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  1. Calm down all. a sky reporter suggested it as a short term back up for Rashford. just gossip and no facts
  2. All we need now is to go on a unbeaten run, get promoted after appealing FFP, Only to be hit with the charge in 12 month, then get a point deduction, and finish with less than 11 point. Its great being a Ram, never a dull moment. UTRs
  3. With the latest news shadowing over us, I would say the only player we will sign this month is someone with a similar name to that ex Cardiff player Noone NO ONE
  4. are we actually going to sign someone, or will it be like the last windows last minute . com. all I hear is Derby linked with players, then it all goes quiet, or that player goes elsewhere,
  5. I buy the beer then and you bring the biscuits.. deal
  6. If we make the play off final, I will gladly pick you up and buy your beer for the day, that's how confident I am LOL.
  7. I am sure your the man to do that, after all you told me about 20 times in one day
  8. No, its just Uttox cant make up a conversation without mentioning biscuits, lol
  9. Can he play out wide, or centre half, NO, so whats the point
  10. Boro 1 Rams 1 FRGS Roooooooooooooney
  11. Sure I read their is no recall, and we have him for the season
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