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  1. Think Thursday and Sunday will give us some idea off how the season will go this year with what we have now if no one arrives
  2. So why at the Wembley interview when asked about next season did he say " we will see" similar to that off Billy Davies, Oh and ref the moon, why are their no stars in the background??
  3. I am actually starting to worry. we have lost our top goal scorer, are main midfield threat, 2 if you count BJ. and also one of our CBs. last season when Mount or Wilson were absent the results were terrible. I am aware we have brought 2 in but shinnie for BJ and mounts replacement in my opinion are know where near what we require.
  4. The way we leak goals and score goals, this match could be 10 .. 10 lol
  5. And Fulham, their front line is frightening
  6. I hope so, not convinced he is better, as ive said before,
  7. Hi. sounding good, just asked my son and he seemed very keen, he does play some Saturdays, so when he gets his fixtures, I will know more in reference games. great news, I actually went to a midweek game with the family some years ago and met someone who travelled up from Newquay they said they went most games, small world ey. lol
  8. Hi Newquay, that's a start, their are now 4 of us. taxi lol, On a serious note, it would be easier to park at mine, im just off the A30 Bodmin
  9. He did dip in form when there was an absence of talent around him (Mount). so would need to address this, not sure as ive not seen him play this new everton lad fits up to the mount presence.
  10. Blackburn I would say
  11. Cant believe I got a call just after replying to you. lol
  12. Hi all. I have just received a phone call from a company in Wadebridge, 17 seater will be £220 and a 9 seater will be £170, After a lot off talking and basically stating it could be regular ish they have agreed to not add a mileage fee. so apart from fuel that would be the total price. leaves on a full tank and return a full tank Obviously the first trip would be trial, I can only suggest filling it up in Derby before the return trip to see how much it takes, and then double the figure to fill up before returning to the depot. Also I would including myself expect to pay more if I have travelled a further distance than picking up someone closer to Derby on the way. I would also appreciate if pick up points were easily accessible to the journey, eg service stations , not 15 minute detours, as this would add considerable distance fuel and time to the journey. Thankyou for support, I would love feedback or advice from anyone that could make this possible. and off course numbers interested now we have some figures
  13. Hi mate, thanks for your help. I am aware of the drop off arrangements, I have to be at work at 6.30 in the mornings , that's my problem, and I cant find a company that will let me drop the keys through the letter box, even tried arranging a bigger deposit, but im told it has to be inspected with me present. I will keep trying, thanks again
  14. Hi all, at the mo im trying to sort out a hire company that lets you hire on the Saturday and return on the Saturday, otherwise it is too expensive, a lot are stating it must be purchased for the weekend. I am still trying, and will let you all know as soon as I know more
  15. If Frank had read what some were saying on here about him then that is a possibility
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