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  1. Barnsley v Derby County

    Mitchell baird shackell pearce forsyth hanson thorne russell martin anya bennett
  2. Night game parking

    Thanks B4, i have told 5 of my mates and they will get in at 6pm, job done.
  3. Derby County Flags

    Nick Blackman has taken it with him to hang over his balcany, he will bring it back when his loan has finished.
  4. Rank these Keepers

    We had Peter Shilton who holds the record for playing for England with a 120 something caps and should have been nearer 200 but for some reason had to alternate games between him and Ray Clemence. In the qualifiers for the 1990 world cup it was Shilton that almost single handed got England to the world cup, watch the games if you can to see what i mean and then was the best keeper in those finals. Having said all that i think Mart Poom was a better keeper, very dominant coming out to catch balls. Dont know how many games he played for Estonia. The rest on the list are a much of a muchness, ok but on the the same level as Shilton and Poom.
  5. Time for 3 at the back

    Riddingsram, i agree that Anya could play right wing back but instead of russell i would be looking at Max Lowe, when he is fit at left wing back if GR ever tried it. But like previous posts have said as he has not looked at it in pre season, its unlikely he will go that way unfortunately.
  6. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    This would be my team for tomorrow with vydra, shakell and elsnick coming off the bench.
  7. Rams manager when the current squad was born

    Yeh west african i think and is very good at dribbling.
  8. Where is b4 holding a party tonight?
  9. Rams manager when the current squad was born

    Gary Rowett Ga ga goo goo wah wah waah.
  10. Now that we have spent millions on lawrence and he is apparently a winger this system is not likely to see the light of day for the foreseeable future.
  11. At the beginning of the promotion season under smith i remember we played spurs and leeds at bbg in pre season using the 3-5-2 formation and it worked really well, i cant remember the scores but i dont think we lost and this was with rowett in the team. Then we started the season with 442 and struggled, then he brought in igor and after the tranmere game we played wba at home using the 352 system and it worked like a dream, i think we beat them 3-0 and never looked back gaining automatic promotion. Im sursprised non of the recent managers have not tried this system, i think we have the players to make it work.
  12. U23's v Arsenal on Rams tv for free

    Thanks angieram, first time i have seen them live so not that familiar with there names.
  13. U23's v Arsenal on Rams tv for free

    I went to this one as did hundreds of others. I was impressed by Callum Guy at left back and Alex Babos in midfield and the goalkeeper Josh Barnes played well, very good long accurate kicking. I saw Eric Steele, Paul Simpson, Gareth Southgate, John Barton, Kevin Phillips, Rory Delap and the Qatar national team there. Look forward to going next time.
  14. Does anyone know if this guys proper position is a winger or a striker? As we have for some reason had a habit of buying strikers and then playing them on the wing, result no promotion.
  15. Safe Standing

    If there will be no increase in capacity because of a 1 to 1 ratio then when Derby do get in the prem an extra tier will be required around the horseshoe. Would the extra tier overhang the exsiting seats or would it bolt on to the exsiting infrastructure, just making the upper tier bigger?

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