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  1. u23s at the Olympic Stadium this Friday

    Impressed with the u23s last night. They seem to be improving there performances as the season progresses. Very strong attacking team with lots of intelligent runs from midfield. I like the kicking from Josh Barnes in goal, his long passes are as good as Huddlestons. Great to be able to watch these games via rams tv. Well done dcfc..
  2. Radio Derby Sportscene

    Graham Richards what a legend. Best commentator ever. Sportscene talk in can we have Arthur Cox on a future one.
  3. Derby County V Reading

    No he left Reading because of the pay rise just like 99% of players all around the country do.
  4. Huddlestone

    It's better to be slow with a fast brain than fast with no brain like some of our recent wingers. Bring back Thorne.
  5. Huddlestone

    I would go with Thorne and Ledley with Johnson playing on the left of them but more attacking. I dont think the balance is right with Huddlestone in there. We quite clearly need more energy in midfield which hopefully will be resolved in the Jan transfer window.
  6. Just an old jacket ?

    Great to see these two next to each other again, best central defensive pair ever. I always thought Roy Mac was taller than Toddy but this picture differs.
  7. Norwich City V Derby County

    Im going for, Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Forsyth Thorne Ledley Russell Johnson Lawrence Martin
  8. Brentford V Derby County

    Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Olsson Ledley Johnson Bennett Vydra Lawrence Winnall
  9. Barnsley v Derby County

    Mitchell baird shackell pearce forsyth hanson thorne russell martin anya bennett
  10. Night game parking

    Thanks B4, i have told 5 of my mates and they will get in at 6pm, job done.
  11. Derby County Flags

    Nick Blackman has taken it with him to hang over his balcany, he will bring it back when his loan has finished.
  12. Rank these Keepers

    We had Peter Shilton who holds the record for playing for England with a 120 something caps and should have been nearer 200 but for some reason had to alternate games between him and Ray Clemence. In the qualifiers for the 1990 world cup it was Shilton that almost single handed got England to the world cup, watch the games if you can to see what i mean and then was the best keeper in those finals. Having said all that i think Mart Poom was a better keeper, very dominant coming out to catch balls. Dont know how many games he played for Estonia. The rest on the list are a much of a muchness, ok but on the the same level as Shilton and Poom.
  13. Time for 3 at the back

    Riddingsram, i agree that Anya could play right wing back but instead of russell i would be looking at Max Lowe, when he is fit at left wing back if GR ever tried it. But like previous posts have said as he has not looked at it in pre season, its unlikely he will go that way unfortunately.
  14. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    This would be my team for tomorrow with vydra, shakell and elsnick coming off the bench.

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