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  1. Baffles me that people think we have played well this half bar the 2 goals. All we have done is pass the ball pointlessly in front of their back four. No penetration nothing. Anyone can keep the ball and pass it around with no end product. What’s the point in playing Martin if you’re not going to use him and get it into his feet so people can play off him. All they’re doing is passing it sideways backwards sideways as per usual. Evident this has been drilled into them and it’s so boring and predictable to watch. I hate this style of football it is boring and pointless. Awful style of play we have to contend with for the foreseeable, which is totally unsuited to the championship.
  2. 100%, can’t miss that attempted comb over for his receding hairline.
  3. Just seen Clarke walking his dog in little Eaton so he’s not playing.
  4. I posted the above earlier this week and just found the below twitter video. Mick McCarthy talking about his weight, poor pre season etc. I suppose my post was factual all along. Also cocu commenting on his ‘physical state’ today during his post match interview. Obvious there is a discipline issue with the lad which for me is crazy as any average Joe would swap everything to be a professional footballer. For me Marriott is someone we should be looking to shift in the transfer window. https://mobile.twitter.com/T0mLang/status/1210265623168765952
  5. Will probably get slated for this post as it appears the norm on this forum. But I was in Ipswich this week for work and was talking to some Ipswich fans (Jack started his career there) They all said that he was well known for not training properly and regular antics that the club were not pleased with. Turning up late for training, regularly overweight etc. They said Mick McCarthy didn’t want him near the club cause he was just a bag egg in general hence the loans. Obviously I can’t prove this but I don’t see why these Ipswich fans would be lying, what would the point be in that? I didn’t even have to mention to them that there were rumours about his professionalism, I simply stated he should have been playing more but when I raised his name his professionalism was the first to thing they made reference to. Could be nothing, but just find it to coincidental that Lampard seemed to have made reference to his behaviour, he never seems fully fit/is injured, Cocu doesn’t want to play him, and there are already rumours about his conduct flying around.
  6. Lawrence is over rated and awful. I’ve been saying this for years, yet every time I’ve raised it on this forum I’ve been slated by his fan boys. He’s greedy, he doesn’t produce consistently, he gives away countless free kicks. Get rid. As for the football, wow I didn’t think we could sink any lower. I think I’d take Rowett ball over this shower. Sideways, backwards, sideways, backwards.
  7. I record Cocu’s post match interviews and play them just before I go to bed. Works wonders if you want to fall asleep quickly. No player can be motivated by him. I see no personality, nothing, win lose or draw, he fails to show any emotion of any kind. I think that is showing on the pitch, players don’t look fired up or bothered at all. It is slow, mundane, and laborious. I wonder if the players simply do not listen to him as he cannot motivate them with his monotone voice. At half time last night the lads needed a rocket, which I doubt he gave.
  8. We are still poo, that second half performance that people are getting aroused over baffles me.
  9. Hauls off Whittaker and Knight. Why did he even start them, what was the point? Clearly the wrong type of game to throw them into. Just chucking on strikers now and hoping for the best. Clueless Cocu.
  10. Sick of this drab style of ‘football’. Backwards, sideways, backwards, sideways. This is not Holland, the championship is about being direct and ruthless. This is boring me to death. Why can’t we just be direct and go forwards. We will continue to regress whilst this clown is in charge.
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