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  1. with WBA then stoke, i think reality is about to kick us in the teeth, so far has been ok, however with the pos of 9 points, and small squad relegation is more than a maybe
  2. Why does it seem the world is out to get us, getting fed up with it all now, just want it over, in anyway, next they will be banning our fans for clapping or singing too loud, sad, very sad
  3. Grosicki signed for another team just
  4. It wont be long until we get our prediction from the pie eater KB stating how Saturday will be the best time to play us to get their season back on track. LOL I wonder if he actually thinks people cares what he thinks.
  5. Comment from the commentary team says it all Weve had more takeover bids than wins in the last 6 months, Big WELL DONE for the fantastic Derby support though.
  6. 11,329 actually, ive done my research
  7. Less than half that at Bournemouth last night . with all thats happening ATM i think its a good show
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