows and ex red prutton who always run us down. we were not whinging the day we beat forest 5-0 very very fickle some are.
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