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  1. I have to be honest, didn't think the addition of Rooney would do much to this side considering the flaws we've seen across the squad all season long. Happy to say I was very, very wrong. Two games in and he has already galvanised this side and offers so much more, almost like a new manager buzz that you see so often. If he wasn't such a world class forward he'd have likely still had 100 caps as a midfielder at his peak. Possibly a bit carried away but he ran that match
  2. It's really not difficult to find someone who's a cut above anything we've got, we tend to come across 11 of them every other weekend.
  3. For me Bielik isn't doing anywhere near enough to justify a fee that is pretty huge for a mid-lower table Championship side. He is bypassed time and time again away from home and he doesn't control a game anywhere near enough for a player of his size and ability. Holmes is a completely different player to the one we saw when he broke through this time last year. The Rooney signing just signalled to me a club who were desperate to remain in the limelight to the wider world. Brilliant for sponsors because they have the chance to make money from this, but on the pitch he isn't what we need. And that positive PR on home soil was just undone by the Keogh incident. When you look at the money we spent in the summer on Bielik and whatever we are paying Rooney per week, you could build the basis of a decent Championship side who would be up towards the top 8. As it happens you've got Rooney coming into this side to feed off the occasional Scott Malone and Martyn Waghorn cross that beats the first man. It's not what this side needs and it's not what the club needs.
  4. How do you even begin to rate that performance when it is the same we have watched time and time again for the last four months, only with less goals? Who is bringing in our players and who trusted them with £6-8 million to spend on Bielik? - Yes he's young and yes he impressed in League One but he has offered next to nothing to this side throughout the entire season. Money that would have been spent far, far better elsewhere in the squad. What's happened to Duane Holmes? - He is a shadow of the player we saw last season. Mount and Wilson are gone yes but surely his game is more mature than to only rely on having better players around him? What is this club's obsession in recent years with bringing in big names? It's lovely having you here Wayne, it was lovely having Frank here. And Ashley. But it's an utter waste bringing Rooney into this side. It's a waste of his talents because he is surrounded by a lack of effort throughout the squad, a lack of tactical knowhow and just an all round mediocre Championship squad. I know the Lampard saga was a mess and pushed us back months but there's no excusing what we are seeing week in, week out. It's the same game on a constant loop and we're seeing no evidence of the side or the manager learning from it. Waghorn as a lone forward is not the answer to this, he can't do it. Martin as a lone forward is barely the answer, he's not the player of five years ago unfortunately. He's got to find a compromise somewhere and build an XI that he can say is his strongest and he is sticking with, rather than flitting people in and out constantly in the desperate hope it might stick. God this is grim.
  5. I’ve somehow ended up working out in Bonn until February. Terrible timing as I got offered the job right after paying off my season ticket. 🤦‍♂️ Are there any Rams in this part of the world at all? Any recommendations on places to watch? Managed to sweet talk an Irish bar into showing the game last night but don’t think the locals appreciated my over celebrations. Nobody really understood why I was so happy all today, what with Rooney and the win last night, and I can’t bare to have another football conversation with my Leeds supporting manager.
  6. As insane as this is, I’m sort of not that surprised. Mel has shown time and again he can get big names down to Pride Park, and while Rooney is absolutely huge in comparison to some of the others, it’s just part of life at Derby County nowadays, in the weirdest way possible. This club is magnificent and I hope it never, ever changes.
  7. Quick scroll through Instagram this morning and it looks like Cocu’s given Lampard a follow 👀
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