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  1. Big, big fan of the Sharknado reference. There was almost something warming about that 07/08 season. Yes we were absolutely awful but the fans weren't divided, there was proper unity. And at least we could have a bit of a laugh (at the football). Bang on with the second half of 10/11. All started from when he threw Luke Moore into the team, only made worse by Clough's complete lack of respect and essentially bullying of his squad in the media. But this right now is worse, you're right. I don't believe it would be this bad if supporters were in the stadium, particularly at home. But t
  2. Good effort on getting that far already! And poor effort from me on what I will now deem the Tommy Smith Crisis. Still, if that's the biggest error, I'm quite happy with that! Hope you're enjoying it @RamNut , keep me informed on what you think
  3. Love that mate, hope you enjoy it! As a friend pointed out to me today, we've not won a game since it came out. But I refuse to take the blame for that, as we didn't win many before it either.
  4. Yeah you properly walked into it with that last sentence 😂 Great to hear though mate! What better way to bond than over the various rants of Billy Davies?
  5. Currently working on future Booker Prize winner, Stern John: My Pride Park Years. Not actually interviewed him, just 300 pages of what he probably thought.
  6. To be honest mate, I don't think there's any difference! The club have it though in case you wanted it to stick local, or I think it will be in bookstores when the shops reopen again. I'll drop you a DM though
  7. Swap Stern John for Robert Earnshaw and you've got yourself a deal
  8. Aaaaand just a quick one on here. I'm looking at setting up some signed copies from some of those players who contributed to Pride. Asked the question on Twitter and it seemed to have a lot of interest but if anyone here would be keen on getting a signed copy from one of those who contributed, just let me know. 🐏
  9. Haha completely understandable! Glad you enjoyed it buddy. Yeah the Clough ones seem to have really gone down well, which is mad because honestly, they were the ones without any controversy compared to the rest! I've got a few ideas, although I'm not sure what else I can say about Derby at the minute. There are a couple of bits in the pipeline, but I'm just trying to work whether I've got the capacity to dedicate all time outside of work to another one at the minute! If anyone has read the book (I know a few of you have, don't be shy), please feel free to leave a review from wherever
  10. Thanks Ilkley! I'd like to think we could never go through a period like that again but who knows with Derby County to be honest. Looking back, if it wasn't for the fanbase, things would have got very dark. Yeah George was a bit of a spiky character. In the end I only got around 20 minutes with him and he was pretty quick to shut down any chat on Murdo and the situation there unfortunately. I pursued again with a text but he made it pretty clear there was no chance I'd get anything from him on it. But to be quite honest, there were lots of people from over the years who didn't want to dra
  11. Top work Jayram! Christmas is a long time away, so it's completely understandable. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. I don't have a clue to be honest mate. As it's through publisher, I don't imagine I'll know for a few months yet, although it seems to have gone down well so far which is the main part. Think they make a killing and I pick up any scraps!
  13. I think you're perfectly entitled to, I won't tell. Hope he/you enjoy the book!
  14. It's a difficult one, mate. The book finished back at the start of this year so I managed to incorporate the crash and everything, full on avoided the EFL charge. We'll see how this new regime goes... Love that, @mozza! Hope you enjoy the read. The one day a year you want to forget about DCFC though, I apologise in advance
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