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  1. Yes fair point my friend. Would be interesting to find out.
  2. I kind of understand where Stephen is coming from. It’s not like it’s a normal bank transfer in the UK. it is coming from a part of the world were nefarious money related activities are common place, it needs to pass numerous checks etc and probably adhere to a range of international rules. It’s not a Bond film where someone presses a button and the finances are straight in the bank regardless of where you are in the world. There will be added scrutiny by international law in the deal. People will still blame Mel and Stephen however, as if they purposely are holding up
  3. Really hope Simon Jordan asks him some hard hitting questions. But likely it is a pre recorded interview.
  4. Yes but how is all of that relevant to the current proceedings concerning the take over? It isn’t and is simply an opinion of his actions during his tenure. That is a description as to why fans may have disliked his tenure as owner, nothing to do with the current situation. Everything you’ve pointed out he’s probably realised himself hence his decision to want to sell. I’ll be more specific with my question. Can someone provide me a rationale as to why so much hate is attributed toward Mel and his role as owner during the current takeover proceedings? Again I’ll reiterate i
  5. Genuinely baffled as to why there is so much hate for Mel? It’s clearly the new owners stalling the deal. Perhaps the original sale amount that was agreed has been reviewed by the Shiekh and he has offered a lower amount due to the likelihood/threat of relegation? They’ve clearly got Mel by the balls and will play this out until he submits to their demands which could be peanuts. Yes, I understand that if Mel has the best interests at heart he will simply give in to the Shiek. But he’s a business man, why would he? Mel has pumped money into this club and come close, we’ve always
  6. Season is genuinely over before I start getting pelters. That’s it we are finished. League 1 beckons.
  7. Not rocket science is it lads, just get the ball into the box rather than pointless possession. Taken us until Christmas to work this it out. Really happy for Colin, much deserved. If he was in a better team and they played to his strengths easy 10 plus goals in this league for the season.
  8. Just calling it how I see it? No positives to identify. You might be happy with mediocre, I’m not.
  9. Is Lawrence okay? Does he think we are playing Rugby League? Just running into people. No coordination skill, guile, nothing. Baby elephantesque. Can’t remember him doing anything decent in the time he has been here. Conman earning a living trying to be a professional football player.
  10. Embarrassing. That’s what you get for this pointless backwards to the keeper passing.
  11. Same sideways backwards rubbish. Sigh. Bird and Bielik so deep and not confident to take the ball on the half turn, instead passing straight back to the CB/keeper. not getting it into Richards feet and playing off him. Lawrence woeful again.
  12. Richards performance this half has made me think how poor Waghorn has actually been and what he actually brings attacking wise. Or even what his position is? When you look at Waghorn he has all the attributes to be a ‘target man’ but he doesn’t have the desire or heart to put himself about and be physical. He is poor at playing with his back to goal. Maybe it’s just not in his nature, but he is also a fair old unit but a big softy with it. But if he can’t play that role is he a ‘second striker’, a winger or what? Be interesting if we stick with this kind of play with a target man, what role
  13. I retract my statement that it is ‘ugly’. Some of the best goals I’ve seen have come from a good ball into the Centre Forward and he sets it to the ‘10’ or midfield player and then there is a through ball to the third man running in behind. I hope we keep playing this kind of football and it is worked on in training with Macs guidance.
  14. Baffles me how when we signed Richards everyone slated it as a poor signing. People who don’t understand what he brings to a team don’t understand football. He is just what you need for this league. Big, strong, and physical. If the ball sticks up front, pressure on the back 4 is relieved and you can get runners in behind. None of this backwards sideways rubbish Cocu tried implementing when you’re inviting pressure on yourself and not gaining ground in the final third. Yes it may be ugly, but it is effective. I’ve been saying it for ages on this forum that direct football in this league is wha
  15. Hahaha that made me laugh. Yeah probably, just for banter, who can buy the shittest team.
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