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  1. Went for a walk to try and forget about the magnitude of tomorrow. Midway through I got chased by a goose for the first time in my life. Not sure what it all means. Worrying though, ain't it.
  2. Give me 20 years - I reckon we should just about have a bit of clarity by then.
  3. Had a chat with Seth Johnson last week and asked him the same - he said he's happy to start on the bench if needed. Even with dodgy knees
  4. Evening all - cautious to not even acknowledge that the current situation is a reality and not a dystopian nightmare, I'm working on a second book at the moment that will build off the back of Pride (available in all standard book stores, probably) A few interviews deep now (The Mac is coming up shortly...) I just wanted to put it out there that if anyone has any questions for: Robin van der Laan Igor (no, really. I'm not sure how either) Spencer Prior I'd love to be able to put a few to them during the conversations I've got planned. Feel free to either drop a post
  5. Apologies for not replying sooner mate! A mixture of travel nightmares back into Germany and working on something new has absorbed me. Well, that and our recent form anyway. Leicester Ram > Hudders Ram, everyday of the week. I'm not even in Hudders anymore, an absolute fraud. That above post means the world. I was guilty of probably getting too absorbed in the book and boring everyone who will listen about it, and now it's six or so months since it went live, it seems a world away since the pre-Christmas excitement. But the above has taken me right back to it. Articles wise, you'v
  6. Thank you @DavesaRam! I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as possible. I really just wanted to get it across from a fan perspective as well and spoke to a few who have followed the club over the years to help with some of the prose, mainly so it wasn't any of my opinions in there. A Clough/Mackay type of book would have been fantastic, although there are some good books out there on the subject if you've not given them a bash yet! Massive thanks as well, @Philmycock! The trials and tribulations of Youl Mawene is a bit of a contrast to Ulyses, although I guess it's a natural next step, ri
  7. Just a quick one to say a massive thanks to everyone who has left a review on Pride (I know a few of you have, you charmers). Just broke the 200 review mark on Amazon, which is utterly mental. Hope you all enjoyed it!
  8. Thank you, Sheriff! Hopefully Pride has inspired the reader in you! There's a lot of decent reads out there. I've read a couple of the Clough biographies since Christmas which I'd absolutely recommend if you fancy them. And yeah, watch this space. Expected Pride to be a one-off and then I'd go back to my evenings of bad TV and the Xbox, but it's inspired me a bit! Thanks again 🐏
  9. That's a really interesting point Pes and a good question that I've not really thought about. It's difficult to know because of the lockdown and the fact none of us have been able to actually be physically there in a year, but I absolutely agree with that McDonalds analogy. It's not to do with the football or the players or anything, it's just the almost constant lack of comfort around the club which, when I stitched it all together, was almost fictional over such a long period of time. It just doesn't seem real in an odd way at the moment I think. On the last page I make the point that w
  10. Had my heart in my mouth for a second there when I read 'Its not just a very good book', so I've calmed now! Thanks so much @LeedsCityRam& @Pearl Ram. I'm glad you enjoyed Pride! It's absolutely spurred me on to some new ideas. Can't announce anything yet (because I haven't actually written a word of them) but I'm working with the publishers on two new books which might be of some interest...watch this space. Gadsby was fantastic to speak with. Of course some people had a little bit of a tinted memory on their time at the club, but Gadsby was interesting purely because a lot of what h
  11. I'm making notes. The decade has started absolutely in tune with the last two, so there's potential there I reckon
  12. I am going to scrupulously go through every former player mentioned from Nigel's day to work out who it is. Give us a clue. Thank you for the feedback - really appreciated!
  13. Apologies for the long old delay in replying mate. Yeah, enjoying is maybe not the suitable word considering everything we've been through in that 20 years. Obviously I spent loads of time working on it, but hearing the takes of different people almost made different seasons even more depressing in a way - the 'what if' moments like Zamora, McClaren, 04/05 PO's, hearing from the people there just made the realisations of where we could have gone, well, just that bit grimmer. Hopefully we can look back at those years and laugh, eventually. Glad you 'enjoyed' it, though! And great
  14. Big effort that, Nuwt. Yeah for the most part I've just ran with the way the interviewees actually spoke, which was just a method I enjoyed doing to be honest. Glad the book could bring a bit of enjoyment back! Probably best to not read the final paragraph where I say we should take a leaf out of Sheffield United's book - it's not aged well. Great to hear you enjoyed it as well, NG2!
  15. Thank you @If we shoot we might score, glad you enjoyed! Absolutely agreed @angieram - it's Derby County, so it struggles to be that 'feel good' at times 😅
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