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  1. At the moment, id like us to sign anyone, someone, this silence and nothing happening is horrible, and yes before i get hammered by you all, i do know about the embargo and takeover, im hoping its because all are targets are playing in the Euros Yes i am allowed to dream
  2. Bet he will be on fire when he plays against us and Posh
  3. Very worrying times ahead i fear Welp, under 2 weeks now until the contracts of Wisdom, Waghorn, Davies and Marriott expire. As I understand it, club haven't discussed any sort of terms (even informally) for around three weeks. Seems any deals hinge on a takeover. #DCFC Derby County have just 14 players under contract for next... After releasing their end of season retained list, Derby have just 14 players under contract for next season, with just two months to fix it theathletic.com 9:17 AM ยท Jun 17, 2021
  4. How can we possibly sign him, even if we were interested. we are on a transfer embargo, and cannot pay any money for players.
  5. Cant understand this, or have i read it wrong, everyone saying get rid, so that would leave us with a squad of 13 players, even if we sold him for 100 mil that money would just sit in the bank as we cant buy players, all we can get is players other clubs dont want
  6. Money would prob go to paying off some debt
  7. Im not reading this thread anymore, as it states links with Newcastle and Man City, doesn't that sound familiar ??
  8. Ive a feeling after that read in todays paper, WR might not get what he wants, it sounded very much like it will more players from the academy pushing through, as apposed to WR wanting to bring quite a few of his own players in, we will wait and see. IMO if it is academy players, then i cant imagine him staying
  9. Mozza Thanks for all your work in entertaining us. Long may it continue,
  10. With the exception of Forsyth who made me smash my coffee cup when he messed up for their goal as i launched it TV wards luckily it missed the tv
  11. Tell me the sat nav address and i will drive him to you. 1 game good , 5 bad
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