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  1. no the cut off was in march so the play offs make sod all difference to it.
  2. no but if you read the news that a takeover is imminent you will hope we are able to move players on scout better and we can get behind team manager and club if we are top 6 next season under him the people who only see short term will be hiding. if we are bottom half he will be gone and Lampard will be back.
  3. we all see styles of play we would like to play, but he's done it his way everyone is entitled to his/hers opinion i personally feel some people jump on bandwagon and run manager down without thought. remember we were under embargo because of ffp the the sale of club and covid has not helped finances.so why with respect do posters not think before posting i disliked tommy doc Paul jewel and a few others but never stabbed them in back and we gave Steve mac plenty of chances and cash. just my views I'm sure bald eagle sees his view as right perhaps were all right who knows but only thing that ma
  4. like before twice leave the bloke alone let him get on with staving of relegation give him a chance to rebuild play a different style then if were in trouble you can bleat on .
  5. who else would have done any better ?
  6. i dont post very often because of posts like these utter garbage just trying to stir poo up. the person who started it should come out from behind keyboard and say sorry got it wrong.
  7. unny how so caled journalists who are west ham supporters never name their contact. garage journalism
  8. the problem with a lot of posters on here is that the schools are closed. And they write rubbish as do the Derby telegraph where most of the journalists have never seen a pen and its rehashed. if he's gone close thread its his choice move on don't cry its out of our hands. there's not one of us who knows exact position of club finances.
  9. with what money will we be getting a proper cb in may I ask ?
  10. lets be honest there is not one true article in any paper or silly little football site which has not made two plus two 5 its the same old garbage regurgitated from one rumour to another . which stupidly a lot on here get involved in and take for true and reply to its all this click bait trash that sites like all the live ones the athletic and many many others read on news now its utter garbage the people who write or should i say make it up have not one ounce of journalistic skills have never done an interview and are 99 times out of a hundred wrong. because of Burnley take over and knig
  11. and the next old article please i think kubik and knofilcek are still around
  12. i assume all those who immediately jumped on bandwagon and slagged everyone off. will now eat humble pie .or on other hand they might just hide away as usual.
  13. most of what is written on here is rubbish so i fail to see why we are blaming press.
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