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    Grimbeard got a reaction from KCG in Hollywood’s Jack O'Connell on moan in tonight.   
    Never heard of him.
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    Grimbeard got a reaction from Jimbo Ram in Unpopular topic? - South Stand   
    If I wanted to sing, I'd join a bleedin' choir. Much happier muttering and mumbling.
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    Grimbeard reacted to Gee SCREAMER !! in What's happening with George Thorne?   
    George is a much better player than Addison was.  Holme's was shoved in the first team too soon but probably found his natural level .  Barnes could have been a great player but was always billy big balls.  We  spent 18 month's getting him fit and he couldn't wait to go to Fulham on loan where he found his balls weren't as big as he thought.
    Addison was a decent player but spent most of his time with us at centrehalf-  Clough effectively destroyed his derby career by playing him for 97 minutes away at Newcastle, after four months out with a broken foot and no build up time just to prove a point about lack of squad options. .  Que return of fracture and another 12 months in and out of recovery .
    Bird has only one first team appearance. Johnson is better out wide than in centre mid.  Evans skills from what I saw at reading - only about 5 or 6 games -are not as good as Thorne's in that defensive midfielder role as he has a tendency to move forward too much and his passing isn't as good.   I do feel people focus to much on George's  13/14 season.  He had a very good 15/16 season prior to his broken leg . As I remember people were up in arm's about losing our most productive midfielder in a meaningless game prior to the playoffs.  If we had George for those playoffs we would have had too much for Hull and a very good chance against Sheff Wednesday .  He could still be a very good player for us in a team that likes to get forward and gives him room to pass.
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    Grimbeard got a reaction from Jimbo Ram in Unpopular topic? - South Stand   
    If I wanted to sing, I'd join a bleedin' choir. Much happier muttering and mumbling.
  5. Haha
    Grimbeard got a reaction from uttoxram75 in Corporate buzzwords   
    I think that we need a cold eye review of our thread startup procedures in order to ensure that we avoid drowning in the ideas shower.
  6. Haha
    Grimbeard got a reaction from cannable in Non-League Day 2018   
    Like I said, only just got back.  hic🤢ooh me head
  7. Haha
    Grimbeard got a reaction from uttoxram75 in Corporate buzzwords   
    I think that we need a cold eye review of our thread startup procedures in order to ensure that we avoid drowning in the ideas shower.
  8. Haha
    Grimbeard reacted to Parsnip in Poshness   
    One person who might have an idea about the origin of the word posh is celebrity lexicographer Susie Dent.
    Here's a clip of @susie_dent from 1992 - her first appearance on countdown. 28 years of age and nervous about being on telly. You might want to skip to 3.40 mins.
    And here she is now, in her 50's looking every bit as resplendent as she did in her 20's. Maybe even more so.

    Just look at those legs... absolute perfection.
    So you know...
    What were we talking about? Words or summat?
  9. Clap
    Grimbeard reacted to QuitYourJibbaJivin in Wembley won't be sold   
    I wasn’t that bothered wether they sold it or not to be honest. My problem was how much they were selling it for. How can you build something In London for £800m and then sell it for £600m 10 years later?! That’s just not how property works anywhere else in the world. 
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    Grimbeard got a reaction from i-Ram in The Derby Football Programme and Memorabilia Fair - Sunday 21 October   
    I didn't in 1975, this morning I just wore a big coat.
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    Grimbeard reacted to hintonsboots in Jack Marriott   
    Also got the correct number of syllables for the Bobby song....have to go with Jacky though.😞
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    Grimbeard reacted to Carl Sagan in Jack Marriott   
    They showed a stat on the Quest highlights show for domestic goals (league and cups) scored that had Jack sitting in third behind only Kane and Salah. Not exactly sure of the timeframe but it was probably goals this calendar year.
    Great run when Wilson should have found him after intercepting the ball - would have been clean through if the pass had reached him. Great run when Lawrence had meandered through the defence - would have been clean through if Lawrence had passed. Amazing shot from nothing, the ball looping over his head at 1-1, that was very well saved. Shot wide from Fozzy's first cross; flicked in from Fozzy's next cross. Very exciting player.
    Shout out for Waghorn too. Lovely curlling shot just over and what a shame his header went inches wide. Summer signings ramping up.
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    Grimbeard reacted to Inverurie Ram in Derby County Flags   
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    Grimbeard reacted to TigerTedd in Frank Lampard Officially a Legend   
    But not a dcfc player. He’s an England and Chelsea legend at the minute. Hope he becomes a derby legend too though. 
  15. Clap
    Grimbeard got a reaction from Jimbo Ram in Unpopular topic? - South Stand   
    If I wanted to sing, I'd join a bleedin' choir. Much happier muttering and mumbling.
  16. Clap
    Grimbeard reacted to eddie in Biggest waste of money   
    Remember the Leeds game at the start of this season? There were people on here suggesting that Tomori was worse than Claude Davis. People basically are idiots, and the sooner the meteorite arrives and gives the fish or moles a chance to be the dominant life-form on this insane planet the better.
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    Grimbeard reacted to Redcar in Unpopular topic? - South Stand   
    Glad I sit in “cheap Igors”... south west corner upper... neutral zone from the lot of ya. 😋
  18. Haha
    Grimbeard reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Unpopular topic? - South Stand   
    East stand - moaning
    South stand - slightly louder moaning
    West stand - polite criticism
    North stand - polite
    Watching on tv hundreds of miles away - nowhere near as good as being there
  19. Haha
    Grimbeard reacted to RamNut in Unpopular topic? - South Stand   
    Cus the real support comes from west stand.
    i heard a woman behind me call out encouragement not once but twice.
  20. Clap
    Grimbeard reacted to Duracell in Unpopular topic? - South Stand   
    I distinctly remember when the South Stand move happpened thinking about when exactly we would start looking at the previous arrangement with rose-tinted glasses.
    I agree the atmosphere needs work, but that’s not just a South Stand problem. The music which kills the atmosphere before kick off is worse.
    Moving the fans back to the corner and singing at empty seats behind the goal won’t make a positive difference.
  21. Haha
    Grimbeard reacted to JoetheRam in Derby Co. V Sheff Utd - In a Nutshell.   
    Pretty big feckin nutshell.
    Good read mind.
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    Grimbeard reacted to Ellafella in Derby Co. V Sheff Utd - In a Nutshell.   
    1.       The sheer champagne shenanigans of that Mancunian night are a distant memory as we arrive at Pride Park swathed in October sunshine; Please God bring an end to the international break as well as a plague of locusts on my boss’s house {What a country!}.
    2.       It’s only 2 O’clock so we try the Yard where we find the quasi-hostile reception(“Match tickets?!”), plastic glasses (clearly Derby fans ARE prone to glass one another of a Saturday lunchtime) and strict orders on where we can and cannot stand a tad too overbearing, so we down plastics and head to the Brunswick where we get a warm reception and very good refreshment in a proper beer glass.  We won’t be found back at the Yard anytime soon.
    3.       The announced team with Hudd, Marriot, no Johnson and no Davis gives us plenty to debate; We are not sure we will get anything but Edward is confident.
    4.       We love the pre-match poem…it has powerful passion and gives me a lump in my throat.
    5.       We’re off bang on 17:30:00 and at 17:30:21 Bryson is charging away to the corner flag after smashing a half-volley into the corner of the net after a 6-pass move. Delirium and pandemonium.
    6.       Sheff Utd recover and look solid, Bryson goes off with a strain and Lawrence comes on and Wilson goes into Centre mid. Everyone about is questioning FL’s state of mind, and why no Bradley Johnson?
    7.       4 minutes prior to H-T, a little Sheff U player dances past 4 Derby statues and squares for a lanky sheff u player to stroke home. Our school-boy-esque defending is alarming. I sense a second-half catastrophe.
    8.       I was right about the second-half catastrophe…but it was for the opposition mind. That was the only bit I got wrong, hence maintaining my superior sense of insight and knowledge about the game. Derby, having ceded control in midfield first half now had an iron grip;
    9.       Hudd, who always looks like he’s shillying and shallying, was running the show with metronomic regularity, weaving, bobbing, pirouetting and sending the ball with precision to the furthest edges of the Pride Park pitch {is it me, or is the pitch narrower this year?).
    10.   Foghorn Waghorn, perhaps the least comfortable of the starting 11, who should have buried a header first half but for his thrupenny-bit head, angled a superb shot narrowly wide. Then Tom Lawrence, fed by Bogle after a superb inward run and pass, smashed a right footer goalbound only for a fine save from the utd stopper.
    11.   Then with 13 to go, Forsyth, who was sublime and ridiculous all afternoon, swung over the sort of ball that he is capable of {think the cross to Hughes in the Brighton home leg of the play off} and the blur that is Marriot did the rest, superbly angling the ball off his shin, Sammon-esque, into the corner of the net. Bounteous uproar. Pride Park became volcanic. The craic was mighty. Oh! the volume of noise.
    12.   Marriot has started to look like the missing part of the puzzle…we’re starting to look like we can score.
    13.   This was a great win against a good side.
    14.   I’m sorry Christine, but I too am in love with Frank. Great game, great result, happy days. 😘
  23. Clap
    Grimbeard reacted to SaffyRam in v Sheffield Utd (H) - Predictions   
    Rams 2-1 Sheff Utd
    frgs Bryson 🐏
  24. Clap
    Grimbeard reacted to FrostedRam in v Sheffield Utd (H) - Predictions   
    Derby 2 Sheffield Utd 1
    FRGS bryson 
  25. Like
    Grimbeard reacted to Wolfie in V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread   
    Decent performance & entertaining game. Not sure why Johnson didn’t come on though. 
    More negativity on here than is deserved imo. 

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