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  1. Thanks all, managed to put a few of these to him! Can confirm Igor is as legendary and terrifying as ever. But he still loves this club as much as he did when he wore the shirt. He also loves a cigarette, the genius.
  2. Afternoon chaps and chapettes. Apologies for raking up old ground like a mildly more forum-busting, acceptable version of the EFL, but for the next project I've got a chat with Igor Stimac this evening. Not sure how I've managed to convince him, but I'm not complaining. If anyone has got any questions they want me to put forward to him (apart from does he have his boots and does he fancy buying a football club) just let me know either below or over DM!
  3. To be honest, I don't think it makes much difference really. Think it's still in stock at the club megastore and on the website though, so would probably direct towards there rather than anywhere external. Hope you enjoy! I can try - I reckon for the next one I'll probably look to do some of the hard graft in marketing myself though and get some in bulk from the publisher, rather than sending people to Amazon etc. I made the poor decision to go into it all without any knowledge on the publishing side, so I'm playing catch up on it all now.
  4. Just logged on to here after a long old day, and this has cheered me right up. Thank you @G_Kinkladze, @wixman1884, @Asheville Ram, you've made my day with these. A couple of notable things - I was worried in the writing that I was painting Nigel accidentally as a villain, so I'm glad it's not come across in that way. Personally I wasn't his biggest fan in truth, but I wanted to make sure it was written as much down the middle as it possibly could be. @G_Kinkladze - Brys was fantastic. When I first told him how much of his time I'd like to steal (six hours in the end) he was a bit taken aback, but I think he was pretty glad to get a lot off his chest by the end. That entire side built by Clough and improved by McClaren couldn't have been any more forthcoming and helpful - great squad of people. Moneywise - well, I've now found out that authors barely make a jot 🤣 Jeff Bezos though, raking it in! I've at least got some learnings for the next one, which I'll hopefully be able to announce soon!
  5. The cover looks brilliant. Best of luck with everything, Stephen!
  6. I think a part of me had just tried to pretend that Peterborough away game didn't happen. Didn't we throw away a 2-0 lead to lose 3-2?
  7. You say that now, but just wait until tomorrow morning. You'll be livid that you didn't opt to watch Hungary and Czech Republic battle it out.
  8. Has anyone watched that Netflix Eurovision parody film with Will Ferrell? It's terrible. Truly terrible. Loved it though. Hate to admit it, but I've turned down plans tonight to sit in and watch Eurovision. Obviously it's dreadful and the judges vote has ruined the entire thing in recent years (you sit through all the panels around Europe, then they mess up the entire leaderboard. What's that all about?) but it's entertaining. Sort of.
  9. You're bang on. Could try and save face by saying it should have read 'home debut', but I'd just be digging a bigger hole. Schoolboy error from me...
  10. I'm definitely the least qualified to speak on it, but I'm at least glad there has been some level of communication from the club at least - I even voted for the 'there will be no reply' option in the follow up poll. The club have shot themselves in the foot because it's so noticeable that they are so quiet in comparison to previous years. When things were at their height on the field, communication was constant. I understand why it hasn't been of late, but at the same time, there's something really disappointing about learning every gritty detail of the club from the Daily Mail's reporter in the north east, or from a token Pearce appearance on TalkSport because he is likely prepped the questions in advance. So the fact the club have addressed a few things is at least a positive. And yeah, as a couple of people including @Leeds Ramhave alluded to, the fact our current board were willing to put us into the hands of a fella who screamed chancer and didn't have a shred of legitimacy about him, is why this whole lack of communication thing has spiralled. But hey, anything is a bonus right now I guess.
  11. To be fair, I think Billy's situation has only got worse since us. As loved as he seemed to be by the squad, he was polarising in equal measure with them as well - some of which didn't make it into the final book. Been trying to get an interview with him for three years - we persevere.
  12. Full transparency from me (Ryan) on this one: I was approached to offer some thoughts about what could be done and signed this purely from my personal viewpoint that the club is in disarray and we've spent over a year now not being communicated to whilst seeing the name of the club dragged through the mud. As just an individual, I felt comfortable doing so because I agreed with the points made, but more importantly because I think that going forward, there needs to be a more united voice for supporters as a whole, rather than the array of random splinter groups which appear when crisis arises every few years. I'm not a member of RamsTrust or any supporters groups for that matter, just someone who is looking to try and do something. And I know that we all are but hey, every little helps I guess. And one thing I just want to make clear - absolutely, 100% don't think my name would hold anymore weight than any other individuals would. I live hundreds of miles from PP at the moment in a tiny studio flat, and had to wait until 2018 until to get my first season ticket. I've even been known to cancel Rams TV during the off-season. I'm just a Derby County supporter who was approached and is happy to try and help, all with the best of intentions. Understand that in the past supporters groups have been divisive and often don't speak necessarily on behalf of supporters whilst all battling against each other. Maybe this is one of those times, and if so I hold my hands up.
  13. Thought I'd managed to handily avoid that one, was expecting it to be picked up sooner...
  14. Went for a walk to try and forget about the magnitude of tomorrow. Midway through I got chased by a goose for the first time in my life. Not sure what it all means. Worrying though, ain't it.
  15. Give me 20 years - I reckon we should just about have a bit of clarity by then.
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