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    Adslegend reacted to Millenniumram in Best Rams freebie   
    In my time watching, it’s Chris Martin by a country mile. Best striker we’ve had probably since the turn of the Century - all those years of service to the club, all those goals, we got it all for absolutely no fee. One of my Derby heroes, and an absolutely unreal signing by Clough (may well have been Simon, rather than Nigel).
    As good as Kazim-Richards has been, I don’t think it’s right to be talking about him in this sort of conversation. He’s only been here half a season, and half a terrible season at that - can’t talk about him in the same breath as the likes of Martin and Buxton really. Love the man though.
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    Adslegend reacted to G STAR RAM in The Mel Morris Interview   
    When MM took over we were losing circa £9m a year from memory (how much of this was cash losses I can't recall without looking back through the accounts).
    Included in his £200m will be the purchase price which I believe was £50m.
    Is the £80m for the ground in the £200m? I doubt it as I think he will retain that asset.
    Then there is the investment in the ground and the training ground.
    Long story short, £200m doesnt go very far when trying to take a Championship club to the next level and preparing it ready for that step.
    You may call him stupid for it but Im sure he still has enough money left in his bank to live the sort of life most people dream of. Me personally, I'm grateful that we had a local businessman that was willing to risk them sort of funds to try and make us a force in the Premier League and think it is a shame he didn't surround himself with the right sort of people to make it happen.
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    Adslegend reacted to Tyler Durden in Why can we perform against the better teams in this league, but not the dross?   
    The word dross is quite hypocritical IMHO, we're the lowest scorers in the entire league so to call other teams dross against that metric for example is absurd. 
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    Adslegend reacted to Tyler Durden in Why can we perform against the better teams in this league, but not the dross?   
    Seeing as we're only 3 points above the relegation places we'd be hard pushed to classify other teams as dross 
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    Adslegend reacted to RamLad1884 in Why can we perform against the better teams in this league, but not the dross?   
    Right now there's 12 points between 7th and the last relegation place.
    Everyone is in this mess together pretty much. Need to get out of the 'beat the poor teams' mentality. 
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    Adslegend reacted to Ghost of Clough in Why can we perform against the better teams in this league, but not the dross?   
    Different teams have different attributes, typically the teams at the bottom being more physical. As we have a fairly young and physically weak squad, we will tend to struggle against those stronger teams.
    However, our youngsters are very good technical players so can out play most sides in this division when strength isn't a concern.
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    Adslegend reacted to Derbados in Stevie Mac back on the coaching scene   
    Noticed in the latest Rams Tv video Steve Mcclaren in the background of the video with his coaching gear on.
    Wasn’t aware he as involved in day to day training? good thing if he is! one of the best coaches in the country.

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    Adslegend reacted to Needlesh in Stevie Mac back on the coaching scene   
    Pleased, but not surprised. He's a thoroughbred as a coach. It's be madness not to use him.
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    Adslegend reacted to IslandExile in Thanks Mel   
    After all the stick recently, thanks are surely due to Mel for some how or other, enabling Rooney to bring in the loanees that he wanted.
    Well done sir, always a Ram. 🐏
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    Adslegend reacted to dcfcreece1601 in Mel Morris against all odds   
    Thought he deserved a bit of recognition today , he's found a way again in dark times to give yet another manager funds to work with,  after all the finance issues currently going on , he's rolling the dice again, we all know there's been some potentially dodgy dealing over the last few years , but he's consistently backed managers and genuinely wants what is best for the club , a few weeks ago I was part of the group that thought it was best to get rid after hearing about shiny rich money coming in , then it dragged on and fell though and suddenly its better the devil you know than the one you don't and now it looks like Mel is still the best option , hopefully rooney doesn't waste the backing he given and signs some decent players,  then who knows what's on the horizon? COYR 🐏 🐏 🐏 🐏
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    Adslegend reacted to ossieram in George Evans - signed for Millwall   
    One of the reasons the club is in this state is because the owner has pandered too many times to fans who go on about signing players.
    How much do you think a "proper" CB will cost?
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    Adslegend reacted to Ghost of Clough in George Evans - signed for Millwall   
    Top 6 under Lampard with him in and around the first team
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    Adslegend reacted to Topram in Kelle Roos   
    Just like Keogh a mistake at Wembley cost him a lot of trust from fans including myself but today he was brilliant again, just like he was on Tuesday night.
    His shot stopping and his reactions are brilliant, he’s definitely a great back up keeper. Happy for him! Big part of a big big win today! 
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    Adslegend reacted to Shang in Fikayo Tomori   
    I'm interested to see why AC Milan were so keen to bring him in, seems like a massive risk for a team who are potentially close to winning the league for the first time in forever. I did a quick google search on the Milan manager and he was apparently a very fast ball playing defender in his playing days and wants defenders to push high up the pitch and join in with the attack.
    Sounds tailor made for Tomori, wish him all the best.
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    Adslegend reacted to The Scarlet Pimpernel in Abu Derby County   
    I think it's time now for Mel to give an interview and let fans know where the club stands. You can't carry on with players not paid. Imo we have potentially a good young manager but if we are not careful he will be gone...... Very worrying times. 
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    Adslegend reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Transfer embargo   
    I know a lot of people said Cocu could have justifiably walked multiple times during his tenure, but aren't we reaching that point with Wayne?
    Not allowed to make any signings (so far) in his first ever transfer window as a manager because we failed to pay wages. No certainty whatsoever regarding the takeover, which is becoming embarrassing for him whenever he's asked about it.
    I'm not trying to slate the club, but I certainly wouldn't begrudge Rooney for walking. His stock is probably higher now than it was before he took the reins, and he's having to deal with a load more poo than any rookie manager should expect to put up with.
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    Adslegend reacted to Zurich Ram in Meanwhile - in other news.....   
    Audrina has been cancer-free for one year!! 
    Frankly, that's more important than fretting about when the Sheikh's shekels hit the bank account.
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    Adslegend reacted to jono in Abu Derby County   
    I’m sorry for those of us who want to have a go at Mel. Few of us have any idea what happens in high finance, business takeovers, bank guarantees, liquid assets or whatever. .... What I do know is that in a largely calm and ethical way (apart from the dressing room day venting ) Mel has purchased the club from some investors who weren’t interested in investing and put something like a million pounds a month in to the club out of his own pocket for the last what . 4 years . And that’s before we even get to cap ex I.e buying stadia. Improving the academy and whatever. .. Mel has been or is .. an exceptional owner. 
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    Adslegend reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Jason Knight   
    If there was 1 player out of our whole squad that I dont want to sell it is Knight.
    I know this is way over the top, but if it is a penny below 15 million I wouldnt even entertain it.
    You just cant replace his running, tackling, goals so easily.
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    Adslegend reacted to 86 Hair Islands in Jordon Ibe   
    This forum right now...

    Nobody is obliged to spew idle gossip that is in some cases, borderline libellous, all over these threads just because they can. And just because you can, doesn't mean you should, a concept most grown ups should find easy to process. Slandering players without any material knowledge of what they have been charged with IS  NOT the purpose of this forum, far from it and offering that as justification, or saying 'these are my opinions and I'm entitled to them' is weak as duck. 
    Just consider, for one moment, that if Jordon is in a really dark place right now, what effect reading some of the BS on here might have on him. What are some of the triggers, do you think, that transition people from struggling with depression to simply giving up and taking their own lives? Lack of understanding? Needless and pointless criticism? Cyber bullying? Inferring that people should just snap out of it and if they don't then they're just feckless malingerers...
    It beggars belief that there are still some dinosaurs on here who can't understand that depression is real, not imagined or made up and it can't just be switched off because some angry old men on a forum think it should be. 
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    Adslegend reacted to uttoxram75 in New Vote: Is Rooney the man to take us forward? 29/12/20   
    Yes from me well before today.
    If there was any doubt, did you notice the intensity of pressing high up, forcing Birmingham back to their own 18 yard line on 85minutes while winning 4-0 away from home?
    Rooney is a winner and knows it only comes from working hard as a team.
    The team/squad is good enough to beat anyone in this league, Rooney knows if we work hard enough and do the basics well we will win most games (barring silly sending offs and poor refs).
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    Adslegend reacted to Anag Ram in v Preston North End (H) - Matchday Thread   
    I didn’t see the game but I did see the goal.
    Looked a pretty good strike to me. Tired legs not getting the extra yard to shut down the angles, for sure.
    But it does seem an overreaction to be slagging off the team after it defended stoutly for 70 minutes.
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    Adslegend reacted to DCFC1388 in The DCFC Fans Confessional Box   
    Genuinely thought Cocu would be the man to get us up and this season too, especially with how he dealt with everything off the field last season.
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    Adslegend reacted to Donnyram in v Millwall (A) - Match Thread   
    Could very easily have been 3 straight wins for Rooney.  Say what you like but he's got the team working harder, playing more positive football and nobody can question his knowledge of the game.  Yes he's inexperienced and I had some reservations but I can see progress and that's more than I've seen for a while. 
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    Adslegend reacted to Jourdan in Is Rooney The man To Take Us Forward?   
    But we all knew that the moment the stories hit the press in October.
    It is mind-boggling that the club actually went through with it.
    I think Phil Brown would have managed two wins vs Wycombe and Coventry.
    We wasted five games too many on Cocu when it was abundantly clear he was unable to turn the tide.
    And now we’ve wasted four games letting interim coaches take turns like it’s FIFA career mode.
    Absolutely tragic decision making since the summer.
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