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  1. I’ve somehow ended up working out in Bonn until February. Terrible timing as I got offered the job right after paying off my season ticket. 🤦‍♂️ Are there any Rams in this part of the world at all? Any recommendations on places to watch? Managed to sweet talk an Irish bar into showing the game last night but don’t think the locals appreciated my over celebrations. Nobody really understood why I was so happy all today, what with Rooney and the win last night, and I can’t bare to have another football conversation with my Leeds supporting manager.
  2. As insane as this is, I’m sort of not that surprised. Mel has shown time and again he can get big names down to Pride Park, and while Rooney is absolutely huge in comparison to some of the others, it’s just part of life at Derby County nowadays, in the weirdest way possible. This club is magnificent and I hope it never, ever changes.
  3. Quick scroll through Instagram this morning and it looks like Cocu’s given Lampard a follow 👀
  4. Fair to say this is how we all felt after the third last night
  5. Finally made it back home. Wish I’d booked tomorrow off, I’m gone. Head is pounding already. But my oh my that was the best night of my life. This club is something else. Come on you Rams. 🐏
  6. Thanks everyone for your recommendations on who'd you want to hear from, plenty of good ideas to work from. I've now got a huge list of contacts to get through, and a host of media teams to nudge after being ignored first time around. Wish me luck 🐏 🐏
  7. I might just aim to hunt down loanees from that era. Blessing Kaku, Fadiga and Emerson Thome are the exclusives we all want
  8. Thanks for all the replies so far you lovely lot. Heard a few interesting things from a couple of players and staff around the Three Amigos time already. I'll open questions to the floor if I manage to hunt down Jeremy Keith.
  9. So just over a year ago, I decided that the relative misery of another late-season collapse wasn't enough punishment for me as a Rams fan, and I set in motion the *very* early stages of planning a book about Derby County's last 20 years. A year later, I'm just about finding the time to get somewhere with it. As part of this, I'm speaking to former players, managers, supporters and anybody else who might have a real story to tell. I've spoken to a number of former players so far (Morten Bisgaard, Paul Peschisolido to name a couple) and am in the process of arranging dates with a lot more. These do not include Andrejs Pereplotkins, despite what the title may suggest. He just has an alliterative name. Basically, I'm wanting to make this as individual and changing room led as possible. As fans, we all know the frustrations of the last couple of decades (and beyond). So I'm taking it out of our hands as onlookers and going behind the scenes. I've reached out to players who I think have fascinating stories to tell, but I'd really like to open this up across the fanbase and find out who you'd really like to hear from. Whether that be players or those behind the scenes, if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to shout up. 🐏
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