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    richinspain reacted to Spanish in RamsTV Feedback   
    I have bought the membership package this time around
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    richinspain got a reaction from Boycie in RamsTV Feedback   
    I don't think an international tv package gives you the extended highlights, unless you've taken out a membership package as well?
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    richinspain reacted to Stive Pesley in Watchable telly   
    In the end, the first heist (seasons 1 & 2) was quite nicely finished out. Should have left it there, as we made a start on season 3, where they decide to do yet another heist (despite now being billionaires) - and it's laughably bad
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    richinspain reacted to Mucker1884 in New joke thread   
    If you decide not to have her back, how about you and me going on a date, big boy?
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    richinspain reacted to MuespachRam in Pets   
    I am off to the vets tomorrow with our little dog, had her 13 years and unfortunately she isn’t very well at all and I think the vet is going to call and end to It… gutted, absolutely gutted but she isn’t eating anything and is just vomiting all the time….
    She is the thickest dog I have ever know, knows no tricks, has zero loyalty, isn’t snuggly at all, is blatantly disobedient, has always peed and poo in the house every couple of months for no reason, eats anything she finds, dead or alive, rolls in anything horrible outside, drinks the dirtiest puddle water, will get covered in mud and dirt on any walk, hates going in the bath and has the stinkiest breath ever…. Going to miss her so so much. 
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    richinspain got a reaction from Chris_Martin in Malcolm Ebiowei   
    There's a chap at Peterborough, Marriott I think his name is. Plays just like Oh Bobby Bobby.
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    richinspain reacted to ramit in What Are You Listening To?   
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    richinspain got a reaction from DavesaRam in Krystian Bielik   
    So at first he will be more a Brian?
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    richinspain reacted to nottingram in Max Lowe   
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    richinspain got a reaction from EtoileSportiveDeDerby in Krystian Bielik   
    So at first he will be more a Brian?
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    richinspain reacted to RoyMac5 in Mel Morris   
    But what happens when something similar happens (maybe not even to us)? It's not how to play the game - it's in the rules or it isn't. If they pointed to the 'unfair advantage' spiel then we could decide whether to fight and it would show how the EFL play. But just some vague 'we don't like the way you do things'? That can't be acceptable.
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    richinspain reacted to RoyMac5 in Mel Morris   
    Yes, how many goes do we get at submitting our accounts? It can only be that the EFL aren't happy with the way we do the accounts and we're trying to reach a consensus. As to the embargo status, can anyone say for sure as the EFL seem to fudge things as they go along - after all they let us sign Jags and Baldock. Reading can offer more wages than we can (supposedly), etc. Hard, soft and slightly squidgy, what are the embargo limits?! 
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    richinspain reacted to G STAR RAM in Mel Morris   
    Looking at the list of charges, they specify:-
    Regulation 16.2 - Failure to provide audited annual accounts
    Regulation 16.3 - Annual Accounts not filed with Companies House
    So for me, we submit them, in the format they were prepared, to Companies House and provide a copy to the EFL.
    That should remove both charges. 
    If they have a problem with our accounts then they make adjustments to them to reach the P&S figure. 
    We cannot have the EFL deciding whether our accounts are compliant with FRS or not. It is not their job and they are completely unqualified to make any such assertions. 
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    richinspain reacted to DCFC27 in Mel Morris   
    1 bad result and suddenly that result is the picture of the club. Gheeze it’s football, you win some you loose some. 
    What I saw tonight was no different to what we used to see under Nigel clough, honest enough hard working group of lads willing to try and play football on the ground. We’ll win some we’ll loose some. Mid to lower table if we avoid points penalty. 
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    richinspain got a reaction from David Graham Brown in Mel Morris   
    Very true, IF we are found guilty and docked points. Will people's opinions change however if all charges against us are dropped and we  find that we have been in embargoes unjustly for the past however many years. He spent (we believe) millions of his own money trying to get to the Prem. Just maybe (I know as much as anyone else on here) the EFL have screwed him over and he loses all of his investment, plus the club he loves as much as we do is in the 💩. I'm not trying to defend Mel at all costs, if the club does end up with points deductions or worse then the buck will stop at Mel's door.
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    richinspain reacted to G STAR RAM in Mel Morris   
    I really wish people would stop saying we need to agree a deal with the EFL, we really don't. 
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    richinspain got a reaction from IslandExile in Mel Morris   
    I agree entirely with the OP's sentiments, but as @IslandExile says what exactly can Mel Morris do (rhetorical question because we don't know ANY facts)? If the post was tagged on to one of the hundreds of threads asking the same questions then it would have received many more than 4 positive reactions. We're all anxiously waiting for all of this to end, and I imagine Mel Morris even more so than us.
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    richinspain reacted to IslandExile in Mel Morris   
    What do you suggest he do?
    Forget, for a moment, how we got here. How do we move forwards?
    Cannot sell a club that nobody wants to buy.
    Do we take the EFL points deduction to get them off our backs? Will likely mean relegation.
    Go into administration? Calamatous.
    Open a honest communication with the fans in which he declares: "we're in the poo poo". That'll attract season ticket sales and potential buyers.
    So it's all very good demanding action from Mel .... But what exactly?
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    richinspain reacted to Eatonram in Embargo.   
    Wouldn't you be at least curious about what the 6 points were for? 
    So many bandy figures around of how many points we should "take the hit for" but for what? or are we all assuming a P and S overspend of that scale? I can't help but think if our restated accounts showed such an overspend the EFL would not have been able to contain their excitement for this long and the Boro Pube Head would have been seen cartwheeling down the street by now.
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    richinspain reacted to i-Ram in Melvyn Morris fan club   
    Accrual World
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    richinspain got a reaction from RadioactiveWaste in International Rams   
    I don't know what's worse, Grealish being compared to Lingard or Lingard to Grealish. I suppose they both deserve it!
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    richinspain reacted to cheron85 in Embargo.   
    Prefacing this by saying I have no insider info and have heard nothing
    But if I was in a situation where I felt the EFL were being unreasonable and trying to force us to accept sanctions with seemingly no reason I would fight it - However if I was also trying to repair relationships with the EFL and show good faith to them I would be doing it in private - I wouldn't be shouting about it, I wouldn't be telling the fans how unreasonable the EFL are being and I wouldn't even make a single comment which could be construed by the EFL as being negative/aggravating 
    It's frustrating for us not hearing anything - But I don't blame Morris for not saying anything - I think if he were to come out and let everyone know what the hold up is I suspect it would out the EFLs back up and make them dig their heels in further
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    richinspain got a reaction from Old Sawley Popside in Baseball Ground Memories   
    Regardless of what you think of that song it really does sum up what being Derby County is all about, be it as a supporter or as a player. Gary Rowett could do a lot worse than put that video up on a large screen and make the players read the words. Every single successful side we've had in my memory, the principal attribute it has had is pride in wearing the badge. I remember perfectly the Brian Clough, Dave Mackay, Arthur Cox and Jim Smith teams. First and foremost they played 100% every game. They gave their all. They won their personal battles. After that their class shone through, but they worked hard and with pride to allow that to happen. Nigel Clough was also big on that aspect (but that's for another, hopefully long ago written, thread). If Rowett can get his team playing with pride in the badge, something which he always did, then that bit of class which these players supposedly have should be more than enough to make them serious contenders for promotion. Derby Pride, let's start showing it EVERY game. After that que sera, sera. What will be, will be! For me this is the "Derby Way".
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    richinspain got a reaction from Dean (hick) Saunders in Two season transfer ban.   
    Unfortunately none of the charges will ever be dropped. The only way they will disappear is, as I imagine is the case with the unpaid instalments, when we put our part in order, or when the EFL finally decide to put an end to things by actually giving out sanctions. If we pay off all monies owing and submit all outstanding accounts then there will be nothing left to embargo us for. The only thing left would be if we fail FFP or whatever incarnation.
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    richinspain reacted to Steve How Hard? in New joke thread   
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