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  1. Kirkbyram

    1 Loan Signing

    Has to be a right back. Whilst bogle has been playing great it’s unreasonable to expect him to play all season and it is currently the only position we don’t have decent like for like cover (not wisdom, too defensive). Options could be Walker-Peters at Spurs, Danny Simpson from Leicester, Mason Holgate or Jonjoe Kenny both at Everton. All decent attacking fullbacks who I don’t think are getting game time. Fredericks would be good but he seems to be around the team.
  2. Kirkbyram

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    I can understand why we stuck with the front 3 after United and Brentford but I agree we looked tired and out of ideas at times. Waghorn needs to start, his movement was good when he came on and ultimately he created the space for the goal and then provided the assist. Lawrence or Flo Jo in for Bennet who was very poor tonight, not sure what was up with him, looked lacklustre and wasn’t his usual all action self. His positional play as a winger was poor tonight as well, think he needs a rest and may be better as an impact sub. Plenty of positives, Johnson looked good again, Bryson improving, Keogh very good I thought and malone (although tired at the end) looked a pacier/better crossing version of Forsyth. Mount is brilliant and once Bogle sorts out his crossing we’ll have a hell of a right back,
  3. Kirkbyram

    Tammy Abraham - Joined Aston Villa

    I see your point, I have a slightly different view/understanding but I can absolutely see where you’re coming from. Let’s hope they all get sold, Waghorn bags 20 goals and Abraham moves to villa and scores 1 goal (against forest) and costs them a couple of million. 🍻
  4. Kirkbyram

    Tammy Abraham - Joined Aston Villa

    But they are assets, everything you own has a value on your accounts which helps with financial FairPlay. And of those 4 players you mentioned 2 have been on loan and we have received loan fees and a percentage of their wage paid. Also we will of course receive a fee if we sell any of those players. The house analogy is greatly simplified I agree but the basics behind it run true. Will Waghorn be a success? I certainly hope so and I think he should be given the chance. After all he was involved in more goals than any other player in the championship last season and scored and assisted a lot of goals in a low scoring Ipswich team. He has been picked specifically by our management team not just because he is available for loan from a team that a lot of them are connected to but because they think he is the best player available for the role. Perhaps I’m an optimist but I’ll be backing him and our other strikers rather than pining after a player who is so good he couldn’t get a move to the prem, the bundesliga, la liga, serie A etc..
  5. Kirkbyram

    Tammy Abraham - Joined Aston Villa

    That’s not how it works though. We own Waghorn and therefore he is an asset. Abraham would be in loan and therefore would be worth nothing to us. If you buy a house for £100,000, you have £100,000 in assets. If you instead rent a nicer house with high monthly rent payments for a year at the end of the year you have nothing... but you have spent money on a nice house...
  6. Kirkbyram

    Playing style

    I like what Frank is trying to do possession wise. The fans need to give it time. They were constantly on the defenders back yesterday when they passed it backwards or shifted it across, I think this booing/sighing indirectly lead to Keogh and Tomori overplaying when a sideways pass was on, resulting in an opportunity for Ipswich. I though Derby worked the ball around well and with a bit more movement from midfield, both towards the ball to colllect it, or away from the ball, to make space for other players and a bit more patience we should see more of mount/Bryson/Lawrence etc... on the ball in the final 3rd. This seems to be the end game but it won’t happen overnight though and people need to accept that.
  7. Kirkbyram

    Bradley Johnson

    I think he would do a much better job in the position Bryson is currently occupying. Adds much needed steel and size in midfield and can support the attack knowing he has Evans/Huddlestone behind him. Saying he had a bad game in DM is like putting Huddlestone on the left wing and moaning at him. I think BJ could be important for us this year as the traditional CM between the DM and AM.
  8. Kirkbyram

    Best team?

    Carson Tomori Keogh Davies Malone Huddlestone Evans Wilson Mount Lawrence Waghorn This is assuming that Evans is decent. I do think we will rotate a lot this season though. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a front 4 with Marriott up top and Waghorn on the left on some days. I also think in this system Bradley can thrive a little more in this position and could come in for certain games as could Bryson (shift to 4123. Jozefzoon is clearly a good option and could start on either wing if Wilson or Lawrence are having a dip. I think Frank may be looking to Tomori being a starter, not sure whether that’s at rb or cb. Its good to see we we do have genuine options though. There could of course be others to come in a fit and firing Martin and Thorne would be good. As someone else mentioned an on form Butterfield could also slot into this midfield nicely...
  9. Kirkbyram

    Cameron Jerome

    Cam is unlucky. Was good at the end of last season and I thought he’d have been a good plan b. Frank has clearly decided otherwise. What worries me on this thread and others though is how quick people are to seemingly write Waghorn off. It’s as if Derby fans need someone to moan at. God knows what everyone will do if Keogh is dropped (which I don’t think he should), no one will have anything to moan about.
  10. Derby weren’t great today but Leeds were outstanding. Arguably better than wolves when they beat us at the start of last season. Take it in the chin, analyse the performance and move on. Issues Lowe isn’t ready - Malone should solve this issue defensive midfield - Ledley poor, Johnson not much better. Evans? Tom? We need more time to get used to each other and certain players need to get match fit Positives Tomori looks talented Jozefzoon offered a good option off the bench We are creating chances
  11. Kirkbyram

    Scott Malone - Signed on a 3 year deal

    I remember rating him when he was at Fulham. A good attacking left back at this level!
  12. I think it’s hard to compare the Johnson and Blackman transfer. At the time the Johnson transfer looked good business and seemed to provide us with the midfield general that we needed. I’m sure most fans were pleased when we signed Johnson. He’s also been a decent player in a number of positions, worth 6 million, probably not but a good player nonetheless with good pedigree at this level over a number of seasons. Blackman on the other hand seemed to be bought on a whim and just seemed to unsettle the balance. Not his fault but has not worked out at all. The more recent transfers seem much more thought out and refreshingly look to improve the quality of our squad.
  13. Kirkbyram

    Nahki Wells - Joined QPR

    I can’t keep up. Would prefer waghorn but Wells is a good striker at this level. Wells, Waghorn and Marriott would be good options, would allow us to play 2 up top as a plan b. Must mean some movement out surely?
  14. Kirkbyram

    Joe Bryan - Joined Fulham

    Did you watch many games last season? Keogh was constantly trying to move the ball forward. Granted he makes mistakes, sometimes silly ones particularly on Friday, but he also can very quickly turn defence into attack by running with the ball or playing key passes. He is far mor me likely to play a defence splitting pass than anyone on our team barring Mount and Bryson! These sorts of passes come with risks and rewards, he just needs to be more alert with his passes across the back 4.
  15. Kirkbyram

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Pleased with this. Was brilliant against us last season and offers options across the front 3. Works hard as well. Franks buying players for his system. Sounds sensible to me. Need to shift some deadwood though!

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