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  1. And E-ticketing and merchandising upgrades
  2. There’s a story in the sun today claiming a manager injured a player in training in a 50:50 it couldn’t be could it?
  3. Story in the Daily Bamford of Rooney saying he was set up but it was last night.
  4. It’s not punishing those without the vaccine, it’s early release from restrictions for those that have. if you not willing to risk the vaccine then it seems mad to risk your health by putting youselF in situations where you risk of exposure to covid is significantly higher. just look at the rising cases from the relaxed restrictions without many mass events taking place
  5. If you don’t want the jab then you have to live by the pre jab restrictions. That’s the choice, we would still all be In lockdown with out the vaccine.
  6. https://twitter.com/footballlforall/status/1419034022668296196?s=21 this is probably why tickets have been held off sale.
  7. I was hoping this was gonna be Colin Gibson
  8. Who can’t have a bank account apart from people in the country illegally?
  9. He gets way too much credit for those set piece routines there were videos of teams in minor leagues (Scandinavian I think) doing the rounds on Twitter about a week before we tried it in a game. He saw a video and didn’t come up with the plays. i dont think we will miss him
  10. Will only be about 5,500 a lot of tickets still available when they went off sale today
  11. I believe the delay is because the takeover is imminent and selling season tickets is being left to the new ownership group. it also allows the ticket office staff to remain on furlow a little longer
  12. It will be that price partly because it’s United and they don’t want it cheaper than the MUTV prices otherwise united would potentially Lose out if it was cheaper via Rams Tv
  13. Only a couple of thousand sold, not going to stretch far in the transfer market with the proceeds from this one.
  14. I agree with a lot of strong leaders around him the added responsibility might focus Lawrence and put the right kind of pressure on him. if we resign Davies and Jagielka with Shinnie and CKR we won’t be short of voices on the pitch.
  15. Lampard signed a 3 year deal back in 2018 and it’s fair to assume Given got the same contract when he joined the club as part of his back room team. I’d guess it’s just been allowed to expire and we’ve let him go.
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