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  1. I think the run Cardiff are on, they will be overtaking Forest soon.
  2. Weren't the owners trying to sell that season and reluctant to spend any money? Not arguing against Jewell being poor but don't think we could have done much better than Savage at that time.
  3. I think a win is a must and if Cardiff win tonight, they would move onto 67 points. A gap that would seem a bit large at this stage. There should be no reason why we can't win though. Will be tough. if we avoid a points deduction, next season could be quite exciting with our young players making progress.
  4. Yep, it's just we are slightly behind. We did it last season though!
  5. Of course. I didn't watch most of today's match, by all accounts we weren't very good. It's just Cardiff are on a fantastic run.
  6. Think that Cardiff result is really bad, expected Bristol to at least get a point. We have to keep up insane form to make the playoffs.
  7. While our run in is difficult, this division is so topsy turvy, there is no need to fear anyone. 6th place team has only 3 more wins than 22nd place team. We are the form team and to not continue some sort of good run now would be disappointing. We have had some disappointing matches against Forest though and need to change that tomorrow.
  8. Weird how the votes are more negative this time around considering we have won our post lockdown matches!!
  9. Like both managers. Lampard helped us achieve playoffs, Leeds victory etc and Wembley. Brought in good loanees (don't know how responsible he was for choosing them). Cocu has had to deal with a lot and we have become very competitive at the right time.
  10. One of the best passers of a ball I have seen in a Derby shirt.
  11. Hate it when they say one more and its wrapped up, game over or something similar- usually at 2-0. As if it's impossible to come back 3 goals down. Even worse when there is a two goal cushion late on and commentators acting like game is over already.
  12. So slow and out of control second half. Some good stuff first half. We seemed quite limited today on chances but took advantage. I worry about pace and now with Lawrence suspended, maybe we will be using Josefzoon.
  13. Form is temporary class is permanent. Hopefully we can get someone solid for next season.
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