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  1. Tottenham didn't rip up Hugo Lloris's contract.
  2. Because there was no drinking in the 70s, 80s or 90s ***EDIT"*** (Acknowledging that I'm not the first person to say this)
  3. I was just responding to the several reports that his £80k a week wages at DC have been matched by Derby County, I guess.
  4. Reports of £80k a week didn't sit right with me and I got bored on my commute to London so did some research... When he moved to Everton from United he was on £300,000 a week with 2 years left on his contract. United paid £192,000 of this, with Everton picking up the remaining £102,000. When he moved to DC United, he had a year on his United (and Everton) contract and DC United picked up £42,000 from Everton, meaning last year he was being paid - £192,000 - Manchester United £66,000 - Everton £42,000 - DC United His United and Everton contracts expired in June so now he's "only" getting his DC United wage, hence why he's able/willing to come back. And to think Ikechi Anya is on £34k a week This commute is long and I love Wayne Rooney.
  5. I got him his ticket using my FAN ID I have with my Season ticket when they went on general sale. He comes to about 10-12 games a Season, used to take his son to the Baseball Ground to watch Shilton (Goalkeepers Union), both is sons live in Derby and one of them has represented on RAM TV. Oh, and he Absolutely hates Richard Keogh
  6. Absolutely gutted that they got BoxPark, was on my list of "Bilbo's cool places to drink". Last time we got in and got a tube to London Bridge and drank round there before getting the jubilee line up to Wembley. No issues with crowds, and the tube was pleasant enough. Going to do similar this year, but drink in Camden before heading to Euston Square for the Met Line. Bilbo's top tip: If you fancy drinking outside Wembley on the banks, make sure you pick up your beer before you get near the Ground. All the shops in a radius will only serve 2 cans per person, they massively bump up the price and the queues are redic.
  7. So only the number of eligible were available, makes sense
  8. Just checked the ticket page again and it's only showing 3,372 tickets left. How can this be if the allocation is 1 per season ticket holder/member and there were over 36,000 allocated tickets?
  9. I don't even support Derby and I'll get a ticket, in fact, I'll buy ten
  10. If we beat them at theirs All of your spies, Did duck all today, Just try not to worry, you'll go up some day, You beat us at home, We beat you away, Stop crying Bielsa Give them some back... (I didn't see JFRs post)
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