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  1. arrived today, 2 tickets, one in each envelope
  2. Hi Plymouth, ive paid £20 and parking 5 mins walk from the ground, traffic will be coming this way, being half term, cant believe how much support their is down here, I went to the Bristol match, and sat next to people from Exeter, and someone said hi to me who was sitting behind, from Plymouth. Have a great day
  3. As long as it doesn't match mine, alls ok
  4. Great idea, but some people try a and get 3 or 3 cars on the drive, if you are first their, you will be last to leave. look for permit addresses allowing you to park in the street.
  5. Right, you lot are in trouble, ive just text him and told on you ALL lol
  6. LOL well at least it wont be a boring journey. Im beginning to understand now why he asked me to park near the exit with the engine running when we are about to leave Wembley,
  7. we could do this all night lol its actually uttoxram75
  8. Hi all, Lift offer has been taken ,
  9. 122 and 525 we are not together , my 20 year old son is in one and me in the other, great news, he will have to buy his own half time pie
  10. Hi , if anyone needs a lift from Cornwall to the game let me know, I will be leaving about 8 and have 2 spare seats in the car. at the mo their is just me and my son. I have arranged parking 10 mins walk from the ground I don't mind doing a slight detour (not Derby) before all the comics reply
  11. Archied is a real gent, he offered me these tickets, in case I wasn't lucky enough to get 2, I replied stating I have 2 ,so now he is offering to help other rams fans who weren't so lucky. True gent and proud to have supporters like this following our team
  12. No Resale Of Tickets – It is an offence under Section 166 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, for any unauthorised person to sell tickets.
  13. just got 2 of the remaining 10 tickets not together, but don't care Wembley here I come
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