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  1. I think the only positive thus far has been Bennett. Personally I think he’s been excellent. Quick, aggressive, strong, running the channels and holding the ball up. If we can somehow play him in a 2 with waghorn next season might be goals galore. It’s obvious Marriott isn’t franks preference if he is choosing mason over him tonight.
  2. Hauled off yesterday, has been really poor for me since January. He’s an average winger at best, not much pace, lightweight, and lacks a trick. If the game was purely free kicks and dead ball situations he’d be one of the best but not sure what else he brings to the side? Would have preferred Weimann over him (look what he’s doing at Bristol) but that’s football. Whoever wants him permanent next year (probably Leeds according to papers) will have to fork out £20 mill apparently?! I’ve seen nothing to suggest he is worth 2 million yet alone 20! Problem is Jozefzoon isn’t the answer either, neither is Bennett. I’d like to see a winger with pure pace in the summer.
  3. Said it many times on this forum. Lawrence is awful and over rated.
  4. How much better do we look with 2 up top? I know we’re going for it but how refreshing was it to see 2 centre forwards in the box when that cross went in? Waghorn brings an element of physicality up top which I think we lack.
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