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  1. Why not give this a go, he has tried all sorts, and at least we may score. Roos Bogle Keogh Clarke Lowe Bielik Holmes Waghorn Martin Lawrence Marriott
  2. Don't like it myself, but when you look at our midfield selections I just cant see them feeding our strikers
  3. This is getting easy, all you have to say is we will lose and wont score and you start flying up the leagues. LOL
  4. Weve got Cocu Philip Cocu I just dont think he understands playing holmes at the back, and Dowell in attack Weve got Philip Cocu Huddlestone is slow and Lawrence has to go Bielik should be in the midfield Shinnie at left back and lowe on the right come on Cocu give it a go
  5. All of a sudden Harry , Drogba , and all the others saying FL should leave us and was ready for Chelski have gone very quiet
  6. Oh goody, so much to look forward too. LOL. 40 plus years of being a rams fan, great isn't it, LOL . Ive said to my family though, when things like old Trafford last season happens, it makes it more special, as good things don't happen to us much.
  7. Makes sense, as you say early days, I just wish we had made a decent signing out wide, as I feel Lawrence is very hit and miss, Jo flo and Paterson , well not convinced, I am pleased our manager is trying diferent formulas , but I feel at the mo Marriott in the middle and wagers and tom out wide would be the best solution
  8. I so hope Im proved wrong, but watching recent matches, I feel it will be a mid table finish. ( not relegation)
  9. I honestly feel a top 6 place is out off our reach, we seem to struggle in the final 3rd, and also gift goals with our "lets play out from the back" Don't get me wrong, I don't want hoof ball , but I was always taught, if in doubt get rid.
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