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  1. Hamer Davies Beilik Evans Bogle Knight Shinnie Lowe Holmes Waghorn Marriott Wing backs please, worth a try, Lampard used it in the play offs. Time to see what Hamer can do.
  2. 4-3-3 not worked for years because the wingers are not good enough to defend as well as attack, you would need two Gary Micklewhites to make it work. The two full backs are better going forward than defending so use them as wing backs. I would go with. Hamer Bogle Davies Clarke Lowe Paterson/Knight Beilik Shinnie Holmes Marriott Martin/Waghorn
  3. Assuming Bogle not fit I would go with wing backs and a diamond in midfield. Roos Keogh Clarke Holmes Bielik Lowe Knight Shinnie Lawrence Waghorn Marriott
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