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  1. Kirkbyram

    Chris Martin

    Just playing devils advocate here but maybe, just maybe, Jordan Rhodes is actually the next Chris Martin! Certainly one to ponder!
  2. Kirkbyram

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Selling a forward who we play as a winger and bringing in a winger to play as a winger to replace him. What a refreshingly sensible idea! It’s a yes from me!
  3. Kirkbyram

    John Terry

    Terry at this level is a great signing. I worry about the people clambouring for us signing external youngsters rather than Terry. The impact he could have on our own youngsters is far greater than hoping a random 20 year old centre back from league 1/2/spl/sfl is championship quality on the back of a decent season. Just because Terry is our first signing, doesn’t mean we are aiming to sign 38 year olds as a policy. It just means Lampard trusts him to be a solid signing.
  4. Kirkbyram

    If your reading this Mel.........

  5. Kirkbyram

    False 9?

    With the lack of form amongst our centre forwards and the fact that Palmer looks a quality player with the ability to unlock a defence. Is it time for Gary to think about playing a false 9? Vydra, Lawrence, Weiman and Palmer all capable of playing multiple positions across the front 4. Championship defences won’t be used to it so could confuse the hell out of them if done correctly. Jerome off the bench could then be a good option if it’s not working. Just a thought... certainly not time to panic but would be an interesting option.
  6. Kirkbyram

    Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Funny game today with the red card. Lots of decent performances. Huddz, Jerome and Vydra in particular. Jerome could really be a very astute signing, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a really beast up front. Defence solid as usual. Olson and Anya looked an improvement on the recent performances of Russel and Forsyth. Lawrence needs more confidence, not his best game but he played a major part in all 3 goals. Once he gets a few and the crowd get off his back I think he’ll be very important for the run in. Thorne maybe needs a rest, great to see him playing but I’d probably play Lesley next game.
  7. Kirkbyram

    Keogh 2021

    Best centre half since igor. Fantastic attitude and has now committed his best years to the club! Legend is an overused word but I would say he is probably Derby’s only real club legend of the 21st century...

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