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  1. hiltonram

    Our CURRENT best starting XI?

    Carson Wisdom Davies Bogle Thorne Anya Bryson Elsnik Lawrence Jerome Martin
  2. hiltonram

    New Kit Sponsor - 32Red

    Morally wrong in so many ways. Not good Mel and now were about to appoint a manager who has never managed before. Where is this club heading?
  3. hiltonram

    Watchdog Tonight BBC1 8pm - safe standing

    So if it is only the european competitions that require seats, why does Shrewsbury bother putting the seats in, could they not have just put the rail in alone? Surely that would cost a lot less money.
  4. hiltonram

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Wassell is a good shout, he knows the players and has done a great job with the u23s. They have been great to watch playing a good style. He is in the best place to know which ones could step up to the first team paticulary as we are cash strapped. Craig Short is his assistant so should be good on the defensive side and then bring in Eranio to coach the attacking side.
  5. hiltonram

    What do you think our Formation will be next season

    I would like to see this formation with wing backs. With the money from selling the rest we can fill in the new players. Time for some u23s to be involved. Carson Wisdom Davies New rwb Thorne Anya New cm Elsnik Lawrence New cf New cf Subs pick from Roose, new cb, Guy, Vernam, Jerome, Nugent, Huddlestone, Ledley, Lowe, Pearce, Thomas, Hanson, Bennett.
  6. hiltonram

    Time for youth

    If think next season Lowe should be challenging for left back or left wing back and in central midfield Elsnick and Guy have got to be given a go maybe along side a more experienced player. Further forward Vernam might get a chance playing behind the front men in some games.
  7. hiltonram

    Question on The Derby Evening Telegraph

    I get the det delivered, but in the last year the newsagent says it keeps getting late delivery from where it comes from so no newspaper every other week. Plus im noticing alot advertising and stories from other counties which im not interested in. Soon be time to stop buying it i think after over 20 years.
  8. hiltonram

    The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    I have really enjoyed watching the under 23s either being there in person or watching on rams tv. Well done to everyone involved. Would love to see some of these getting into the first team squad. We have Lowe at left back, Guy and Elsnick for central midfield and Babos has been very impressive too. Vernam as the no 10 or the top of a diamond shape. Luke Thomas is now breaking through. Bogle is looking good as a right wing back. Josh Barnes in goal, what a keeper. Sibly, what a prospect. Karic at left back can put in great crosses. The center backs look solid too. Were about to start enjoying the fruit Derby fans.
  9. hiltonram

    Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    If all these players are out lets try something radical like this team. Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Anya Hanson Johnson Olson Palmer Lawrence Vydra
  10. hiltonram

    Derby County vs Fulham

    It was one of those frustrating games today with the away team controlling possession in midfield. We seem to have one less in there, not enough energy to cope, maybe Timi Max Elsnick might solve that next season. Also why did the ref not show a card to the goalie for continually wasting time and they wont win many friends for falling down and rolling around every time they get tackled, this is what the foreign managers bring to our country and has coached them to do it, but I do think they have a chance of making the top two if they avoid injuries. Im not sure why GR took off Wisdom and put on another right back, why not put on nugent for jerome or anya for wiemann. I was impressed with palmer although GR needs to have a word with him about retaliating, could easily have been sent off. Im looking at our system which requires our wingers to get back and protect the full backs as well as get forward and produce good crosses and score goals as well. I dont think we have them wingers at the moment and I cant think there are many about at other clubs as well. So unless Gary can find suitable ones in the summer then a change to the system is required i thinks. On a more positive note i think we can win at qpr and start another good run. Coyr.
  11. hiltonram

    George Thorne

    He is still getting his fitness back, hope that was not a serious injury today. Could do with a bit of luck on the injury front and a good pre season and he will back to his best again.
  12. hiltonram

    U23s v Boro

    Max Hunt had a good game, looks like the next Craig Short but with a better passing range.
  13. hiltonram

    U23s v Everton

    Great performance tonight, very composed all over the pitch with some quality players coming through the system. The future looks bright with our manager and the academy coaching setup. Thoroughly enjoyed watching them this season with the help of rams tv.
  14. Is there any plans to make the south west corner to be built up to look like the north west corner, would make the stadium look better and be able to move the police control room away from the east stand.
  15. hiltonram

    RamsTV meets............ who would you like to see?

    Alan Biley might have some good stories to tell.

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