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  1. Oh well, made a determined effort earlier today for tickets. Got logged into the website ok, place in the queue sorted (No. 12653) and checked back in 15-20 mins before my allocated slot (following email reminder). All good I thought. Came time to buy the tickets and I started getting errors like "your browser does not support/allow cookies, please allow and refresh" Long story I timed out trying to fix the issue, half an hour later all tickets gone. On the plus side now I'm not going we'll almost certainly win! 😀 😀 😀 Well done to all those able to go - A NowTv day/Week pass it is then. COYR
  2. What a night - Well done Derby!!! I’m off for a lie down COYR
  3. This is why I love Derby, only ever supported one club only ever will.
  4. Just looked Miracle Mike up on Google, you’re not wrong 😀
  5. For a moment, I thought you were referring to Derby. I know we’ve been poor recently, even so had to do a quick check of the table Just to make sure 😀
  6. Just logged in, had work to do this afternoon. Noticed the match thread was only 18 pages long and figured we must have won 😀
  7. Don’t know about that, I popped across a little earlier and couldn’t stop laughing 😂
  8. That’s it, got to pop over to LTLF and cheer myself up 😀
  9. Ignore my question, just caught up with another post confirming it isn’t.
  10. Excuse my ignorance but is this feature available on NowTV?
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