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  1. Lawrence was good tonight, especially second half. Weird post.
  2. Seen some posts criticising the decision to bring on Jozefzoon. I actually think it was what we needed. We were desperate for some pace and Fulham’s defence was looking tired. Some good chances wasted tonight - Wisdom, Lawrence, JoSefzoon. Some great play though and a good entertaining match. Fulham are a strong team and we more than competed. Need to be more clinical. Conditions tricky for both teams tonight.
  3. Very unlikely, we would need title winning form to achieve top 6. With one of the most dismal away records this season, it's just not going to happen barring a miraculous run of form. All about the FA cup now!
  4. Good to be optimistic, unless we start with a points deduction. Then it’s two difficult seasons in a row !:(
  5. I found Christie to be a liability more times than not. Bogle is an exciting prospect and a better footballer in my opinion.
  6. Out attack play was good today. We looked dangerous. We just can’t do the basics from set pieces and crosses.
  7. Not sure about Bristol being poor. Some of their pressing was great, they looked dangerous. They’re in the top 6 for a reason.
  8. Awful at defending crosses and hate picking players out but how has Wisdom lost his man 3 times. Bristol got the next touch on almost every cross.
  9. Wisdom again. Terrible defending. This could become 5 or 6
  10. Wisdom has lost his his man for both goals. Also, we are Not stopping crosses from the right. Benkovic looks good
  11. No option for winning the FA cup? Winning the youth cup doesn’t necessarily mean we will suddenly have a good first team in a few years. Players still need to develop, step up and stay with the club. Would be amazing achievement though.
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