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  1. I just get occasional info not enough to be resident maybe 😂
  2. As far as I know he only trained that week and nothing was coming of it...
  3. There’s no indication that he’s signing, I’m pretty sure it’s a case of him training with us to stay fit, think he’s still contracted to a team in Mexico
  4. Don’t want @SaintRam to lock me again so I’ll post it in here😂 Colin Kazim Richards training with the first team apparently
  5. Apparently he has posters of me on his wall
  6. I don’t know about announcements mate
  7. Supposedly been at the training ground, signed a deal. Fits the bill of what cocu said with “looking abroad and in the uk” although I don’t thing we will see him a Centre Forward, maybe more of a winger? Heard it through the same people as my Shay Given source
  8. Ex young Liverpool currently at Fiorentina, heard he’s signed
  9. Bobby Duncan, ex Liverpool, that’s all...
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