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  1. I would worry if we had a manager who didn’t think about how the opposition will play and their strengths/ weaknesses.
  2. Bogle looks like an attacking threat, always thought he’s better attacking than defending.
  3. The players are letting everyone down. Cocu needs a transfer window at least. The quality isn’t there this season. Rooney will be a plus.
  4. Disagree. Rooney is EXACTLY what we need. He is a top player. He scores goals- double figures every season and will lift other players. He doesn't hide, he works hard. He has played at the top level. I think he will be a cut above anything we have got.
  5. I think some bits of this post are strange- Bielik has generally been good. So has Holmes. Maybe they weren't today, I haven't gone but at home both players have been performing generally well. Wayne Rooney hasn't even played a match yet! Maybe it will be more positive in January with him playing. Big names? Lampard got us to playoff final and Ashley Cole was pretty solid for us. I agree it's grim.
  6. I loved that team. We had everything and the mix of players complimented each other perfectly. We should have won the league but had a terrible March/April. Looks like the Derby way started before Mel!
  7. Good post. Everyone is underperforming. Even with a weaker squad than last season, we shouldn't be this bad away from home. Sack the players or sack the manager. Personally, I hope it's the players. January we can get some new signings in who might actually show some bottle.
  8. Our November was amazing, I think by second week of December, we were only a few points off top.
  9. By this time in his tenure, we were near the top of the league. But I do this the players are letting themselves down. It's not all down to Cocu. Also, this team overall probably doesn't have the quality of Jim Smith's team.
  10. This is true. On the other hand, he did back former managers with money to spend on players. Not sure all the managers had final say on signings but at least he did fund transfers. Unfortunately, with hindsight we wasted a lot of money on players who didn’t quite work out for us.
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