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  1. False 9?

    With the lack of form amongst our centre forwards and the fact that Palmer looks a quality player with the ability to unlock a defence. Is it time for Gary to think about playing a false 9? Vydra, Lawrence, Weiman and Palmer all capable of playing multiple positions across the front 4. Championship defences won’t be used to it so could confuse the hell out of them if done correctly. Jerome off the bench could then be a good option if it’s not working. Just a thought... certainly not time to panic but would be an interesting option.
  2. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Funny game today with the red card. Lots of decent performances. Huddz, Jerome and Vydra in particular. Jerome could really be a very astute signing, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a really beast up front. Defence solid as usual. Olson and Anya looked an improvement on the recent performances of Russel and Forsyth. Lawrence needs more confidence, not his best game but he played a major part in all 3 goals. Once he gets a few and the crowd get off his back I think he’ll be very important for the run in. Thorne maybe needs a rest, great to see him playing but I’d probably play Lesley next game.
  3. Keogh 2021

    Best centre half since igor. Fantastic attitude and has now committed his best years to the club! Legend is an overused word but I would say he is probably Derby’s only real club legend of the 21st century...
  4. what is the point of Lawrence

    Really don’t see this, he offers something that no one else on our team does. The ability to pick the ball up, run at players at pace and shoot from distance. We need to encourage players like him not moan and boo him. He will make mistakes because he tries to make things happen. Russell is playing better at the moment because he’s regained confidence and people aren’t booing him yet he had some awful touches last night and some terrible shots. A Russell low on confidence wouldn’t even have taken these touches or shots because he’d have been stuck on the wing afraid to touch the ball. I’d rather my flair players such a Tom and Johnny keep trying things because as anyone who has seen Lawrence playing well will tell you, once a couple go in more will probably follow. Support the boys!
  5. Thoughts on Lawrence so far

    Needs a goal. Got into some very good positions yesterday but lacked conviction. His corners were poor yesterday however we should have scored from at least one of them. The way he hits the ball (to get dip and swerve) isn’t as easy to do as just to chip it in so I personally don’t mind a few poor ones if they are interspersed with really dangerous corners. Whilst not hitting inces level yet I’ve seen enough to think he will come good. Admittedly dropping him at the moment might help him but I can’t see anyone who might be better ready to bring in.
  6. Substitutes second half

    I think we actually lost the game with the first substitute. Losing keogh’s passing ability is huge and I think it was a good opportunity to drop Huddlestone into the back 4 and put Thorne into midfield. Having Davies and Pearce as a back 2 changes everything about the way we’ve been playing recently as neither of them has the ability or confidence to step out with the ball. I hope, if keogh is out for a while, that we’d do this rather than playing Pearce. I’m sure Davies and Huddlestone would know each other’s game pretty well from their time at Hull.
  7. Norwich City V Derby County

    I’d be half tempted to try and be more solid whilst keeping vydra in the team. To do that you could play something like Carson wisdom Keogh Davies Forsyth lawrence hudd Ledley Johnson Nugent/Martin Vydra This can easily go to a 433 if not working. Johnson has historically had a lot of success on the left making late runs and I think he could get on the end of Lawrence’s crosses. Lawrence ahead of Russell for me because of his extra pace and his ability to cross with his right foot. I think a line up like this can be used in away matches where a point is a good result.
  8. Ledley or the Brum lad in Jan.

    The argument about Ledley being old is ridiculous! 30 might have been old for a footballer a few years ago when players’ lifestyle and diet was so different and tackles were allowed but it’s changed now. Top level players are managed so carefully that they don’t age is quick, they look after their muscles and fitness much better. Ledley took about 15 minutes to recover from a broken leg last year and has settled quickly into our midfield after 5 months off. Unless you’re a big fan of foreign names or you have a phobia of beards or Welshmen then I can’t really see why there is even a debate for this!

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