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  1. Was thinking the same. 12 month since I was stood outside Wembley reading the team selection from my phone, thinking to myself why has he picked that line up. we wont score. Had a bad feeling before KO with the selection. History now and role on to the next dream of one day. lol I do think if he can keep the youngsters without prem teams poaching we have a good shout next time. And my friend and son are itching to get to PP, so as soon as we can, be assured we will be their, we can stay at his sisters, so can have a few beers B4/after etc. Hope you, family and all the mini bus crew are well and safe UTR
  2. So if it does how can they tackle each other, I mean keeping 2 meters apart would be impossible, unless they wash their hands after, where would away teams stay with all the hotels shut. if they are tested it doesn't mean you cant catch it 10 mins later. Im really unsure about this
  3. Sinse I was young, I followed the, DCFC , The team for me. Cant say much more than that really. COYRs
  4. Not being negative but with looking at Aprils fixtures, it would be really tough to reach the play offs, not impossible but extremely hard
  5. Millwall 0 Rams 2 FRGS Rooney
  6. Sibley the best, Better than all the rest Better than than anyone else Hes sibley the best
  7. No its Lawrence and Bennett, Keogh is picking them up later
  8. Rams 1 Blackburn 1 FRGS Rooney
  9. Hi mate, think im due an extra point, ( they all count ) I got 2 for waggy goal, but didn't get a point for saying we would lose, cheers
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