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  1. To be fair to him he has done okay since coming back from injury. Scored 3 goals but still see shades of his useless self, shooting from 50 yards out, not getting involved with play, petulance etc. If we go down I’d cash in if we could. My friend is a Cardiff fan and he has heard that Mick McCarthy is keen to bring him in. Makes sense really, scored a hatful of goals under him at Ipswich. Would be playing in his home country as well so would be a no brainier move for him.
  2. So with the impending doom bestowed upon us, I was thinking about whom in the current squad would be useful in League 1. I’ll probably get pelters for this, but I’d give Curtis one more year if he could prove his fitness. He’d be a solid centre half in league 1 and a good captain with the right manager behind him. He probably knows that’s his level now and he has the experience to do a job in that league. Thoughts?
  3. 12-39, Steve Howard triple hatrick.
  4. This decline started with Cocu, a shambolic appointment whom has significantly contributed toward a this decline. Mel’s poor judgement (again). Then Wayne gets the job and Mel asks his ‘yes’ man Rosenior to be his assistant. I’ve made my feelings know about Ros on this forum. He can baffle you with ******** and comes across all knowledgeable. That’s why Mel was ‘impressed’ with him when he was a pundit. Reality now showing he is clueless but has far too much confidence in his ability as a coach. He can just dazzle you with words and Mel was sucked in. You get idiots promoted at the work p
  5. I genuinely think Sheffield Wednesday will survive or take it to the last day if we have not attained safety by then. I did a huge bet today on us to go down. If we stay up happy days; if not then that’s that, at least I’ll be in pocket. I genuinely can see us losing every game and being relegated on goal difference.
  6. That goal was knights fault, instead of playing in Jozwiak on the counter he went backwards as is the Derby way. Wisdom equally as poor.
  7. Lol this is horrific. Rooney has got it completely wrong tonight.
  8. Why have we reverted to Cocu ball, passing the ball around the back rather than being direct like we have been. It’s even worse trying to keep the ball with 3 at the back, so easy to press by Cardiff front line.
  9. Hopefully he will get another year, and when the season starts again in August a full pride park will give him the standing ovation he deserves when his name is read out!
  10. Get roberts off the pitch, he is just another Lawrence. Cuts inside and loses the ball, so predictable. He’s about 3 stone wet through as well, so light weight.
  11. Yes fair point my friend. Would be interesting to find out.
  12. I kind of understand where Stephen is coming from. It’s not like it’s a normal bank transfer in the UK. it is coming from a part of the world were nefarious money related activities are common place, it needs to pass numerous checks etc and probably adhere to a range of international rules. It’s not a Bond film where someone presses a button and the finances are straight in the bank regardless of where you are in the world. There will be added scrutiny by international law in the deal. People will still blame Mel and Stephen however, as if they purposely are holding up
  13. Really hope Simon Jordan asks him some hard hitting questions. But likely it is a pre recorded interview.
  14. Yes but how is all of that relevant to the current proceedings concerning the take over? It isn’t and is simply an opinion of his actions during his tenure. That is a description as to why fans may have disliked his tenure as owner, nothing to do with the current situation. Everything you’ve pointed out he’s probably realised himself hence his decision to want to sell. I’ll be more specific with my question. Can someone provide me a rationale as to why so much hate is attributed toward Mel and his role as owner during the current takeover proceedings? Again I’ll reiterate i
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