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  1. you underestimate how highly the manager rates him, he picked up an injury at Celtic, which never truly healed, he then went on to play at the U21s which made it worse and he had an operation he is only back to fitness in the last couple of months, had he been fit he would have been fighting Soyuncu to replace Maguire, I could see him replacing Evans next season but even if he didn't with the CL he would still play lots of matches next season. The reason we want to sign another CB is to replace Morgan, loaning Benkovic out gets him games whilst the new guy gets the rest of the season to settle in
  2. As a general rule I wouldn't listen to sky too much, the spent all of the last window saying we were going to buy Ake/Dunk/Tarkowski to replace Maguire, they don't have a clue, John Percy is the best journalist when it comes to Leicester transfers, I don't think he's been wrong yet
  3. its actually Demiral, but Juve want to sell we only want to loan
  4. You might miss out anyway, we’ve gone with a back 3 again tonight a lot to say it’s probably what suits the squad best given our wing options
  5. Wes Morgan is out for "several weeks" Benkovic will be back in training in the next few days
  6. may have chosen my words poorly there, I didn't think we had any issues when he came back but he basically re built our entire training ground and forced the club to spend every penny they could in this area, non of which affects FFP to ensure the players have the best environment to improve and perform, got rid or senior players that were causing issues behind the scenes things like that, he's more of a club builder than anything else, from what I've read on here Derby and Mel was a bad fit from the start as Mel likes to be involved where as our owners support you but leave you to get on with the job
  7. he is apparently very different behind the scenes, he doesn't like the media side and barely tries to hide it at all, the players at Leicester that were here under him love him to this day again see above, don't judge him on his media persona correct you have to let him do his own thing, when he came back here after Sven was sacked practically the first thing he did was sign Morgan and bin off our then record signing and club captain Matt Mills, if he doesn't like your attitude you're out, he installed a group of strong minded good characters that to this day still run our dressing room, fall foul of them and you will struggle. Not having Shakespeare was big as well, he's struggled in his jobs without him as he is a superb middle man and confidant for him. Had you left him in charge longer he would have sorted a lot of your issues out off field, provided you backed him, our infrastructure regarding training and player recovery etc. is all based off of Pearson's demands
  8. he wen't off with a "sore knee" according to Rodgers, looked precautionary with Wes having gone off with a possible torn groin
  9. we actually are the problem is Liverpool are just a lot better and they press better than everyone else too
  10. if we loaned him I think we'd be looking for a Premier League club, someone like Norwich could be perfect
  11. he's incredibly highly rated here, Celtic fans I read were comparing him to VVD during his time with them which is a good sign, Benkovic only goes on loan if we sign another CB, he was unlucky in a way, he came back from the U21s injured after missing a lot of the tailed end of last season with the same injury and probably shouldn't have gone and missed preseason at a time where he could have fought for the place with Soyuncu
  12. Pearson needs Shakespeare with him to be his good cop, the players that were here under them both still love Pearson to this day but a big part of that is the working and personal relationship between Pearson and Shakespeare
  13. Hughes will probably be happy there's no way Pearson will stick him on the left wing and ask him to chase rapid full backs all game
  14. for the first time since we sacked him he has Craig Shakespeare as his number 2, don't underestimate what a difference that could make they are a team and very effective one at that
  15. technically its the actions of Lawrence and Bennett, he was a passenger not a driver
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