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  1. Burtonram2066

    Best ever atmosphere at an away game you attended

    Forest 10 men Hull in the playoffs unreal atmosphere Leeds, Preston and Sheff Wednesday the year we got promoted, still remember Pesh with that foul an tap in on the back post at hillsbrough Forest Green Rovers was a good craic too mind
  2. The Yard isn't a bad shout for those not heading down
  3. Burtonram2066

    New chants.

    Looking back on when we first met I still remember Stevie playing you out on the left matej you're the one you still turn me on scoring all the goals again i am am aware there's been a similar version murmured
  4. Burtonram2066

    Cardiff fan here..

    Probably the first one of the 18 you've sold out too so always makes a difference.
  5. Burtonram2066

    Cardiff fan here..

    Deadmans lane - 10 minute walk Train station car park - only a couple of quid on a nevening and 10 minute wlak with plenty of pubs for a cheeky one Car parks near the Brunswick / Alexandra - £2/3
  6. Burtonram2066

    Burton Albion v Derby County

    A lot going in the heretic right be the station (out and turn right down the hill about 100 yards) for the ground come out go left and then right, pubs on route; Alfred And the Derby Inn. Both Burton bridge pubs
  7. Burtonram2066

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    St Georges park where they stopped in Burton / rangemore

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